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    I always knew you were insane…

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    Holy shit ballz bro
    Where’s the frogs?

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    You in 'pomo today brah?

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    That's quite a nice neighborhood for a unemployed person to live.

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    You see the image behind it towards the end the crescent

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    I think I could see Michael Jackson

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    Even the Sun shines on A dog's-
    Speaking of dogs, where's Soumee !?

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    Nathan.. ive been watching since u were YouTube famous.. what I'm about to say is out of concern.. I think ur losin it. Idk if ur on meds or drugs but something is not right with u lately. I can't watch much of your content because you mainly complain that you need $ and seek donations which is fine but the content u put out is so nonsensical and unorganized. Hope you get well soon.

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    Hi Nathan, checking on you friend, I hope you are doing good.

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    Leapin from my brainstem

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