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    Watched via that other platform. Stay safe in the March, we need you.

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    It will be interesting to see how Trump deals with public dissatisfaction, due to his fragile EGO. It is one thing, with those who he has surrounded himself with, and another, those who he placated ~

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    Trump is SMOKE and MIRRORS…has been for years ~

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    Nathan, just to let you know:
    Found notification for your video in my gmail spam folder. This is really puzzling: gmail (google) is identifying YouTube (google) notifications as spam.
    Next level of messing around??
    Happened for the first time today with your video and another video from a different YouTuber.

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    Please listen to my interview with Author Eric Jon Phelps on Q proclamation 20 40 and trading with the enemy act it's huge RED PILL, and we offer solutions 2 parts

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    Iran, a threat to Israel, N Korea similar to elections, all a Pantomime. Don't spew the Official Narrative, rip it apart. Trump has Zero power, a puppet no more, no less.

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    I cannot believe that Trump hired Colonel Sanders for this job.
    I'm so done.

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