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    Iran is Is-Ra-El objective

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    Nathan, I always respect your honesty. I have followed you for years

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    good commentary on the insanity

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    If jesus really existed there would be more then a handful of jewish scribes and rabbis writing about him.

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    You have all the love and strength within you to live a beautiful and loving life without following any book.

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    We appreciate you doing the show brother

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    Say hello to the oyster bunnies.

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    Thanks Nate for another great show

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    There's no evidence in that video that those are actual agents.
    No ID is shown. Nissan SUV. Guy and woman dressed like "possible" feds.
    You see those fake videos in classrooms and even on planes all the time so this would require even less effort.

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    Yes he was resurrected. He is God, after all.

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