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    You should update your intro, make an older Nathan saying those famous lines in your intro. Because the 2016 Nathan saying those really sticks out it's a completely different person than the person we tune into……

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    Great show today Nathan, AND…,NO NO NO I LOVE INTRO. Ok yah ,just read other guys comment. Maybe NEW clips in intro but SAME MUSIC and present day YOU voiceover with same talk up.

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    I've always loved your intro just the way it is Nathan. I can't thank you enough for the sacrifices you've made over the years to tell the truth. Some people may not be aware of everything you've done over the years.

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    Keep exposing evil your amazing! Thank you !

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    Flashes 666 symbol while comparing it to holocaust.

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    So you notice every Y T video has 600 likes at this time what is that about?

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    ❤❤We saying it again ❤ we love you

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    Dude… Perhaps you should check out what other channels of like minded follower prior to adding content at the base level. As you should know this story has been overreported for over a week including guests with boots on timcast. I'd consider this a non story anyway normally as the dead friends actor. You're about 80% back from being about 90% gone so whatever you're for yourself, keep it up. Although grim but not reported (similar to the covid deathcount by media) could be the numbers in Gaza, Israel,… Where are the US troops? also interesting and relevant.

    Hang in there dude

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