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  1. Nothing should be off the table Including "Their Stuff" the Elite
    He is talking to the Elite

  2. If I ever get accused of something, I'll use the Bill Cosby voice.


  4. Halle Berry nearly exposed Bryan Singer on the set of Xmen 1 to the media, but agents/managers hushed her. Bryan was sexually fondling an 18yo teenage boy he brought with him on set. Let’s just say his fingers were in the younger guys heiny. No joke. Most were terrified of Singer and pretended they didn’t see it, but Halle said, “ENOUGH!” Bryan held a grudge against Halle since then and he wrote her minimal lines for her in Xmen 2 as punishment. Spacey and Singer go waaaaaay back in the pedophilia encounters they have together. It’s very known here in Hollywood in the Gay community.

  5. Hes’ not talking to us and the Frank character was just what he thought was a clever method to deliver his message best since it would garner so much attention. He’s not requesting his job back. He’s sending threats out to elite that while he is guilty of some lightweight pedophilia with young men, he knows and they know that’s benign stuff in their sick world. So he’s saying he’s not ashamed of it and he’s not going down for what he considers to be small stuff when the awful shit he knows about in elite pedo rings like human hunting games in forests, sex with corpses, sacrifices, canibalism, etc. is actually going on and he’ll take them down with him. Think Jimmy Saville. Pay attention to him washing his hands at the beginning. He’s signaling that he has a clear conscience. Pay attention to his mug commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. He could have held it in the other hand showing the other side which had a much more obvious royal crest for all of us to see. Instead he decided to be subtle about it. He’s sending a message only meant for the royals. Think Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express with Prince Andrew. He was in tight with the elite and royal pedo group and he mentions how they miss him and want him back but now that he’s been accused of this sexual assault they’ve probably turned their backs on him and aren’t coming to his aid. His message is that he won’t be a gentleman and play by the rules he’s expected to in this situation by keeping quiet and taking the fall like a hero. He’s going to spill the beans “in spite of his own death” so he knows he could get suicided but he wants to tell the world what he knows because he’s angry he’s going down for this. The Frank persona was just a way to add interest and excitement for his fans to help get him the attention he wanted. He has a huge ego and thinks he’s the best actor alive so of course he’s going to try to go out with a bang. But the true message was intended for one of the royals in my opinion.

  6. Kevin Spacey has creepy eyes. Like a serial killer.

  7. Kevin Spacey is delusional and has an inflated sense of himself.

  8. Start with Washing his hands !!!!!!!

  9. American Beauty was one of the most creepy, paedophilic films I've ever seen,.

  10. I love your show , but the 'usually right' part of the catchline is dumb

  11. Think House of Cards
    Wash my hands = 1572 (Gematria)
    1572 = The Two of Cups
    Commemorative Mug = 1330
    1330 = The Five of cups card

  12. No one even mentions the juice-cleanse documentary with the same title. I think he was banking on people getting at least that part.

    The title, and the close-up shots of fresh-pressed juice, is telling us he's cleansing himself of something — washing his hands of it. Then he shows us the mug from Queen Elizabeth II.

  13. Here let me save you an hour and a half: "He's trying to get his job back. I'm confused." The guy doing this video just deliberately shoves his head in the sand every time Spacey alludes to other people being involved in similar crimes — from Hollywood to the Royal family. Spacey's obviously telling us something of great importance that he can only allude to, and this guy's reaction is just "Uhhh… I don't get it. Definitely nothing but trying to get his job back. I don't get it." Yeah, buddy — we can tell you don't get it. And we can tell you're trying really hard not to get it, too.

  14. No drink in the cup, completely dry lipped it was a direct threat there's no reason to not have something in it.

  15. Spacey is a lot of things…..but he is a great actor. He does not want to go down alone…..and he won't ……Get ready all you other pervs. You are going down with him.

  16. I agree with those who say he is threatening the elite. Kill me or put me in prison, and you all go down.

  17. His character was just a pretext for his warning. It wouldn’t have worked to speak as himself.

  18. Message to the deep state. He purposefully puts that Masonic-looking ring on, as if to show it off. He purposefully shows us the coffee cup with the queen and a quote on it. Remember, he rode with Bill Clinton on “Lolita Express” to Epstein’s island a few times too.. There is definitely more to this video that just to “get his job back”. You take me down, we all go down. He’s sending a strong message..

  19. Spacey thing was just way creepy

  20. This message is not for us..and not for his job

  21. Who ever kills a animal a cat I hope you die a slow God's creatures or gifts to humans who give you love unconditionally they don't deserve to get tortured or killed there innocent god bless God's creatures of the land air and sea


  23. they have prepubescent children in bars getting their nuts played with and noone seen anything?

  24. A channel called question everything did a eye opening vid on spacey

  25. In basic visual encryption, sometimes the attention is drawn to particular symbols and patterns in order to switch the audience, e.g. based on their rank.

  26. Fed is corrupt never raised rates while creep Obama was in office.

  27. Fiat currency isnt worth the paper its printed on.

  28. I just remember being really uncomfortable with the movie American Beauty and thinking he was a pedo then

  29. So here is the deal, I think this video is to the elite. He is holding a tea cup with a quote from Queen Elizabeth. The elites have seen what he is capable of. They know his secrets and he onows theirs. He is reminding them of this and asking for help. He is disguising it for the sheep but it is clear to them. And they could take this as a threat.

  30. Wall Street Ain't Main Street Dude !~~!

  31. Is there even a small possibility he is innocent?

  32. RandomRantsofaRetard + LiftTheToiletseat + TitusFaggot are alll MOS schills. Do not associate whatsoever or waste time on their content. They unequivocally say Q anon (Military NSA) is a "larp" wherever the fuck this weaponized term came from. All thinking people, especially ex-Military, can see that there is a huge Silent War happening currently. Global events reflect this among other things. There are many MOS schills on youtube and all those still allowed to operate openly are NOT legit "truther". Jamie is being attacked on his videos, is LiftTheShitstain who pushes FLAT EARTH and MANDELA EFFECT? No.

    Any channel saying Q is a LARP will be PROMOTED by the MOS.

  33. What about Chris Tuckers name on the Epstein list, is that the actor, can we find out?

  34. This dude obviously works for the nsa.

  35. Want the yellow shirt hoodie

  36. 2019 will be a rough year. 19 is the number for chaos in Gematria. That is what the elites go by. Watch Zach Hubbard on “The Gematria Effect” channel. Once you go there type in Donald Trump and the 3rd temple on August 11, 2019. The numbers don’t lie even though those who control the numbers do. No such thing as coincidence

  37. The thumbnail featured a close up on the cup. …. What does it say???

  38. "Let me be Frank" he is literally using "Code" in the title. Subliminal thoroughly.

  39. Castrate Casey and put a bullet through the back of his head. This guy is a stone cold sociopath. I wouldn't be surprised if he wound up dead soon. He's dead weight to them no pun intended.

  40. He means nothing because he's a sociopathic hypocritical coward who should be castrated in the streets as an example of what happens when you have power and you sodomize or assault children and people. That will send a message.

  41. There's a photo taken in the last couple days of Kevin Spacey smiling, holding a pizza. Coincidence?

  42. Could the character be a buffer for legal purposes?

  43. Another American kids selling his butt for MONEY.

  44. They will silence him, maybe by faking his death to get him out of harm's way, and Incase he has files with a dead man switch. I'd hate for him to die in a car accident, freak accident but the dead man switch still unloaded the files. I would bet that there are a bunch of "insurance" files out there. 2019 is starting with a bang for sure. Jan. 21, 2019 ???

  45. The Fed is NOT political??? Yeah okay. They're not supposed to be but to believe theyre not is idiotic

  46. the "victim" was 18 years old at the time…. I think it is a hit job on Spacey's career….

  47. I think the cup was a message to everyone but mostly for Prince andrew

  48. Kevin was connected to a lot of people in high places. he has attended Pedo Island and I'm sure a few eyes wide shut parties or 'after' parties when the regular people leave the after party starts. He knows a lot of secrets.

  49. The cup is a signal to the elite like Prince Andrew because its not a cup you would use it would be behind glass not in the cupboard

  50. trump never went to pedo island he met Epstein at some charity dinners in NYC. They were not friends

  51. You're trying to assign logic to something and someone that is clearly illogical. We need to stop rewarding this behavior by giving them any attention whatsoever.(which is what they crave more than anything, except sex with children).

  52. You don't know what "That's a bold strategy, Cotton" means? It's a line from "Dodgeball." It means he's doing something absolutely suicidal.

  53. His targeted audience is not the everyday joe. The rules he speaks of obviously exist but yet you or I can’t define the rules when talking about society. Again, everyday ppl are not his targeted audience, we’re just props in the script

  54. He's sending a message to his fellow illuminati pederasts. He's saying "if you throw me under the bus, I'll expose you all".
    Almost all "actors" and "actresses" molest children (especially little boys), their leader Aleister Crowley taught them that energy is derived from the molestation of male children. To rise to a certain degree of fame, they sacrifice and molest children and babies. I'm ready to see them all go down, enough is enough. How many children need to be destroyed before this is stopped?

  55. Why would he drop names just because he has been caught? Maybe he is saying he has higher powers that will make him come out not guilty. Seen as he is talking about being judged too soon. Surely him dropping names can't make someone guilty unless they too have a trial. He would just be making Enemies with the wrong people

  56. All pedophiles are disgusting.

  57. I think Kevin Spacey's best role was in the movie … The usual Suspects. He is now living out that character, in his reality. Kaiser Sose lives. A brilliant movie! And, his acting skills in it were actually pretty amazing. Was he acting ?

  58. Back in 2005 while I was in college, I had a lot of wealthy friends. Didn't realize until much later the gravity of it all.I got to attend lots of parties with the kind of people who got whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. No one cared if you were 18 and drinking alcohol. One friend of mine was a screenwriter and would have access to any script that was sent to Paramount. There used to be a website where anyone involved with the industry could anonymously post about clients. You needed proof and a password to even get onto the site. My friend showed me many times stories from massage therapists how Kevin Spacey would grab the genitals male or female of the employee and masterbate on the table. The employees weren't allowed to say anything about it, they were just warned and no one ever did anything about it.

  59. Oh man he’s angry. This is dark. Artistically brilliant, despite his personal actions.

  60. Nathan are you a Pedo or a con artist?

  61. The fact that it is ‘produced’ is relevant. He didn’t do this alone by any means

  62. That’s what is wrong with these people they have people to put out the fires they cause!! Being a survivor of child sexual abuse I know the damage that can be caused. Of course there’s a difference between how a toddler processes something they have no words for and a young adult! These people are sickening and should be punished to the extent of the law! It’s not normal for adults to be turned on by children! Absolutely nothing okay about that!!

  63. coffee cup says it all. I was wondering what was on it and he is sending a message to the crown that can not be denied. Here comes the pain!

  64. To be honest, i don't think it has anything to do with his job at all.

  65. His jupiter is in Scorpio. Thats why he is the way he is. Look up the zodiac charts for other hollywood celebrities being accused of sex abuse crimes.

  66. I think he is saying homo-erotics amoung men it is normative behind close doors and he might share some secrets if he goes down.

  67. When my wife watched the video when he said “you want me back” and “you loved it” she was like, “yes I do!” I couldn’t help but die laughing when he said that shit. He’s a great actor but he sounds like a bad man. I could careless what happens. All I do know is that unwanted advancements should not take place and someone should have kicked him in the sack when he groped someone. Pedophilia is sick and fucks up people for life. The elite are terrible because they let it happen. Sorry to all the victims may the predators burn in hell.

  68. How could you be talking about kevin spaceys video through all of November…? When it was released on Christmas..?

  69. But yet when woman grab guys by their junk like that as a strong come on then it’s not as ghastly to others..?

  70. No he’s saying that despite how far this has come that it’s not too late
    To turn it around for him if they don’t want him to expose those others of their crimes…and that basically he has a dead mans switch in place to release if he dies and that the best thing to do is to help him recover from this and go back like nothing has happened

  71. Hilarious video. Horrible channel. Thank you for your info and for the 118 stamp, editor. What is 47?

  72. Spacey isn’t stupid and knows people will not accept him back unless the powers that be fix his narrative , he is begging the folks he did dirt with to fix it due to how powerful they are he believes they can and if not he isn’t going down alone , released video hours after charges , trying to hard here bro , it’s that or he is crazy and thought this would make folks be all ohhhhh put him back on Netflix? This video is a threat , blatant threat

  73. Either a threat or he is insane, he smart guy and apparently also wasn’t ready for retirement , cares about how he will be remembered , he threatening for sure , he couldn’t do a video that shows him in kitchen and he goes “ in Kevin spacey to the powerful people who are so powerful normal folks don’t know , fix this shit , or I will tell on everybody , happy New Years” really wouldn’t “help “ his situation . This is painful to watch

  74. They are these dirt balls , he is being disrespectful for threatening and not just taking his sacrifice , CMON

  75. Bro ur killing me , spacey not stupid , and even his acting in video wasn’t the ramblings of a lunatic , was a perfect threat to somebody to save his legacy or else, this is actually going to get interesting .

  76. Why not use a “ best prez ever” or “ #1 pres” coffee mug ? His mug was chosen purposely , faced out , purposely, and dude on plane logs with prince Andrew ect , not having to dig or connect loose crazy dots to see his references. Love how folks will add up the amount of words and divide by this and that and carry the one to get to the ducking craziest conspiracy ideas and when someone stands in front of them and hands a video that is a blatant threat with obvious undertones , they loosely connect shit to not understand. Could it be spacey being crazy and thinking people want a alleged child molester back on a show when nobody gave a shit he was completely erased from a movie? Yeah , and that’s why it’s a perfect threat

  77. Spacey that guy who thought he was on the level and didn’t know his place . Forgot he was still a pawn and not a shot caller. Forgot he expendable , and just like all folks that fool themselves into believing they mean more to a “group” he thinks he smart enough and powerful enough threaten ect , like the sales guy who is hanging with company owner cuz he top sales guy ect starts thinking he in the level with the owner , starts acting out n poof gets let go , throws tantrums makes threats ect , but just like everytime nothing comes of it , spacey now dead . He either outright dead or they fix his image bring him back into fold and take him on a trip and boom mafia best friend let’s take a ride style. He wants back in so bad he can’t just accept that it’s over and now after his video his want to be back is outweighing the fact that he just taped his death sentence . Dudes only choice is to accept shit and let info fly if he is wondering what he needs to do to live long enough to die of natural causes. And bro I’m starting to wonder if u still think this was just some psycho babbelimg begging for a role back hours after being charged for sex crimes? Which he will have court ect ect but yeah he not concerned with that he just wants his job back? Or have u started seeing it for what it also could be? If I’m fired from a job over a year ago I’m not releasing a video begging for it back hours after I’m officially charged for shit that had led to firing. If he wants his job back how come no videos earlier?

  78. Sounds like his demon spirit talking to Hollywood

  79. Who is "they " .. THEY tried to seperate us.
    Who is "they"
    So freaking CREEPY
    Hey gonna subscribe.
    Your Chanel is flipping incredible
    Thanks for your work

  80. This video is full of symbolism and veiled threats. Pray sincerely and cultivate your relationship with the one true God. Read your Bible and replace fear and hate with love and faith. And know if you choose to be holy and follow our savior Jesus Christ's teachings you will be the minority.

  81. All right people… tomorrow I get my tooth (crown) finished and Mr. Spacey goes to court! So! I will think of Mr. Spacey with each stab of the novocaine! You know he is pleading "innocent" the animal. Judge isn't buying it, didn't let him "not attend" as he wanted. Hope he goes down!

    Oh and 1-21 is a lunar eclipse.

  82. He is a manipulative pos, of course. But I kinda understand what he is saying. Remember Hollywood (and even we the audience) used to love him. At the very least Hollywood did knpw what he was/is. These are the same people who applauded roman Polanski and signed letters advacoting for the whitewashing of drugging and raping of a 13 year old. Hell, I watched Polanski's movies and loved them. Deep down we all knew who they are. They represent the worst in human species and still we can not look away.

  83. I think he’s innocent , the rest mentioned aren’t! Pizzagate aren’t, I hope spacey brings them all down before he’s found dead.
    Pizzagate & the the other evil cults need bringing down
    Spacey is a scapegoat who now has a chance to reveal these evil lot
    Though with the mug with the Queen on & other clues
    He maybe has gone to far & will be found dead

  84. didn't you notice how President Trump criticized the FED for negating his economy gains by raising interest rates? and obviously the MSM propagandist immediately committed treason by attacking President Trump for criticizing the FED.

  85. Innocent people don't hide out for over a year. If you lie repeatedly you start to believe your own lies, Kevin.

  86. One of his own friends said Kevin does nothing by accident.

  87. I think you are all missing the point. I think this is a clever " Dead mans trigger" I think hes making a veiled threat at some entity unknown to us. But hinted at with the mug. Hes acting his role as a “à double entente” Hes being Frank…. and hes being frank in his threat. Basically you throw me under the bus and I'll spill my / your secrets. Nothing in this carefully constructed film is there by chance. First scene washing his hands. the several shots of the cup at pertinent points in his dialogue! Dead mans trigger!

  88. He sold his body to rent to Robert Mueller For 2 Million Dollars. Wasnt Him. But He Knew Robert Aka Lucifer. Was Gonna Wreck His Asshole. Robert Has No Money. I Had To Pay For The Setup Me Jesus God Of The I Set Him Up. I Told Robert. He Get On All Kinds Of Trouble For Sort Of Thing I Told That Him The Was Boy Straight He Has A Girlfriend Hes Gonna Her Immediately What You Did Robert Thought It Was Definitely Worth An Incredible Try He Did His Math. He Thinks He Works Smart. He Thinks Celebrities Bodies Earn Him Instant Rights To Score Young Dick He's Done It Before Many Of Times Like Its An Easy Bake Oven Reciepe Hes Retarded Mule Fag. I Know Im God Thats Exactly How His Mind Works Jesus Christ The D.C The Eagle Christ God Of The Universe

  89. The guy speaking is too hesitant, keeps interrupting himself… it’s off putting, it detracts from what he is trying to say.

  90. Getting a very intense vibe from the Kevin Spacey situation; that he actually didn't do anything, as is being reported on the news and only buddies/d up with Creepy Clinton to find out what was going on behind the scenes (lolita express and island).
    Now the elites have been made aware of this and they are trying to blackmail him (Spacey) into silence before he actually has the chance to say anything, incriminating about them or any other elites.

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