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    The British guy and you at the end was hilarious. Thanks.

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    HEY, Nate. Hey, how are you? How many super chats or coffees do you need to turn on closed captions on these, or is it a big hassle? Honest question. I thought it was like a simple AI thing but could be wrong. Thanks , bud! Oh hey, look at the Imagination Podcast interview about The Autists and Astral Army! Appreciate you!

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    kappy was murdered. there was a man in his house, with a dog, he winked when asked if he was in trouble and so on.

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    If there are so many Mexicans in California why don't you teach English, Nathan? There are many kids that need your teaching skills!

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    Good show. RE retirement – I'm 78 and still working because I HAVE TO – my social security barely covers bills leaving nothing for food and other necessities. Don't know when I'll ever be able to retire. Thankful for my job frankly – very.

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