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    Looks like a kid climbed into a Rubbermaid container, full of water. Flip flops. Etc.

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    Kid looks dead.. These people consistently see death & cannibalism as novelty. They are displaying their corruption and inhumanity.

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    she's always been such a weirdo lol. never liked her

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    About a year ago, I lost any respect for her if I ever had any. These are sick…

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    It looks like the logo from a very dark band called "Kettle Cadaver".

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    The walls are to high its an 18 gallon rubber made tote that sold for 4$ at K-MART 1999 in November of that year

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    ummm sir, that is a storage tote.

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    Is she part of the pedophiles in hollywood?imo

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    Oh my gosh idc what it really is, a Rubbermaid tote or a giant roasting pan, the sh*t is weird, super creepy, and WHY would anyone want to display that in their home anyway !? VERY disturbing.

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    Podesta art child in bucket or suitcase ick

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    A bit off and poor taste to me, but the picture is possibly attempting to show the innocence and playfulness of childhood.

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    What in the world?! One of the Weirdest pieces of art I’ve seen in a long time

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    Wtf is wrong with these people. I know when I buy art it is something that resonates with me and I love classical art. If this type of art resonates with them something is wrong with them

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    The child in the tray or bucket looks DEAD.

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    who else thinks Jamie is a James?

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    It looks like a tote not a baking pan. Not much better in its implications in your mind when you see it.

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    It's a tote. I have a similar photo of my baby crawling in and out of big roasting pans stored in my stove. My little one was smiling though because she was having a blast making a mess of my kitchen.

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    Weird points for cold dead eyes, yes. Hanging on the wall of dining room, bonus points. Something a child serial killer would do. Jamie Lee was born into the cult. I bet she's got way more weirder stuff. They like to show and tell incrementally, so as not to draw too much attention. But she's definitely exposing something here.

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    looks like a kid in a rubber tote, still weird as hell

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    The child is in a plastic tote bin. From what I hear it's a photo not a painting and that it could be her daughter. Apparently she had a lot of weird photos shoots of her daughter. She ain't right! Sick!!

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    It's not a baking pan, it's one of those large rubbermade totes

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    For all of y’all saying it’s probably her child. It’s not a picture of her grandchild or child it’s supposedly “art” by photographer Desiree Edkins and she has a series of very disturbing pictures just like it.

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    Sick and disturbing… people Wake Up !! stop supporting Hollywood. Don’t watch their award shows or give their movies any more of your views and dollars.

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    Hollywood man. I'm really starting to believe those "conspiracy theories" about Satan worshipping in Hollywood and in government. I'm not a religious man, but I can't see any other way such a cult can exist. The saying that a conspiracy theory is just a spoiler alert, months or years ahead of time is really starting to ring true.

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    Nothing to be shocked by. The Bible makes it very clear the human heart is desperately wicked. If you’re not filled with the Holy Spirit you have a demon. That goes for our unsaved Mom’s, dads, sweet old grandma and grandpa.

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    I thought it was a suit case . And yes this is evil folks weather it’s her kid or not

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    Looks like a plastic tote or storage tub

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    This has got to be the probably 11th celebrity that I've seen with this crap hanging in their home. All different photos too. I don't know how much more proof people need to see what these people are doing.

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    Do any of you rubes care about art or art history? What exactly is wrong about this photograph? The stupidity of this take is palpable. A kid playing outside in a small container filled with water. How creepy! Don't venture into a museum please, you don't belong there. You all would make geniuses like Robert Mapplethorpe a criminal and lock him up.

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    That's not creepy that's pedophile.

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    It's a tote, the artists child was playing in a tub of water in the backyard and gifted this photo to Jamie. Jesus

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    Just another SICK, twisted Hollywood elitist devil

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    Her explanation of her being sick from COVID and she wanted to show off her furniture (?). Is so out of touch.

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    the problem is, most folks think Vampires are just fiction… when in fact they live among us.
    As real as Bears and Sharks and Lions..

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    That’s a tote, not a baking pan. It’s outside on some grass and filled with water. All of us kids have gotten inside something like that as a kid and splashed around, however, not all of us has a mother that sells our images to elite freaks!

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    It looks like a kid playing and bathing in a washing up bowl. Probably her kid so more a silly memory than anything sinister

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    Are these people so out of touch that they think this is normal?? Or do they want people to react?

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    She used to write (well at least one) children’s books – geared towards self esteem I think – I actually bought that one for my daughter when she was little. This makes me SICK.

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    Art is another way of hiding their sick habits

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    In a suitcase. The victim of something horrific. You can see their flip flops next to them. It’s sick.

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    check out Gloria Vanderbilt art

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    Looks more like a storage tub. Still very creepy.

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    Thanks for sharing. So creepy. Its a storage bin.

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    A tote of water… still doesn’t make it any less creepy.

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    These creatures (I emphasize that they aren’t human) are deeply obsessed with children because of their innocence. Modern day vampires are the rich & famous. Adrenaline harvesters! Then they display it in front of our faces so we stay oblivious. Hopefully this is a sign people are opening their eyes

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