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  1. I THOUGHT this was weird FROM THE START. I guess in the Fake Ops / False Flags biz it's POSSIBLE go "over the top" but i guess the "top" must be "re-"calibrated as being something WAY beyond FO/FF events' ventures into the preposterous. The notion of the tree falling without auditors relates here somehow too; ALSO to this mashmish add a kind of not-seen-before-this-century skepticism of a MULTIPLE-dimensioned kind on the part of publicS increasingly…EXPONENTIALLY becoming more so…SKEPTICAL about EVENTS IN GENERAL…anybody wonder why?…absolutely INCREDULOUS of "news" (I AM!)…may i explain my capital-S plural of "public": this is a fragmented world (the pun is accidental, or maybe given this context i should say "inadvertent")…what i'm trying to ASK more so than SAY is, "we" (quote marks defer to the multiplicity of publics, NOT to any doubt) KNOW we've been duped before; even if & even given that details disagree, we HAVE been duped BY entities MEANING to do so, FOR PURPOSES…and STUFF THAT JUST DOESN'T SQUARE UP…or is PLAINLY CONTRADICTED BY EVIDENCE…KEEPS HAPPENING…with (i repeat my word above) EXPONENTIAL increases in the NUMBER of events not squaring up AND of the NUMBER OF ASPECTS OF THE EVENTS that don't square up…
    —–…..& we're not even UP TO (anyway I'M not) 'WHY". Which, once an event DOES NOT SQUARE UP, takes one from LOGISTICAL why's ("the physics of how much this limo weighs," thanks Mr. Outtrim) to STRATEGIC ones. The strategic Why's have nothing at ALL anymore to do with mundanities like a wrecked car or shot-up edifice. How come? Maybe cuz once the STRATEGIC becomes apparent the FACT of an event not only becomes a MERE FACT but starts to wear quote marks itself: "MERE FACT"…cuz the EVENT was…well, WHAT?
    —–To this all add that from every day forward from rather awhile ago now, SURVEILLANCE has been so ubiquitous as to (in REAL life) snag or save all manner of people, situations, & even cuddly pets…bringing them help or proving them slammerworthy BY THIS UBIQUITY & not even to remark the symphony of serendipity & redundancy that VERIFIES stuff.
    ——This is odd. Very, very odd. Whatever did happen, i DON'T believe this was a "car accident". This brings me back to what i said above, about "over the top"-ness. I'm stuck on the TWENTY fatalities. I should say the "TWENTY" "FATALITIES". That did not go down with me at the first. Not that i didn't think there could be twenty people DEAD. That could be. COULD be—but…
    —–There's something happening here; what it is ain't exactly clear…*

    * (mustn't fail thanks for THAT, to Stephen Stills)

  2. Are you absolutely joking? What kind of scum would spark a conspiracy like this? I hope your views are worth it. I live in Amsterdam, I know so many friends and family affected by this. This is very much real.

  3. 5 minutes into this and I am thoroughly disgusted. I knew these people. I live in this community. You don't have pictures of everything because this whole thing is still under criminal investigation and you're not privy to it you idiots. Take your tin foil hats and shove them up your asses.

  4. LtV pushing these fake stories once again. I wouldn't even know or care if it wasn't for this. Put your thinking caps on.

  5. I'm here from UNIRock's channel; he just put out a video about LtV's investigation into the Limo incident. I took for granted that this was a "real" event, since it happened in the next county over from where I live. Also, for what it's worth, here is a message sent out on Oct 7th from the general manager where I work:


    I have some very sad news to share with you.  The tragic accident that took place this past Saturday afternoon in Schoharie County, took the lives of Rich and Axel Steenburg, brothers who work in Fab 8’s Central Functions Team. Sadly, other members of their family including Axel’s wife Amy were also killed.  We do not yet know if other family and friends were affected but our heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this horrific accident. During times like these, it is important to support the families and
    each other through this grief.

    Sincerely,- [GM]"

    I didn't know Rich or Axel, but I would be super-surprised if they were either not killed or non-existent altogether.  I have a record in my e-mail from February that shows I sent Rich an e-mail about something trivial, too, which at least leads me to believe that he existed at that time.  Happy to address further concerns/qusetions about this.

  6. Just giving you a 'Heads-Up' for the record. This is the Son of mt Grandfather's Sister my Aunt Katherine, known as "The Bird Lady" because of her friendship with one of our principle bankers. Lord Rothschild. He had a great interest in 'Ornithology' which he shared with Aunty K. and she made Birds Nests for Lord Rothschild's new Museum of Ornithology at Tring, UK. She also made them for The Natural History Museum in London. When her Son, (My First Cousin) Evan Morgan reached maturity at 21. in 1914, Cousin Evan came into his Estate, which brought him an income of £24 million a year. Evan was sent down from Eton College, for bad behaviour, but mostly for mixing with bad influence. The best investment that Cousin Evan could make was in 'artefacts' that at 'probate' evaluation would be deemed worthless. when in fact the object would be worth a 'King's Ransom' to a select clientele. What would The Tryst Rings of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra be worth (Now in the British Museum) if accompanied with full provenance. Spending that kind of money a buyer would be very cautious! The Lord of The Rings concept, "One Ring To Rule Them All"… FOR FEAR OF THE TAX MAN…. Aleister Crowley joined forces with my Cousin Evan…. So that is why your post here drew my attention. There may be a connection with Lord Berners and Tim Berners-Lee. who sent me the first Official World Wide Web Transmission from his Secretaries. Les Horrible Cernettes. who formed their Choral Group on that day my 39th Birthday 3 x 13. (1990 July 15th) Tim's Father was even more important. Wikipedia is getting better by the day… Please keep supporting it.

  7. I’m still waiting for the Clinton connection

  8. So fake. 3 people i know are dead. Can u help me deal with my FAKE sorrow? And all my friends familys that are fake crying?

  9. It always seems that whenever there is a conspiracy to be found its often times someone who has an british accent or some kind of accent thats not from the US or someone from canada.

  10. QSR chip, they can control vehicles made after 1988.

  11. This is super strange… and I completely agree… its fake as fuck…
    To what end…
    What was the point?
    Who did they kill??

  12. Could all of the Limo passengers have been killed or sedated with a poison prior to the accident? Strange that there are so many Cremations.

  13. What would be the purpose of faking this?
    None that i can fathom

  14. Everything is a hiax when your paranoid aint it

  15. The state police are now refusing to let the NTSB investigate!!!! You cant make this up

  16. not possible for everyone to die just not possible

  17. Seems like a possible highjacked suicide mission. He was Muslim ans there were Jewish people in the limo.

  18. Maybe the crash was a mechanism for some people to disappear??

  19. every ,body, inside the car,was moving at 60+ miles an hour. the container they were in,was also filled with broken glass and sharp hard edges a TV and mini fridge. the human body is soft and fragile . being inside that area as it is violently shaking and smashed into them at 60+ MPH [the stop], would be like being inside a blender.

  20. 18 people @ 200 lb = 3600 lb plus weight of extended body, tons of extra weight. were brakes upgraded? rusted brake lines from salted roads.

  21. there would be blood and gore everywhere. pictures without it would be hard to get and as we know, google can block all if they wish.

  22. God forgive me.
    Thought the best of the guest.
    Guest hasn't any answers on criminal cases.
    But guest THINKS others SHOULD.

  23. 180k mileage
    18 passengers
    2001 model
    $9000 dollars

    posted on 9th october

    get it?

  24. My dear friend was killed in a horrific car accident, and her family still had an open casket. This narrative is highly doubtful!!

  25. awesome reporting and analysis, thanks so much.

  26. How bout you 2 idiots come up here and drive a truck down that hill..morons..

  27. Need to look into the ex-veterans that where killed in wreck??? Were where they at in the military? What they where there missions? ect.!!!!!

  28. I have driven 22 passenger stretches like this. You guys have no idea what it would be like to suddenly crash into a vehicle going 60mph or more. There is no cover up but you people need subscribers, I get it. I am somewhat surprised that nobody made it but not shocked as the violent movements in that vehicle were surely enough to kill everyone, regardless of "lack of exterior damage". The police do not just release bloody pictures from these accidents, everyone knows this. The cops and NTSB have far more info then we do.

  29. could be another angle to killing AMERICANS..
    WE HAVE some angles too.

  30. I hate the way Americans talk, you know.

  31. Holy shit these are the sort of people who make all conspiracy researchers seem like morons and make me question conspiracies that I otherwise might believe. At no point can they come up with a clear statement about who exactly would have executed this "conspiracy" or why. To make people support self driving cars or use Uber seems to be their best speculation. Completely idiotic. No coherent narrative or reasoning, just a pile of random "weird" connections, and armchair quarterbacking about how a driver should have responded when attempting to stop at 60mph on a steep hill. Oh wait a guy from New Zealand who looked at it on google Earth thinks it doesn't look that steep and the bank looks "soft." Ask anyone in this area and they will tell you this is a dangerous spot and has been for decades.

  32. Are we seriously supposed to believe that all the local cops and firefighters who arrived on scene are part of some big "false flag" conspiracy? These local people some of whom are volunteers are lying to their friends and neighbors?

  33. This is disgusting an entire family is dead, children are without their parents, but it's fake? Why? Qui bono?
    Also how is crashing into a bank and a tree a "soft" crash? Plus have ANY of you actually been in a car wreck? You armchair quarterbacking "oh they should have gone here" or "why didn't he just turn right" is trash. Neither of you are mechanics, or have said anything close to compelling. I have several family members that have died in much less severe wrecks than this. Oh and maybe there was a dead body in or on the Toyota highlander and THAT'S why there aren't any pictures.

  34. Do any of you realize what happens to someone when they come to a dead stop at 60mph? Of course these weren't open caskets.

  35. Do any of you actually live in the area? I know our New Zealand "researcher" doesn't. Oh but he has been to NY a few times, he knows this must be related to the NXIUM cult somehow because they are based in NY too….In Albany an hour away and culturally world's apart from Schoharie county. Good God this is stupid. At least come up with a coherent narrative about how this would be pulled off, by who and to what purpose.

  36. Ty for this report, I am very interested in what really happened

  37. Ol Steve Asset Outted … CIA screenplay take 1:11

  38. There's #Gematria linking this event to 911 and New York's current governor. Google "Gematrinator Blog" and/or "Limo Crash Kills 20 in Schoharie, New York" or check my twitter feed. Another article from Gematrinator also links it to UFC 229.

  39. One of the passengers apparently texted a family member saying the limo was loud because there was no muffler which likely means carbon monoxide leaked into the limo cab with all those people the oxygen available was used up right away.Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer because you just go to would only take a few minutes to kill everyone and they had a full 30 minute ride …it is likely the driver and all the passengers were dead or near death when the limo crashed if carbon monoxide are the culprit

  40. 44:30 I've never heard that one until now. I knew her father worked for NEXIVM, but if he met his wife there, it seems like more than a casual business relationship. Gillibrand has always been a suspicious character.

  41. I weep for the freedom of my community every time i observe at this early date of its prospering experiment that corruption has been imputed to scores of members of the House of Representatives, while the constitutional rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.

  42. 1:02:00 Any internal combustion engine CAN produce enough CO to kill you; the only reason recent vehicles don't is because of more precise, computer-controlled engine tuning and catalytic converters, either, or both of which could be malfunctioning in a 17 year-old vehicle. I should add that even a perfectly clean, new car, running in a closed garage, will kill you; it will simply eat up all the oxygen.

  43. Its a classic assissination tactic, sometimes to get away with killing one person a lot of people have to die to make it look like an accident. The victim is covered up by the deaths of everyone else….oops.

  44. Who were the two people that were hit by the limo before the crash?

  45. This a CIA deep state con job to take people's attention off something else or too kill a target !

  46. No ntsb jackets being woren by people on site after ??

  47. All were creamated out of 20 no way only so couldn't find anything from bodies later dosen't past sniff test in anyway ! CIA job all over it !

  48. those ppl are computer generated, not even real ppl.

  49. I find it extraordinarily disturbing that there are people that are calling this fake. This is local to me. Not only does this intersection have a very long history as being a notoriously dangerous intersection in upstate NY, it’s been reworked 3 times in the past 7 years to attempt to make it safer as many trucks and vehicles have lost their breaks going down route 30 where it intersects route 30A and have ended up in the parking lot or the field across the way and have luckily never hit anyone. I drive this route daily. The limo that was driven had failed a DOT inspection the month before, specifically because of the hydraulic breaks, it was 17 years old, recently posted for sale for 2500$, and should not under any circumstance been on the road. The driver wasn’t licensed to operate a vehicle with more than 15 people. The speed limit down this hill is 55. 17 people in limo not wearing seat belts with failed breaks and an inexperienced driver at a notoriously dangerous intersection is how this happened. Watching them remove 18 bodies from the limo is how I know it’s not fake. What in the hell is wrong with you people?

  50. As usual we see a former relationship with the FBI that's all you need to know. The father was involved in the Newburg Four case. and a arrest in Albany in 2016. Its all a Psyop. They always fuck up these crisis BS hoaxes. As a trauma RN, former US Marine Combat medic… in one they claimed they took dozens of people to the same hospital for gun shot wounds …well there is no hospital that can do that many surgeries period. When we have a multiple car crash we have to airlift people to various hospitals for treatment..we dont have the equipment to successfully work on that many people to save their lives …anyone who tell you other is a lying bullshit artist.

  51. I've seen a lot worse car accident 's the car crushed and they walked away. These people were probable dead before accident how I don't know. The back of the limo looks fine very suspicious . All buried on the same day.

  52. I'm pretty sure you can see dead bodies in the front of the limo. At 27:00, the picture they're looking at isn't very clear. However, that image is a still from a different video. This video:
    Watch the Washington Post video and pause it at 0:04. Pay attention to the front of the limo, specifically the area to the right of the brown sheet hanging out the window. As a firefighter for almost 10 years, I can tell you those look like bodies piled on top of each other that have been covered with sheets. I think this whole incident is really weird, and I don't believe we have the full story. But for those of you wondering where are all the bodies….I think I found them.

  53. Fake news…Gematria tells you that it is all fake. It looked phoney to me & just didn't make ( common) sense to me. The family was suppose to lose most of them.. Cremated…yup.

  54. Common sense. Look at the name. Apple barrel !! This was another psych ops on Americans. The big limo and the young women on board. It’s all bullshit. The same alphabet agencies rush to the scene. These are the ones involved in creating these hideous operations. And hell knows who these fake agents are , UN workers perhaps from the satanic elites long list of actors to create their nwo on people. With all of these apples in a barrel u see the full pic !! Evil lies again and again

  55. Chief account to sec ? Killed. Hummm look at oaklahoma bombing Hundreds of records from Hillary were to be destroyed but one local cop found the records and took them home. He made three copies and gave them out. Two were murdered and one was scared to silence. Looks like more coverups with coverups again

  56. Chuck Schumer pushed for stricter vehicle regs only 7 days after this crash. Good NWO puppet.

  57. Not saying I don't smell a rat here we all think there's something not right but I will tell you this those people are dead my daughter was friends with one of the couple's and they are the only ones that had a open casket

  58. The only thing that is fake in my opinion is that those people were set up somehow

  59. Not all of them were cremated

  60. Beautiful seal point Siamese kitty! How sweet kitty is giving itself a bath! Love from a crazy cat lady!

  61. FeloniousBastardInstigators


  63. This limo crash is so mysterious! I have a hard time accepting the official explanation. I saw the tow truck, towing away the limo. The video is at a distance. The towing away of the limo is not shown in it's entirety. They show some of it being towed, but we don't see the FULL VIEW of the limo, with the front end crushed, mangled, and twisted. There are no closeup photos and videos of the limo. Just photos and videos at a distance. They show no photo of the SUV that the limo crashed into. We never heard any autopsy results of the driver and passengers of the limo. I have a theory in how these people could have died in what does not seem like a major fatal accident of a limo. Here we go…

    A passenger texted her friend, pre-crash. She said the limo was in bad shape, and the engine was going to make them all deaf. It was a loud engine!! We heard a story of the limo driver that passed away, where he said that he had drove a limo for Prestiege Limo company, and the muffler fell off while he was driving someone around. The driver had to stop the limo, i assume at the side of the road. He had to pull the rest of the muffler off, and to lay it on the side of the road. A muffler quiets the engine, and it also funnels the exhaust of the engine to the very rear of the limo. Had the muffler been faulty, it could have caused a very loud engine. It also could have caused exhaust, which includes carbon monoxide, to come up thru the floorboard, into the cabin. that could have caused tiredness, headaches, and if exposed to it too long, carbon monoxide poisoning. That could have caused the deaths of some, or most of the passengers, and the driver. That is what possibly happened here, BUT there were no autopsy results released, which adds to the mystery to this incident. If they said "the coroner's report said that the victims inside the limo all died of carbon monoxide poisoning." That would explain things perfectly, that the muffler was broken, which led to carbon monoxide poisoning, and to the deaths of the driver and passengers of the limo. Instead, they say nothing! Blunt-force trauma was the only other cause of 18 people dying in this crash. What a mystery!! It just seems so implausible.

  64. We got plenty of photos of re Cesar PSYOP Trump van but limited of the limo…how come?

  65. Are we looking at a production of fake news. There are to many why's with out answers. Questionable people involved with this incident. Deep State intreag.

  66. Does anyone but me find it a delicious and odd justice, that the NWO has poisoned kids with vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and have created thousands of autists; some of whom are genius at digging out and connecting odd facts that point out their evil games against mankind?

  67. I get this feeling that the whole story is fake, not real.
    Why ?? I have no clue, but it's not true

  68. You guys are fucking NUTS!!!… Always looking for a Conspiracy… ASSHOLES!!!

  69. I live here saw the damage , the trees and the ground all dug up and pieces of the limo, come on people, are you really this easily fooled

  70. How dare you. You people are dangerous and sick. This was/is very real. My daughter works in the hospital these individuals we're airlifted to and driven to in coroners vehicles. She was there for the autospy's. Several of my friends had relationships with these people from co workers to neighbors and even childhood friendships. How dare you mock these families and victims. They were torn limb to limb and you want photos? You want to see how the engine block ripped through their bodies? You want images broadcasted? You are vile people. You are mentally ill at best and demons at worse.

  71. I've been around the mortuary buisness my whole life, and I hate to tell you boys you're just simply wrong… These victims were in a very tight compartment.. This limo was doing every bit of 60+70+ coming down that hill, and by the looks of it the driver never hit the breaks… They slammed head on into another vehicle, and through my experience all of them would have died on impact from broken necks, and head trauma…You can't imagine the impact off slamming into something head on like this accident… Broken limbs, among sevevere lacerations, even decapitations I'm sure all victims suffered among fractured necks.. It would have been an horror of unbelievable portions for the first responders…

  72. Should I give money to the United Way

  73. What would be the point of making this up tho. These people were nothing special

  74. I'm from here and I can assure you that it was not fake!!

  75. Having dealt with accident scenes and this is really personal because this is where I used to live and I know that intersection and I know how fast people come down that intersection and when you plow through it at 90 miles an hour without stopping and you slam into trees and no one has a seatbelt on the force kills instantly

    having been at death scenes and driving a hearse myself I can tell you that a hearse at an accident scene is very common

    this was not a staged event this was a driver who should not have been in this country driving without a license at a high rate of speed resulting in a horror riffic crash

    There are false Flags there are made up stories but this is not one of them and they are going after the family members of this driver because they are complicit in these deaths

    The bodies or so smashed that they were black from all the blood inside the body spooling and it was not feasible to make them presentable for open casket

    if you want to start looking at false flags and events that are unfolding you really need to take a hard look at the bomber and his associates in Bucks County Pennsylvania and transpiring events that are happening now in Quakertown Pennsylvania and ask yourself what the hell are they up to because a major event is about to happen and the government is not stopping them

  76. I guarantee the brake lines were rusty and failed. The driver couldn't stop the limo. Also nobody had seat belts on, that means all the passenger's flew forward hitting each other and the wall in the cab. It's common sense. They had no chance to survive this crash.

  77. Intereresting analysis. You're not sure about what you see on the photos because they're all taken from a distance with a zoom, that's why. Then the question is: why all from a distance? It's an accident, right? Not a hoax/false flag, right? Fishy.

  78. We see next to nothing these days on the news . This is the way they operate . When the Jim Jones tragedy happened back in the 70s we saw bloated dead bodies on TV for days . Helicopter views , zoomed in ., news crews filming down on the dead as they walked by . The news is mostly secretive anymore .

  79. The owner of the limo company is very suspicious….

  80. Where are the 2 pedestrians killed??……wouldn't the area be enclosed and roped off?….and the vehicle struck?

  81. SHILLS. Same old tired lies. Yes, I am quite convinced this 'crash' was a psyop. These are controlled opposition. NOBODY DIED. NOBODY GOT HURT.

  82. 'FBI INFORMANT' MY ARSE. Heard it. THIS IS COUNTER-NARRATIVE, PEOPLE. THIS IS GRASSY KNOLL STUFF. This was another staged event, using psyop actors. IMO. Bloody shills.

  83. Months after the crash, the State Police are still refusing to let the National Transportation Safety Board examine the limo. I filed a FOIA request for the autopsy reports, which was denied

    Follow my twitter thread here:

  84. You Americans have a beathifull country but its run by so evil People. America is gonna destroy ITSELF from with in.

  85. Lift the Veil invited me back on Dec 26 2018 for an update with further research:

  86. Dec 2018 Kamala/Booker pass anti lynching law
    Jan 2019 Jussie music video showing noose released to public
    Feb is Black history month.
    Feb 29 Jussie faked racial attack
    Feb 29 Kamala tweets “modern day lynching”
    Feb 30 MLK holiday
    Feb 30 Kamala announces presidential run

  87. Just know, all you pieces of shit, that family can see this

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