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    I miss you, Man. I do. NO OTHER SHOWS LIKE LTV.
    And Me, like many, are too lazy to seek the Internet for you :(..

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    Been catching you on Twitch when I can even though it's not as user friendly as YouTube. I wish they would chill with the censorship so we could enjoy your show here again with easy notifications and comments and all the positive stuff YT has to offer.

    Hopefully the YT suits will realize that their actions are driving both creators and viewers away to seek other platforms. They are catalyzing their competition, which I guess is good in the long run. Cumbersome monopolies can be slain by 1,000 tiny cuts.

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    Google censorship makes everything impossible. They hurt their own brand also, more so than any political gains.

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    Currently living off the grid so a little confused as to how I catch up with your broadcasts so any clues as to how I can would be good. Stay safe

  5. Avatar

    personally i think your a douche but you were hands down doing the very best work on lifting the veil on this vegas mess.

  6. Avatar

    Be safe ya knucklehead, Ive been with you since you debunked the moon landing and San Bernardino. PEACE

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    Hey Nathan, I signed up on and to follow your show. I was one of the callers on the show you mentioned here. The one you got a strike on. Crazy stuff man! I was the guy that gave input about bump fire stocks and commented that the reported number of deaths and inured at the 400+ yards distance just doesn't add up.

    Twitch was pretty run of the mill easy to sign up for. Steemit on the other hand took 4 days to get approved. I was wandering if I would ever hear back. Anyway, I've been enjoying your show at it's new home. It has a different feel for some reason though. I guess it's a result of all that's happened to you over the last few months and the new platform. I'm @rhythmologist on steemit and rhythmologtist on twitch. Keep doing what you're doing my friend! God bless!

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    I made a Twitch account just to follow your show. They're attacking all truthers now.

  9. Avatar

    I had been wondering wtf,,, But It aint jus YT/Google/ Alphabet ITS G.WEBB & them, Flaggin ALL Your Vids & claiming they were bullied or hurt by the dialogue. Sucks that Twich or whatever aint on my blu-ray. Maybe i'll go Get A pad (Not an All seeing-"i" one though). But if YT is Turning down Your Appeal THAT FAST- they are profiling. Its been 2weeks easy since my Vegas Vid got pulled & I still havent heard back. & as always #BeWater

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    Also Are you Back in England again ?? That aint the Good Ol' Garage background….

  11. Avatar

    We're with you Nathan don't you worry! You can't get rid of us that easily! Well most of us anyway. I've got the metrics to prove it.

  12. Avatar

    I can't believe Youtube gave you a strike for "directing traffic off of Youtube." That's some mess right there. Love you Nathan, subbed to your Twitch.

  13. Avatar

    I've sifted through weeks worth of video and finally located the real shooter.. here is an actual clip

  14. Avatar

    Bitchute seems to be a good platform too. Sane Progressive and others went there because of YouTube strikes and so far smooth sailing. Just an FYI in case you need more options, Nathan.

  15. Avatar

    SHOOTER ON STAGE ROOF!!!100% PROOF OF  second shooter spotted!! 2  shooters in this video on the ROOFTOP of STAGE  on right hand side on corner of recessed area one  is visible at 0:31 and again at 0:46 where he starts shooting you can see mussel flash at the beginning and hear gunfire at exact same time. You MUST ZOOM in you can see at the end of round a flash straight up in the air also there looks like another man on the other side too. open link below
    starting around 7 minutes in second video

  16. Avatar

    Welcome to Roger Stone's world…banned from Twitter for hours to a day or two. That's the StoneColdTruth.

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