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  1. Loomer is a man. I’ve always knew that was a man.

  2. Commented many times on it.

  3. Why would isaac kappy come out in the first place and start accusing people of and attacking people for Paedophilia if he hangs out with them? None of it makes sense. I might be an old picture

  4. Suspicion by assoaciation is more the truth of it. Awarenessphobia it's the new prejudice.

  5. Kappy is upsidedown backwards making no sense. For real.

  6. I read a police report saying that there was no evidence of what vegan Mikey has said on your first show basically you and him put a GoFundMe account with Isaac Kappy and it got shut down because it's fraud now yes Voodoo Donuts are pedophiles that I believe but you are sham

  7. Nathan just presents both sides and tells you to decide on your own…and he is leading the sheep where??? Um no. Just presenting information. Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
    And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
    Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
    I shake it off, I shake it off. And Taylor's going to burn, burn burn in the lake, in the lake. And Nathan's going to report report report with an open mind, an open mind.

  8. As the Caravan of Chaos marches towards the border rich little Bolshevik bullshit artists jerk off on each other all over the Internet. Who gives a F*UCK! You are all worthless scum!!!!

  9. I could not believe what I was hearing. You people take the biscuit. All you do is condemn people by association and then when Kappy moans about people calling him out for being in a photo with Brock he says that they are stupid to say it is bad because people are calling him fake because he is associated with Brock. He is playing you all big time. I seriously cannot believe that you believed what he said. So he can say anything about anyone and call them pedos because they know someone, worked with them or ate pizza but no one can judge him because he was with Brock. Think about this logically. Brock destroys people's lives and has enemies so do you think he would allow anyone he didn't know just walk over and give them a hug while smiling and joking. What he said to Nathen was so ridiculous and Nathan bought it. It was like watching a comedy show.

  10. Brock has two armed guards – how did Kappy manage to just walk up to him unless Brock knew him as a friend.

  11. I think Kappy used the opportunity to get his name out there, and there is nothing wrong with that, if his message is about saving children from the horrendous acts against them. Many have jumped on the boat to fight this cause. And because we already have so many people lying all around us, we think Kappy does too. No big deal. The truth always comes out. Even if you are a shill, putting out the word that children are being harmed is always a good thing, and it just makes more people aware of it. Kappy may have an agenda, but that doesn’t work anymore, because we all know they are trying to keep us from ‘drugs for weapons’ ratlines by throwing the Childd molesters under the bus, hoping we will skip over the other ratlines which cause just as much harm to the world. It all needs to be bundled…child trafficking/human trafficking/drug trafficking/weapons and secrets trafficking. They are all connected and all need to stop for the sake of humankind. It will ruin the earth and it’s people. We need to rise to a higher consciousness and quit caring about being rich. Poor and happy, or rich and insane? Pick one.

  12. Z David Brock former sodomite boyfriend to Comet Pizza owner James I LOVE BABIES .

  13. Bill Smith, posthumously? What happened to Bill Smith?

  14. "I do think some things in the world are real"
    cue to moon landing
    You fucking dipshit SHILL.

  15. Never has a good vibe about him at all

  16. Yo,Nathan, you say Q is a phony, what do you* think about Q predicting no name mccain's death down to the second and day?
    "Every dog has its day"
    Yeah- do your research, buddy. I know its super cool to side against anything with momentum today. But as a "truther" you sound like a fucking ill informed MORON.

  17. I don't like Isaac. I have discernment and I feel like he's a untrustworthy shill.

  18. That picture of Laura Loomer – I did a double take, thought it was a tranny. I'm not particularly familiar with her, but fuck, looks like a dude.

  19. he seems like an attention hog, if he is a shill he is low as they go, a distraction from truth, not a fan of his but I like your cat

  20. For a truth seeker, you sure seem to act clueless a lot. I tried to warn you about all of this a long time ago, with reasons, on multiple mediums and you never even responded.

  21. I never believed in Isaac Kappy… remember his list of names?? Some are just incredulous.. Stephen King for instance… google Stephen King pedophile and you'll find that another man with the same name was caught

  22. Cats don't only cry sad tears; in fact, more often, they're crying tears of joy because they're laughing at how dumb humans are.

  23. Kappy lost credibilty. Looks to me like he's glad handing evil. No excuse for that, for what, a froth at the mouth photoshoot @nd this topic is too serious too take lightly. Kappy became a zero in my book. Oh by the way while you're at it why don't you compliment him to. BTW his hair sucks. At the very least it was poor judgement on his part and just makes him look like The Village Idiot

  24. Issac is suspicious as hell. IF he was telling the truth any channelvthat had him on would have received a strike at the very least. But since his tales were so tall with no evidence they were laughable.

  25. Are you not in on it with kappy? You put him out there.

  26. We are just "BEING" and I do not care NOR should you . You reported, people can choose. everyone needs to MOVE ON and be free to feel what they feel… It's a witch hunt anymore….

  27. It will take more then this shit to make me question him doing what ??? Calling pedophiles out ???? SOO ??? What am I missing… Muddy what ??? Who isn't as no one has sued him have they ???? I will allow the list to get SO MUCH LONGER THAT IS FOR SURE …….. A list for more Pedophiles….

  28. Where’s your producer Dochi?

  29. What do u expect from a bunch of god damn juice?

  30. Isn’t David Brock, James Alefantis ex?

  31. Next time take a photo with Alefantis. I shutter to think that Kappy hasnt a clue at how disgusting this "act" was. He thinks of a photo op, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from telling him what a disgusting human being he is. Enough said – I don't buy Kappys story; it's sick act.

  32. I would like u to maybe play devil's addivatic which I could be spelling that horrible but like a total troll video and see the weeds come out. Yanno… hmm just weird thought lol but the response would be funny. I think ur a total logical person but I wonder who might show fake support maybe even YT LOL

  33. I knew he was a liar all that walking around while filming himself and pyramids behind him and the one eye and the creepy cuddle.  I sent him a message telling him.  David Brock looks plastic and obviously a George Soros puppet

  34. Hey fuck boy… it's time to cut the shit, get a real job and move out of dad's house. Holy dick breath dude, you're a fucking joke. Nathan, we all know you're a liberal cum stain. Just come out the closet already. You're eating Brock's choad and it stinks to high hell

  35. Real question… who's more likely to be touching kids. A donut bakery?… or Kappy, Nathan and a tool bag by the name Vegan Mikey??? You fuckers are definitely driving around in vans handing out candy on the regular. Fire Herpes for 100 years

  36. a hollywood jew would never lie, yall r antisemites

  37. Nathan, Isaac has been taken off twitter and YouTube. He is being attacked

  38. He had this one melt down on periscope and was on call with the FBI and they asked his Phone number and birthday lmao.

  39. Nathan, looks like your acting has paid off. Now youre a professional YouTube actor. The way you lie through your teeth over and over. Always coming out of character is a joke.

    People wake the fuck up… this shill has been exposed over and over for what he is. The organizations and circles of people he is connected to is concerning.

    Ground breaking research from Quinn Michaels and Kennedy every day is paying off. Start watching their content if you are ready to be reborn from all the lies you have been told.

    We are all in this together. Stop enabling these controlled op.

    Look into where this guy came from and his ties to the occult.

    Do some work and research for once. The truth will find you if you work for it!

    Listen to your biological (your gut instinct)… blatantly says over and over through his mannerisms and speech that his intentions are corrupted.


  40. U B outed Tomato! Bahahaha I still believe in Doshi but you, NOT SO MUCH.

  41. Seriously !! David Brock is one of the sick, evil lowlifes! He's the guy that was with that douchebag that runs comet ping pong pizza place. Pure evil!!!

  42. Lift the Veil- Reptilian as in a metaphor for an untrustworthy person, like viper or snake?

  43. Kappy is not a shill in my opinion. But he knows lots of people like Brock, big deal.

  44. what is Doshi pin ?? I don't know about it

  45. even if you don't like Kappy's style – did he not help shed light on massive pedophilia and pedarist behavior ?

    Is Fiona Barnett a fraud?? I think not. Convince me she is a fraud.
    If she is NOT a fraud, then I can thank Isaac for bringing her story to my attention.

    Again, I get it if you don't like Kappy or think he's got some other motives.. idk.

  46. so.. just cause a picture appears on instagram with Kappy and Brock, he's all the sudden discredited??? that's idiotic and illogical.
    There are plenty of pix with trump and bill and hillary. Is Trump now a just puppet being controlled by them ??

  47. Wait. I'm confused . So if anyone has ever been in the industry they are a larp? Is that what people think? That is so ridiculous. This is getting out of control. Not everyone in Hollywood is evil. Geesuz

  48. kappy crashed and burned

  49. Failed, aging actor – who can only remember two names – Dude and Bro
    No one knows who he is, but he would go to the opening of an envelope
    Sad really

  50. this guy got Alex Jones deplatformed. it had nothing to do with sandy hook

  51. Maybe Open Secret is controlled…

  52. You’re the worst actor I have ever come across. I laugh at the fact that you, or your mommy & daddy. Paid thousands for your “degree”. Only to then see you holding squeaky dildos & flirting with a male senior citizen. Should’ve chosen a different major man, because you’re whole “Truther” & “Techie” role.. could not be farther from believable than it currently is. I’ll bet that you’re not even smart enough to write the codes & algorithms that you so avidly claim to be involved in. You’re mostly referred to as an even more awkward and less truthful Quinn Micheals. Which actually discredits that guy because at least his shit is genuine. Sure he’s crazy as fuck, but in a genius way. You on the other hand, just spit out regurgitated bullshit that your puppet masters fed to you.

  53. Oh… an image. That always is a definite evidence of truth.

  54. What are you waffling on about!!

  55. Lift the Veil, drugs kill get straight and learn to speak like an orator. Then stop wasting 10 minutes talking about yourself. Click bait title should read "Me talking about me and how great I am."

  56. I think this could be set up to confuse pizzagate truthers

  57. Isaac shaved because… have you ever ate butthole with a beard??? You will never escape the smell till you shower… which Isaac kappy does every other week.

  58. Where did all these fake patreon pedo-hunters come from

  59. Kappy always seemed to be drugged out that he he could hardly formulate a sentence. Things didn't seem right

  60. i thought that pic was for fun… are there any others connections betwen them two??

  61. I still believe kappy is real. Im still waiting for something to change my mind. He has been upfront from the beginning and hasnt waivered. You people can judge him saying hes a coke head or a larp or money hungry, but that doesnt seem like a logical conclusion to me at this point. Still waiting

  62. Fuck all you internet YouTube freaks

  63. Who’s the pickle puffers on cov of vid ?

  64. Most Commenters: "Kappy in a picture with Brock? IT MUST MEAN THEY WORK TOGETHER, OMFG 100% PROOF SHILL! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!"

    Ever occur to people that intention matters? And that a photo doesn't communicate this? Maybe like sarcasm, parodying, provoking, jeering, taunting, are all things one might do to someone they've otherwise discriminated against since ever? At least, I thought the photo communicated this, clearly hasn't for most of you. Maybe you can criticize something Kappy's actually said?

  65. We're still reacting from our emotions, rather than research. We need to research and not just surmise without merit. When you people that reply say things like, Kappy is phony, etc., can you give us your source? I want the truth, and if you have it, I would love to learn from your information.

  66. Kappy was always suspicious

  67. I think he is a larp for sure spewing out lots of information about people that are just rumors that can't really be proven. So many larps all over the place mix fake rubbish mixed with truth and lies get people worked up etc they want people to react and do something stupid so they can shut the whole citizen jurnalist and so called truthers down. It doesn't surprise me he's in a photo with broch.

  68. I try to watch your videos but they don't seem to stay on topic. It would also be helpful if the video topic was briefly and clearly stated at the outset.

  69. What I want to know Nathan is why is Bitcoin your choice of payment for your channel? Everyone knows Bitcoin is a way pedos can pay for things anonymously between each other
    Why not PayPal_Patreon or other apps for supporting YouTube accounts?

  70. You guys are fucking idiots. ALL of you here are the reason the "truth" community is laughed at and never gets anywhere. Lift the FAIL cultists

  71. Nathan you are 100000000% a fraud…now doubt about it..you are a mentally ill fraudster who DID commit money laundering with mikey,isaac and everyone else involved with this scam…you were exposed….actors acting in government larps for money..#trash #larps #frauds

  72. An Open Secret is the ultimate psyop. They revealed nothing significant when they could have went after much bigger fish in Hollywood that no one had rumors of prior but they didn't. They are well-funded Isaac Kappy is not or at least doesn't appear to be using those resources. They created Open Secret to look like they were trustworthy and legitimate that way they could use them to discredit all of the other real people. You know it doesn't take a lot of research to see who's in charge of all the Hollywood Studios and who is making all the movies and you know damn well that that's where all the sickness comes from is from those people and you don't see Open Secret daring to go after them. You can sit down some of those Studio owners and the heads of Disney I hook them up to a polygraph and they will fail all over that motherfuker. Open Secret is there to steal everybody's Trust so they can misdirect everyone away from the true victims or from anyone else that speaks out. everybody else gets dropped from YouTube and Twitter but yet Open Secret goes completely untouched. But at least we know who to have a conversation with because clearly they have bad people telling them what they should be doing. It would be interesting to know those conversations. Or we can just start absolutely burying every single major director and producer and people that only Studios and I'm sure we probably reduce a lot of bullshit.

  73. i thought that the mikey guy was a sham.

  74. Isaac's Nappy is full of shit.

  75. Anyone who would seriously claim (without evidence) that Seth Green – of all people – is some kind of child sex trafficking kingpin is either a disinfo agent or just plane insane.


  77. kappy was in hilarys pedo snuff cult at comet pizza, played pedo serial killer in hollywood movie, murdered by car after sayin hes not suicidal

  78. i keep thinking something is up with our government showing us all these ufo and navy chases admitting they dont know what the hell has been going on all these years why all this truth now from the place that lies about everything to its people thank god for the internet it is the truth our world has been waiting for like they always say if we can make enough of them believe it will be so well with world wide internet we can be the truth teller we just have to listen to one another

  79. Soooo happy. You said we are ran by the reptilians !!! You hit it straight on !! Finally the truth !! I’m so happy you see through the bullahit humanity has been fed by this race of beings that have controlled us all for sooo sooo way to long !! Time to get rid of their rule over us. Great show !!! Keep up the great work !!

  80. You need to be more careful about reporting. You are rambling. Spielberg is a known pedo.

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