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    God is good God blesses your honest and Jesus Christ loves you too

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    I'm sorry I didn't catch that who are you praying to

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    This is live from mental health Lock down unit.

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    Quinn Micheals is my favorite Buddhist Monk AI Programmer …

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    I am learning about the progression of Black to White to red to gold- know what I mean?

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    Quinn Michaels False Profit

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    Hi Nathan. I just subscribed. Before I subscribed, the view was 9k, as quick as I subscribed, it was 12k

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    These disinformation agents teamed up a year ago.

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    A coke head and a shill

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    Welc0me t0 the future – q C0de TYLER

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    "They want to take you in a place so as NOT to solve problems" ~ 33:00, ~40:00 talks of repressed channel to make it look like of low interest channel. = Shadow banning. ~54:00 Nathan heard about 'the pitch' – if you do this you'll get that like acting, music, producing, $, 'come up' etc- he/Quinn didn't participate. I never saw this video five years ago but this is what I realized was going on with gangstalkers around me.~ 1:44:00– thought their GF's were spies because of stuff like the GF repeating things only they knew- similar happened with my BF but we both had targeting before & I think he then was manipulated by others to try to divide us and both with biometric brain reading tech etc. Total satanic attack nwo stuff like Nathan said

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    I went back to see how long its been that I have been subscribed. I think there are a lot of videos missing. I do remember Quinn though. Its been years now

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    ~1:55 + to end – there's real issues with crypto structure that needs to be clearly investigated & understood. Important stuff I think many groups are looking at since these type videos were posted. (Crypto using same Bitcoin architecture so if one is flawed they'll all have that flaw). Vornado trust largest govt land lease holder

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