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    This is my favorite experimental podcast

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    When I first started watching your channel in 2016, I thought you were a J lol

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    Tim gets into trouble when he condemns people without knowing enough about the people's situation. Tim needs to humble himself & maybe learn, instead of being too far up his own arse. It also sounded like Tim was more paranoid about the people he's defending. Shouldn't have a platform if you're so scared of being cancelled you minimise the relevance of truth

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    Only bad move was the Very First one by opening the show with the Hill article saying antisemite. Oh and no one ever says Zionist , so clearly none of them know what they're talking about , Luke does but he can't break it down on live stream to teach them cause they'll come after him.

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    What has Fuentes said that is so bad?

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    Tim Pool did his typical Tim Pool. He interrupted his guest and gave his milk toast response.

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    There’s a difference between those who are J_ewish and those who have subverted and call themselves J’s. That’s the whole problem and what’s causing the confusion.

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    I know thy works and tribulation and poverty (but thou art rich), and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Rev. 2:9

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    I KNOW you would have done a better interview Nathan.

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    I love that you are an advocate for vaping! ❤

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    Just listened to a bit of Tim's formulaic pop for the first time.
    The magic has left the music industry. Good songa are rare.

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    Tim Pool is real boring and annoying and has an annoying face and beanie

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    You need to interview Ye!!!!

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    Where did Tim Pool even come from and why is Luke Rudowski his bitch?

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    Hating some people from a group doesn’t mean you hate the whole group

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    Free speech means free speech you either can talk freely or by the very nature of taboo subjects you must come to the conclusion that sth is very wrong.

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    Nathan… Ye has never said it’s ALL Jews. He says The Jews. Who are The Jews? The leadership that represents The Jews. Same way we have The Republicans… not ALL republicans are power players, but it’s ok and understood to use The Republicans to encompass a group of people.

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    All of it. Trump meeting and all feels fabricated.

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    Tim Poole is just looking for clicks. He had an opportunity to listen and just wanted to talk, Nathan you are faaaar more skilled that TP and all his little toys hanging on his wall, what a loser.

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    How you are a Jewish person ?

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    What is this all distracting us from, thats happening right now or has been happening within the past 72 hours? I feel something else is occurring during this Ye drama that is being hidden from the public, what could it be?

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    Man ,It sucks how many Jewish people are homeless .

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    We need to start a feed the homeless Jewish people or race ?

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    You are right on with your prediction on Tim. Frankly… I prefer your style. You don’t come across as a know- it-all but provide a balanced account of the current culture

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    i suspect they planned to walk out on tim pool before they showed up..

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    @54:25 Who the __ does this Tim guy think he is??? Why did Ye go on this dumb podcast???

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    The mp3 of this video, at his Podcast page is 131 MB, too big for my older phone. Pity, most LTV shows are talking head stuff, great for audio.

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    Tim is controlled opposition and knows it.. Milo,Ye,Fuentes are controlled opposition and don't know it

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    The real small hats need to expose the pretend small hats. The zionist (aburoo..(…).. hixos 18th dynasty

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    Tartar souce mixed with orange juice. takes All nicotine out of you system in 4 days.

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    Kanye is talking about the Jewish elite, they = the Jewish elite. There, I said it for him. Even Jews don't like the Jewish elite. They are fake Jews. The bible talks about them

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    Great take on very tricky matters. Nathan – you rock!

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    Lithium is one of the most poisonous chemicals known to humankind – and medical 'professionals' dole it out like it's candy. Ye was wise enough and self aware enough to tell the medics where to go and the quality of his mental health will thank him for the rest of his life.

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    What is kushners religous sect called?

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    I don't about you, but I've always thought Ye Milo and Fuentes are all clowns.

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    That smartphone view Ye showed says an avalanche of indictment of Hellywood/media. Yet, no mention in public? The use by Jews of the arrogant term Goyim puts the entire culture under scrutiny for being ANTI-EVERYBODY but Jews.
    Dimond is married to a Jewish woman.

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    Omg that was so pathetic. Tim doesn't deserve to have a media empire. He's a grade A dolt. At least he knows it. He admitted last night he's not the smartest person. That's a good sign at least. Yes he deserves a hard time because he's a dolt. He says things he thinks others want to hear and it's not genuine. That's why Kanye left. He's not genuine and contradicts himself to condescend others.

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    Khazarian Jews aka Rothschilds, etc. Milo is just trying to be relevant on Ye coattail’s

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    Tim is a know it all. You have them in to hear their story, but so defensive you can’t let him speak.

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    You need a manager for YouTube that's how Mersh can say whatever he wants on his channels

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