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  1. He was murdered

  2. Let me get this straight a bunch of people put cardboard over a body in the road instead of dragging the body out of the road?

  3. Omfg WHY? ARE YOU CONVERSING WITH this liar WHO IS SO STARVED FOR RECOGNITION, he is So disappointing. HES ALWAYS ONE UPPING someone..He's been there, done that, knows this and that, says he was at the scene, but has no video, no proof of being there??? Makes up fake witnesses. I can't stand Phoenix Enigma from Wikiup!!! There's NOTHING AROUND THERE!!! NOTHING TO SHOW, yet he's a tour guide, an excultist, now a de occultist, a writer, a hunter, a first responder, a researcher, has CIA friends, knows hit men, has Spidey sense? Can not believe anything he says, if his lips are moving he's lieing. He is an opportunist. Actually, I love watching you, but I had to turn the volume down. I can't watch Cory lie anymore "I'm trying so hard not to give bad information". Really?Why is telling the truth hard for Cory. He will never admit to not proof, NEVER BACKS ONE STORY "oh I can't give you his name, tomorrow maybe " BUT tomorrow never comes. WHY is he on your show? All the info he had today on Kappy is peppered with shock he fricking makes up. Guess what I've been gang stalked. The reason he's so negative about it, is he's done it, old Corey has stalked. Corey the researcher/ talented Investigator, stalks, I know. Damit LiftTheVeil. You had such a great report untill you brought him on. I have to go. I refuse to look at this lieing jack ass another second. YOU PROVE GANG STALKING WITH VIDEO! VIDEO IS A TOOL COREY IS INCAPABLE OF USING BECAUSE HE KNOWS, SEES, AND PROVES NOTHING.. SUCH STUPID SHIT. Interviewing that driver, knows 10 min before coming on he's figured out what Kappy meant. Fuck those 18 ppl you liar. COREY, ALL RESEARCHERS, INVESTIGATORS TAKE VIDEO YOU STUPID IDIOT. YOU ARE A LIAR. OF YOU TALKED TO PPL WHO KNEW NOTHING. SO YOU KNOW NOTHING.

  4. Whenever Corey's lips move, he is lieing. PULL THE LEVER.

  5. Pe is a very angry man

  6. It will never be solved! Tooo many Elites involved from Hollywood, and possible government officials in pedophilia. This goes very deep!
    It's a shame so many children have been hurt in everyway possible by these sick people!
    One day everyone's sins will be revealed by the ALMIGHTY CREATOR, with no exceptions!! Be sure your sins WILL find you out!

  7. How do we know the people on the bridge are legitimate how do we know the offices are legitimate this definitly could be a set up maybe they were put there to push him remember the rich can get things done as for the evidemce that he jumped welllll here say they could be involved with the rich these r rich powerful people and could arrange something to go down n make it look like something else happened kappy was exposing the big guys sooo i think we need to open our eyes n mind to anything pheonix you r doing a great job trying to get this out

  8. Kingman isn't fat from Laughlin Nevada it's not exactly in the middle of nowhere

  9. I get the feeling this guy is like the vets on patrole dude trying to drag this thing out for views just my first impression

  10. Nathan i am not sure where some of your questioning comes from towards pheonix do you not understand that he is just trying to find out the truth as it would appear very unusual the circumstances and how much of a coincidence that he was bringing down the big guns somebody needs to do this for kappy he deserves that somebody cares considering kappys mission was to help the children of the world from all these peodos must have an open mind and not be scared well at least pheonix is on the right path

  11. From that Guy I would even buy a used car..Says enough..



  13. Its a clue. That base has alot of "private traffic" that is well known in this area, however, locals are constantly chased off or blocked from parts that are not fenced

  14. Okay I'm at 1451 was anyone else injured? I understand the truck driver was obviously upset by the incident as well as the Observers but what I'm saying is did the cardboard or the way that they handle the situation by going on top of the bridge to waive people away instead of doing the flares and diverting the traffic and starting to shut down legs and move people over eventually did that have any bearing on extra fatalities yes or no? Okay then like why are we focusing on that point? Let's get down to what we need to talk about I know I just started the video but I'm fired up I don't know

  15. No that's stupid none of this makes any sense if the traffic was so light then they most definitely would have just tried to divert they won't have to go up on a bridge to wave people that's stupid that doesn't make sense right there that doesn't make sense I'm telling you I don't know how I know what I know but I'm telling you I know it

  16. Can anyone explain to me why I haven’t been able to find an obituary for Isaac? I’ve been searching since he supposedly “suicided” himself

  17. No driver in their right mind would drive over cardboard! Especially being the only driver on the road. They would’ve avoided that cardboard

  18. This whole thing has the sulfuric pungent Oder of Cabala all over it

  19. He was fucking pushed as a warning to anyone else who was thinking of coming forward n for opening his mouth ! Deepstate vile pedophilia satanist scum !

  20. Who’s seen madonnas live satanic performance recently in Europe where she flashed a shadow of a upside down church and cross for a couple seconds

  21. I know the answer to the “does life imitate art or does art imitate life?
    The answer is art imitates life without a doubt. They fictionalize things of a conspiracy and paranormal nature that really do happen through pop culture.
    So when people speak out on it people roll their eyes and say “someone watches too much TV”

  22. Who goes to a doctors appointment in a diesel truck?? My father does this for a living, and doesn’t go to doctors appointments in a diesel? That’s strange… also why was his first thought he ran over a box of kittens? Does he know what it’s like to run over a box of kittens? 18 people over the pass and no cellphone footage, why haven’t these people not come out yet?? Just not making sense

  23. my first thought would to check for his vitals…and put flashes on my car and STOP for Gods sake!

  24. Kappy was a Trump Fan.

  25. Where did the cardboard come from? Why not a tarp or sheet? Who put the cardboard on the body?
    God bless you Issac! Now you can be at peace with Jesus in heaven. I’m so sorry that telling the truth would lead to this! Perhaps, your soul and spirit might be able to do more of your work from heaven without consequences?

  26. Voice of God tech?

  27. Make phonecalls.
    Demand investigations.

  28. Low traffic remote area and 10-15 people on an overpass makes NO sense. Why were those folks there?

  29. Ill have to look it up but dont recall JUDAS being run over by a cart after jumping from a hill , roof, rock. , yea dont recall, my 2 cents, a 20ft fall will barely sprain a ankle or knee, but head first might knock u out or crack your skull.


  31. So not one of those 18 people whipped out their phone and recorded anyting? When people whip out their phone for everything these days? That is so unlikely especially involving Isaac Kappy.

  32. Hollywood killed him , child molesting bastards ,he told the truth , and the FBI doesn't protect children , all they do is go after President Trump , and kiss Hillary and Bills ass !

  33. He was dead then they placed him on the road.

  34. Wait….where's the information about the apparent couple of teenagers that were reported attempted to hold him back? That was literally mentioned in all the news reports. Why have they suddenly disappeared from the story?

  35. So I thought Cory is a Scout, Botanist hiking guide in Phoenix Arizona??

  36. Let me get this straight. Cory, WAS involved in witchcraft but is now an avid student of the occult. Cory never speaks of becoming a Christian so he left witchcraft to redirect his focus. So he is still tied to the occult. Yet people who followed Kappy went APE at the odd spiritual behavior of the landlady and neighbor. Got it.
    Cory avoids stating who ask him to investigate Kappy`s death on this video, in his video with Vegan Mikey and SharkBellyKelly, Kelly says she ask him to investigate. Kelly was one who went APE on Twitter with the neighbor. After the neighbor made a periscope. They thought it unusual and outrageous for the neighbor to go through Kappy`s things. Seriously? You have a guy making these videos live with you for 8 months and comes up dead – I would tear my entire house apart. Must just be me.
    The email they are talking about is from Thomas Schoenberg to Defango because of an online problem. I don't know details. Thomas has lucid dreams, dreamt this about Defango to stop the feud.
    Cory says Kappy comes back from Australia changed. Thomas and Kappy talked when he was in Australia IDK if it was face to face. Kappy was with Fionna for 2 months in Australia. I'm not sure how Cory knows Kappy was changed.
    Then exactly what Thomas said to Defango happened to Kappy. Kappy was New Age BTW.
    Cory goes on to say Kappy "outed" Weinstein – Weinstein goes down. Spacey? Spacey is under investigation. Hanks? And 8 others.
    That's crazy talk and it's not true. The sequence of events don't jive. Besides Spacey has been charged formally, not just under investigation.
    Cory is convinced Hanks, Cobair, Spielberg needs to shut Kappy up. Myself? For one the thing about Speilberg is as old as when Heather O`Rourke died. It's an open secret speculation around a long time. Hanks left open evidence on himself with the 2012 skit he did with RON HOWARD on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Cobair IDK.
    To me? How many people tweeted at the "celebrities"? From Kappy`s investigation? 1000`s? Hundreds? Tens? How many people tweet these people a day? Altogether.
    I think no matter the truth? For these "celebs"? They don't care. Their ego is not yours. They don't give a flying leap what you and a few hundred people think in the grand scheme of things.
    Neither do the cops. The cops who routinely cover roadside fatalities did not search online to find what sort of "celebrity" Kappy was to those who followed him online.
    People have gone so far down the rabbit hole they are not in touch with reality.
    People messing with New Age and spiritual things, unless you are called by God to wage war this particular corner of humanity? Can end up in a WORLD of hurt. A person needs to know Jesus Christ as Savior and then still it's a battle.
    The rest of the story after this interview is Cory did a video with Vegan Mikey and SharkBellyKelly giving Vegan Mikey with a platform of over an hour in length; soliciting $$`s. SharkBellyKelly confirms Mikey is indeed in need of $$. Got it. The cycle goes on.
    Thank you for playing devils advocate Nathan. So far you are the only you tuber with critical thinking and a conscience that I've found anyway. I commend you for stepping out the way you have.

  37. I call bullshit on all yr bunch,you will never protect the wicked,what’s been done in the dark is coming soon to the light,including all fake Americans playing bad actor roles.This is coming from a true watchman in the Kingdom.Soon all of the liars will be silenced.

  38. Judas die from a car hitting him, I miss that in the Bible

  39. Why was so many ppl up there 18 really. Tom hanks

  40. He was feeling bad about what happen between him and pairs jackson because they said he choke her

  41. Nathan sold out long ago…around the same time he met and married his wife in a few short months, the other woman who used to work with him made a public apology via video for defaming him and when his views all of a sudden spiked ..this happened approx all of the same time period.
    I used to like him and watch all the time until he changed and lost his balls. All he seems to care about is views, selling merch..(which by the way once you buy from him ALL your details are harvested by his handlers..thank f**k i never purchased) and spewing disinfo. When views and merch come 1st the truth will always take a back seat.

  42. I haven't seen video of the onlookers on the overpass, but I have seen still photos. Nearly every one of them was wearing satanic garb. Inverted pentagram and 666 tshirts, or what have you. And while I used to wear that same crap back in the day, and it is usually pretty benign, it is very curious that so many "first responders" were wearing evil-friendly clothing.

  43. Besides the 18 people of bullshit because it’s not one of them took a photo or video besides that people driving on the road didn’t stop. People stop if you run over a damn squirrel. Or if there’s a turtle in the middle of the road. If you hit a deer like I have going 70 mph it takes more than two hours to clean up everything. Nothing makes sense

  44. Mk ultra self destruct programming? Trigger words used to make him shut down?

  45. My sister ran her gang stalkers off the road in Opelika AL and they died. They were taunting her


  47. These two men talking right here are deceivers.

  48. Was there a drill going down any where near his 'suicide' – just asking …9th of June – USS Liberty day …911 is the Biggie.

  49. he said hede probably die with two bullets in back of his head according to media news, it all seems strange that it also said there were several people who tried to stop him jumping ,surely that amount would of managed to stop him, very suspicious,

  50. It PAYS to say Israel is savior and support Christian conservatives domination of human rights. Big money would be from those with near unlimited wealth and moral support for domination would be from Christians.

  51. Is it possible Kappy had been to see his handlers at the base? Perhaps the relationship was over and handlers had to take action, or that drove him to take action for himself?

  52. Why does Defango use the same hypnotic green screen background as Unicock. Very suspicious!

  53. Covered by Cardboard? Why, Why?? Would They Not Pull that 'Poor Guy' OFF to the SIDE of Freeway?¿! IF Whoever Put Cardboard on Him,,Should Of Pulled Him Away….Its a Freeway! He WAS Going to get Runover! OMG!

  54. Of course we don't exactly fbi to do anything at this point yes ?

  55. This is a disgusting comment, but when a live animal gets hit at high speed there is some smearing . I haven't seen anything on the crash site. I would think there should be a pool with smears .


  57. I told Cory today…about the deadman switch … It looks like the inside of J Epstiens island Temple which is modeled after Turkey.

  58. Common guys he didn't put his own self in a cardboard box to be run over!

  59. Wait wait, but… apparently Judas was chosen by Jesus to make it seem like he betrayed Jesus in front of everyone, but in reality Judas was the only one who could see that the best thing was to do what jesus ordered him to do, which was to sacrifice him for the sins of mankind. So in reality Judas was the most spiritual of all the disciples and its why Jesus asked him to do what he did. I am not totally into the beliefs in the bible but I do like to know about this stuff.. Also I read somewhere, there was a Judas text that religion left out. Its probably in the vatican somewhere, probably one of those books the public isn't 'allowed' to read. Anyway, regardless of what's what and who's who: THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL AND SET US ALL FREE! please look into the truth about the Judas texts!!!!

  60. We are the news now! WWG1WGA!

  61. Have been monitoring Tom Hanks' accounts- twitter and instagram- and watched all of the things people are saying to him- telling him how we KNOW he had something to do with Kappy- all sorts of comments, and the fact that he has not replied or denied ANYTHING, not once, makes me highly suspicious. All he has done is ignore everything and not addressed anything at all, just acted like nothing has happened, nothing is wrong and nothing is being said about him. Basically sticking his head in the proverbial sand. That right there screams "guilty a.f." to me.

  62. 39:50… wait, hold on, what was that… how much was one of those receipts for??? $6.66
    If the story wasn’t creep enough

  63. Can't place your awesome accents. Californian? New York?

  64. when this guy says @ 8:55 “what happened man“ I swear he is CRROW777

  65. It should be investigated. The story sounds like crap to me. People should petition to have the individuals Kappy   named  investigated. He said in that last video that he would not associate with certain people because he did not want to endanger them. That made it clear he was saying his life was in danger.

  66. Probably his clone

  67. Issac was a beautiful soul- thank you for this- you would have to be completely stupid not to know he was killed… ok now I’ll listen to what you guys have to say…

  68. Huge coverup-

  69. Anyone familiar with MK Ultra mind control programming knows that victims are programmed to "self destruct" (suicide) if they ever betray their handlers, etc. Many Hollywood celebrities are under mind control and perhaps Kappy was? On his own he probably would not think of suicide, but after outing all these big name pedophiles they may have activated his self destruction programming. Everything smells of a coverup. Look at the totality of this sto.

  70. I don’t think Kappy threw himself off the bridge on his own free will at all – there were men with him hurting that dog in the video he made… yes mind control could be an option- looked like to me he was made to say those things….

  71. I pray this man finds the killers –
    Kappy deserves that-

  72. Im so sorry you’ve been threatened….

  73. Wonder was it Vegan…..

  74. if someone took the time and effort to grab cardboard and place it over his body why wouldn't they drag him out of the road instead. seems like someone wanted him to be ran over by covering him so drivers wouldn't see him and think it was only cardboard on the road.

  75. If it is blood on the asphalt it isn't necessarily Kappy's blood. If this was an orchestrated manuveur it could be pigs blood or any animals if they were trying to make it look real. Getting a sample and having it DNA tested would be the only way to know 100% if it was Kappy's blood. I just started watching this so I don't know if this has been brought up.

  76. Sound like they were distracting the driver of truck.

  77. No one took pics. In this day in age ? I smell bullshit. And I don’t trust this guy at all. He doesn’t seem very credible. But then again I don’t trust anyone these days. Bottom line. Hollywood and politics has a rampant pedophile ring running through it and they’re all involved one way or another. It has to stop and people need to be dealt with whether it’s life in jail or death. Too many children are being hurt. Mind control. SRA. Sexually. These sickos are satanists and they live hurting or killing the innocent.

  78. It seems as if Kappy was a victim of V2K (Voice to Skull) technology. He was probably forced to do whatever he did.

  79. I want to know what happened in Australia? Why isn’t Fiona Barnett saying anything. Isaac said she was jealous of him also. Why CRICKETS FROM FIONA?

  80. Box over him? Maybe to get somebody to run him over thinking it was just cardboard they wouldn't try so hard to not run him over. Why would somebody have time to cover him and not try to get him off the road or warn oncoming traffic?

  81. Nathan have a shave you dirty POS

  82. I thought I listen to a video about Cappy. And somebody said that the person that was supposedly him sitting on the overpass was sitting on a piece of cardboard. Now he's sitting on a piece of cardboard he could have accidentally slid down there by accident. Or he could have just slid down there and committed suicide. Or somebody's Dash dim in the head and killed them and then through down there but I do remember something about this guy sitting on some cardboard Maybe I'm Wrong

  83. Keeping out of it is what they want .

  84. Thanks for update

  85. 32:00 So he obvioisly spoke w former & open former CIA op Cody Snodgres. He's badass. Look up his interview with John B Wells. It'll change ur life.

  86. Even now on june 7th, if i google when is kappys funeral, Google doesn't answer the question just puts up mainstream headlines of his death.

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