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    just found your channel.
    nearly 7 min. in and no good info.
    then you ask for money. so far your product is crap and you want my money 6:39 min in. I've gotten more information from a 6:39 min videos. sounds like your PIGgybacking on other people's work or just straight use people's content. you are only playing to the audience you all ready have. if this is the first video people see of your channel most people will click off and not sit through 10 minutes hoping to see some meat only to get crap and be asked to send money like some T.V. evangelist.

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    Warrior for God put out an expose on Tyla and Douglas Gabrielle (Betsy and Thomas ). Here’s the link https://youtu.be/d_DucYGG3D0

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    I'm inclined to believe that Q has been "taken over" or at the very least was a sort of experiment from the very start. Just like wikileaks… When it was seen that wikileaks had the ear and the power to change public opinion worldwide about certain things that is when the push was on to take it over and use it to the advantage of the people who it was designed to expose. Now the leaks themselves are skewed due to the "anonymous" platform it uses for the cables to be uploaded. With the power and knowledge of the NSA and other government employed hackers… it wasn't long before they broke into then circumvented that system.. Same with Q anon. Another thing I considered was the timing of both Q's appearance and how it strategically inserts itself into "news" that is soon to break to bolster it's own credibility. Originally I learned of Q by seeking information on the Las Vegas Mass shooting. Then all of the sudden everyone who was covering that situation followed the Q bread crumbs and dropped Las Vegas like a bad habit. I have seen this happen with 2 more events.. as soon as we should pay attention to One situation.. Q comes along and swipes everyone's attention away from it. Same with wikileaks…. watch the pattern and you will see. That's my observation anyway. I could be wrong but for this reason I never boarded the Q train and rode all the way down the tracks.. it was too easy to do.

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    he said, '' I will take you out''

  5. Avatar

    Also 28th March 2018 The Real Thomas Paine of True Pundit Speak Out https://youtu.be/CaVv7_ZFNcs

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    Fantastic show!!!So much great info.TY!!

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    why does your mascot have on the collar of shame?

  8. Avatar

    I heard when Hogg biked to the H.S. he had E.T. in his bike's handlebar basket

  9. Avatar

    As for Mr Gabriel, I think it is YOU who are the fake. I've met MANY people of MANY agencies in my former life as an arms dealer agent for various vendors, and none of them would ever talk as you talk. If you were a former spook, I am positive you would've been spoken to by now, but as a fake, like Segal, THE CLOWNS will just roll their eyes until you make a big mistake, then POOF. Then you claim you're anti-hollywood, BUT you write screen plays. I will bet that if you got a call from some hollywood producer/actor offering you a deal, you'd take it in a heart beat. Lastly, I double dog dare you to even slightly threaten me, moron.

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    Jason's "break up with George Webb" story misses one important detail. It was George Webb stopped who abandoned Jason. There was a video that Jason made at that time, when he had been abandoned by George Webb, where he was just a lost soul. I actually felt sorry for Jason at that time. Jason made a video of himself going down into the subways of New York, watching people play the blues.

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    Rosicrucianism is not New Age. The tradition goes wayyy back.

  12. Avatar

    The whole parkland shooting was weird just weird…..

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    I believe Jason is a tool used to destroying the truth movement like Daniel. Thomas Paine is a name used as a reference to the plain truth and how we are being destroyed by these traitorous crown agents.

  14. Avatar

    The kid wasnt there. Nobody from any news network wants further comment from any future inquiry. This story was successfully de bunked for those who believe the MSM.

  15. Avatar

    He’s a 23-year-old college student who lives near the school and had to ride his bicycle when he heard it on the news. Self admitted

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    Disorganised video – so much wasted time – seems to have a liberal bias – vaping etc – you look spaced out. Jesus is simple and easy to understand – all the Sophia (wisdom) is just too far out there. The Bible is truth and if you have not read it, you shouldn't be promoting truth because it will be deception. Satan comes as an angel of light. Sounds very inspirational but it is a load of BS. Jesus said: "The flesh profits nothing but the spirit gives life." Satan is a liar – think about what he said to Eve in the garden. Did God really say—— the end result Adam and Eve lost intimacy with God and the world entered a fallen state. We can get back if we surrender to Jesus and accept what He did for us on the cross carrying our sin debt in full. A free gift – nothing complicated. It is called being born again of the spirit.

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    George Webb is a Fraud….I love Jason ….and Will always listen to him even if I disagree with some of his guests #Grow UP
    If you don’t to watch Don’t get it don’t…. Q is a Fraud This Guy is spewing rubbish

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    One nation under blackmail…2 books……. Whitney Webb

  19. Avatar

    Former isreali spy speaks about blackmail op….Epstein…Maxwell…….Nick Bryant podcasts………….the cover up continues

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    JG sued Bot Centinal for defamation. The defendant was AWOL throughout the hearing process and went to great lengths to avoid a process server, so the judge indicated that JG would prevail. The defendant is very connected (HRC,) and just came back at JG with a very prominent and expensive celebrity legal team – far beyond his means. Yes, it appears that JG is in over his head.

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