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  1. Avatar

    Nathan, don't let this go. Also prompt Owen Benjamin to look into this, as he does deep dives and he says he is connected to this tragedy personally.

  2. Avatar

    Death Fraud conspirators must look in envy at this.

  3. Avatar

    wowza!! this is SCREAMING for some Serious Prolonged Attention!!!!! refusing to let the limo be inspected is Indefensible….

  4. Avatar

    FYI, the Schoharie Creek flooded in 1987 and took out a NYS Thruway bridge, killing 10 people in the gloom of night.

  5. Avatar

    Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin with the old dude and the lantern

  6. Avatar

    and the vagina looking cave… female fertility 54:00

    also: perhaps this is a false flag just to see how citizens investigate and interpret it.

  7. Avatar

    OWEN BENJAMIN… I have really been questioning his legitimacy lately… and NOW with this?… I think he is some kind of controlled opp. What is his exact capacity, or what is he redirecting people from I am not sure… it's just a bad vibe… really getting sketchy vibes from him.

  8. Avatar

    This limo crash story is total B.S.! This is about as true as Sandy hook .lol

  9. Avatar

    The coroner would pick up dead bodies not fuckin ambulance

  10. Avatar

    So SAD so old same old M'O' 9-11 just say anything and cover it up.

  11. Avatar

    Those who profited from hoax are laughing their fucking asses off with duper’s delight watching these videos. The Wizard of Woe is coming!

  12. Avatar

    Sup with the black n white in this guys backdrop?Remember the best lies are 99% truth

  13. Avatar

    Even the average person could round up five unrelated people to make up a story…I have never seen a hearse show up at the scene of a death. This was nothing more than a fender bender

  14. Avatar

    No destroyed car-parts of two crashed cars anywhere to be found where 20 people died! Ridiculous.

  15. Avatar

    How has Steve's ' Silicone Valleys Secret Weapon ' documentary series not got 30,000 views? C'mon the amount of information and the depth of research held within that set of work is amazing!

    Thanks Crypto Beast your a gem!

  16. Avatar

    This guy is deflecting relevant questions with some serious word salad

  17. Avatar

    Steve and his pagan iconography in the background, nice illuminate checker board and Jacobs ladder symbology lmfao – Ask Outtrim about his links to Jewish mafia types and his doggy market speculation in Asia recently … some random dude, maybe an Anon posted it to me on Steves last vid, not sure if it's true, but pretty sure Outtrim is dodgy as fuck as he went awfully quite once this guy has posted about him lol

  18. Avatar

    See Gematria Effect News.

  19. Avatar

    Justin Trudeau poster in the background. Talk about red flags right from the start.

  20. Avatar

    I'm so glad theres a solid community in spirit here on youtube that is aware of the fuckery going on. twenty people? That's absurd.

  21. Avatar

    Nathan, please email Owen and do a stream together about this story.

  22. Avatar

    Thanks mate, I've enjoyed both stories you have done on this limo crash, great work by both. Thanks.

  23. Avatar

    Steve& Nathan, 1st responder said after deployed jaws they were pulling bodies out within two minutes alive, not that they showed up to scene within two minutes.

  24. Avatar

    Is this about precedent? Liability of the state for "accidents"? When there is going to be a grand jury soon for another "accident" occurring in the state of NY?

  25. Avatar

    The ones who claim they are helping the children, are the ones sacrificing them! The safest places like churches , are the places they are being sacrificed! The charities who claim to be helping the children, are involved with sex trafficking! The ones on Youtube claiming to be helping find the children, are the very one murdering them—-many of them. Many so called truthers are not truthers. The churches are not churches, they are sacrificing headquarters!!!!!!!! The places you would least expect the sacrifices to be happening is where they are happening. WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!! They are sacrificing your children!!! Leave the churches!!!!!!! They will take your children!!!!!! THEY ARE NOT REAL CHURCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Avatar

    I find it Interesting that We have Access to MORE Evidence, photos, and Videos of a FAKE Moon "Landing" that took place 50 Years ago, than We do of a FAKE Limo "Crash" that took place 3 Months ago!! (??)

  27. Avatar

    OMG!! My 1st thought of that lady as well!! (Witch)!

  28. Avatar

    NFW!!? That's WAY Too much of a COINCIDENCE!!(Witch of the Ditch) That's the Thread you want to pull, right there!! You don't have to be fkn "Columbo" to See that this is SCREAMING "HEY!" "OVER HERE!!" "INVESTIGATE ME!!" Not to mention that we're talking about Pennsylvania, here!! Didn't I hear something about Satan, Owning a Time-Share There!!??
    Look it!! This Day and Age, NOTHING is Off the Table!!
    I'm telling you! I would put ALL My Eggs, and the Hen's that Laid 'em in "THAT" Basket!!

  29. Avatar

    Owen needs to burn that truturd photo behind him. Lol they both cucky though.

  30. Avatar

    Where are the autopsy???????? We're on the vehicle was the jaws of life used?? I do not see it anywhere on the limo pics

  31. Avatar

    You people are demented. No wonder it’s so easy to trick and rape you sheep. You can’t even believe a accident happened lol. No ones heard of the humboltd bronco bus crash this year in Canada. All these brains and you cunts so stupid lmao at you morons.

  32. Avatar

    Still alive put dying you fucking skinny loser. I wouldn’t expect either of you two to understand radio protocol at these things. Morons buddy

  33. Avatar

    This retardation hurts my head. You people are fucked.

  34. Avatar

    the Witches who made monotheism are the ones People should be worried about… that's right, all of monotheism is just a tool of the elite….

  35. Avatar

    I am friends with a woman from the area (I live 30 miles away from the accident site) and her friend is with the emergency services who was there. He told her TWO women were alive when they took them out of the limo but died en route to the hospital. The driver was practically decapitated. This information is very accurate.

  36. Avatar

    That DA is not a witch, it's a man in drag, a crossdressing demonic pervert

  37. Avatar

    "The Witch of the Ditch, sure was a bitch. When young lovers her way travel, they end up a sandwich."

  38. Avatar

    You mention the Schoharie Creek. A number of years ago, well remembered, there occurred a tragic freaky accident when the Thruway bridge over the creek collapsed and many died, having fallen into this creek. It was quite shocking and totally unanticipated. Just another odd occurrence in that area.

  39. Avatar

    always in migrant worker vans that hit a semi head on or rolled on the interstate church vans the same just google it

  40. Avatar

    First responder is clearly acting with the typical fake crying crap. Almost EVERYTHING you see on the NEWS is completely fake. It's just a media entertainment outlet to put fear into people. 100 percent. Also, why would there be skid marks anyway? I thought the brakes failed??

  41. Avatar

    good article with some info on victims… Rich Steenburg works for GlobalFoundries a semiconductor company; Patrick Cushing technology office of NY Senate; Army Vet Mary Dyson an engineer at Upstate Construction services; Adam Jackson deputy commissioner at Montgomery County Board of elections; Michael Ukaj Honorably discharged Marine tour in Iraq ANY of which COULD be needed to be "quieted" like Dorothy Hunt. Let alone the shady Limo brothers


  42. Avatar

    Why open the show with this clown?

  43. Avatar

    There was a limo crash and my ass is a banjo

  44. Avatar

    . I am a transportation professional
    No way that accident killed everyone driver pedestrian and all 21 people in the back. It smells

  45. Avatar

    There needs to be some sort of proof that the limo owner was involved is all this crazy shit you claim.

    Please provide links.

  46. Avatar

    Soooo, where are the two links to your guest that you promised.? I’ve commented before about this specific topic. You often say you’re going to provide links to people that you have as guests, or that you refer to and yet, I never see them. Nathan, what’s up with that dude? Do what you promise. It’s a matter of integrity!

  47. Avatar

    Small county hospital could not sustain life support fast enough for so many neck and head injuries, so brain damaged ensued and organ harvesting began..perhaps?

  48. Avatar

    Owen says that he cares about truth but he let this one slide. I wasn't mad but I was disappointed to say the least. Owen is a pitbull on truth topics and he has a real opportunity to shed some light on this tragedy. I also think that Owen is a lot smarter than he sounds. To quote Vox Day, "Owen has an ability to speak down"….
    I think that is a very valuable skill, to be able to reach people who may not be as intelligent or intellectually gifted. Yeah I definitely think that Owen has a responsibility because he has such a strong voice. I'm thinking maybe I should superchat him asking him what he thinks.

  49. Avatar

    FBI informant has an illegal limousine. Informant is covered by insurance the day before.
    The limo crash is used by the FBI as a vehicle to test the loyalties of the agents and actors in the MSM involved.
    No one died.
    No one was injured.
    Loyalty to maintaining a synthetic event is what they are after.

  50. Avatar

    Self employed oil well driller works on pumps and such lol another clue these two don’t know anything about life or jobs lol.

  51. Avatar

    Have you guys looked into the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, where 7 died. Maybe they didn't die –

  52. Avatar

    I'm of the side that says this was fake…

  53. Avatar

    Too much craziness. Yea we always carry bags of cash to buy a Benz…

  54. Avatar

    53:14 Here's the one eye symbolism. The dark bat in the background. And the bearded Tarzan.

  55. Avatar

    i think this is i a peice of a way bigger puzzle but the main mink will be ghe limo company owner! i havw a feeling this is all a out the limousine service owner and his ties with the feds, this is bovious a hoax ery eve less likely its a ff tbh, to msnh of these FFs with hiax victims are lacking cell phone video of the night if the event which is onstantly missi g on all these ff and hoax events recently, we all know ppl wojkd be posting eben whime their dying LOL so somehiw theres a cell media blackout on all these nights ie the lkmo crash and bordeine shooti g as well as others i mean CMOn, how INCOMPETENT can the feds be!

  56. Avatar

    Every bit of detail points to false flag. Horrifying. This is the first video since i was listening locally that day, to first radio details aired, and I said, this is too obvious a planned event.

  57. Avatar

    The driver did not want to drive that defective limo that night. He was told to, anyway. I texted (and shocked) a neighbor that this was a false flag, the moment the 'accident' aired, locally. Just as I knew Boston bombwr was innocent, immediately.

  58. Avatar

    Limos were switched out, cia style, last minute.

  59. Avatar

    Im now an expert. Ive sat through enough of these false flag court trials. We are being played, America ! Zionists are fear mongering us, daily. And we are paying the tab.

  60. Avatar

    i mentioned about his INcompetent the feds can be and now i see with the feds related ti the clinton foundation more like Clinton CARTEL are all being subpoenaed, im pretty sure there so busy trying to COVER their ow tracks that they cannot oeganize these training FF and haoxes tr o look realistic and trick ppl anymore be ause they have to spend all their resources making sure they dont get exposed and caught doing rheir own dirt they do on the side especially those "agents" who were part of that peo clinton Secret society(cult) and who knows how hard they have been workj g gstring ris of mkney trails, destroying hard drives, threatening their informants and any witnesses to their crimes, and i didnt want to rake it this far but i wouldnt doubt they may have had to make ppl disappear which after seeing a doc on the clinton death toll im spooked and fully believe thier capable of crossing that line! many are losing the clearance, rank, being transfered to dead end positions, and their whole Secret Soceity (more like CULT if you ask me) that was internally functioning in the fbi is provably why we have all the FF and hoaxes that are horribly assembled, obviously not real, and all arou d MESSY. they Were to bust trying usurup trump, fabricate a ridicioous russian plot any crit thinker could see through, and then cover their tracks to regarding EVERYTHing to pull of anything convincing that we cant fully debunk in a week ar 2! these exposed group of clinton goons in the fbi were in to deep getting into weirdo stuff, sleeping with each others wives, making side money and embezzling througg ahell companies and to top it ofc practicing strange rituals amd spritist pra tices to see how over their head things were and how their operations wereconsta tly UNSUccessful, thank gimod now the decent people in the fbi can operate and not be held back, and interfered with by those freaky SOBS

  61. Avatar

    You can decrease brain swelling with progesterone!!! Don't let them tell you there is nothing they can do. Sooner the better.

  62. Avatar

    Hallelujah! We serve a holy, righteous God. Praise Yahweh, Praise Yeshua, We love you Jesus!

  63. Avatar

    That was NOT a wedding that they were going to. It was the youngest daughter's birthday, and they were going to a birthday party for her. However, I have my doubts that it really happened. The vehicle does not look like the way a witness described the damage of it. The witness seemed to be offering information that one would offer after one had gotten over the shock and grief of an accident, like that, not like a person would respond right after such an accident. Also, "GoFundMe" accounts were set up quickly, another thing that would not, necessarily, occur right after a horrific and tragic accident would have happened. It would have been decided upon after the family had had time to "digest" and accept what had happened.

  64. Avatar

    why a picture of trudope behind you?

  65. Avatar

    For sure, there is no way all those people died from the “accident”. I am an Auto Bodily Injury Investigation Specialist.

  66. Avatar

    I’d love to see the claim investigation notes on this one. I’d love to see what the adjuster feels about the fatalities.

  67. Avatar

    Those people were dead before the crash, IMHO. A fine mist of some drug most likely. They were all involved in something nefarious maybe, and they were taken out so there would be no witnesses. George Webb made some connections, I can't recall now, that were very interesting.

  68. Avatar

    NEXIVUM is also in Albany Area. Sometimes you need to hide bodies among the living. SOMETHING IS FUCKED HERE.

  69. Avatar

    20 dead. and no dents in the limo. come now. ! its a bullshit story. they always over do it. they have to make it theatrical. and horrific. oooooih. scary . oh my God . ! we whha whha. the tv people designed this one . sounds like Boston or sandy hoax . or wildfires killing people in their cars next to a green shrub . .

  70. Avatar

    You guys are wacky… it happened near me… we drove by the scene etc., why are some of you claiming it’s fake news ? What the heck

  71. Avatar


  72. Avatar

    Oh and what part of the car needed the jaws? The door was easily opened. No paet of the car was ripped open.

  73. Avatar

    Universe Tarot 2018 The 3 Suits The Stars Mysterium suit: The Morningstar: The Tragic King: The Shaman:The Mercenary: The Priest: The Doctor: The Princess: Baldr: Eurydice: King Rat: Creeper The Mouse: Miss Rat: The Palomino: The Boa Constrictor The Moon Inferis Suit: The Computer: The Rooster: The young woman: King David's daughter: Archangel Michael: Odin: Baal: The Man of Faith: The Navy Seal: The Captain: The Guide: Ekajati: Mahigan  the Fierce Dog: Yemoja wife of Pires
    The Sun Coelum suit: Helios: The Woman on the Hill: The Cosmic Wheel: Home: Last Cup of Sorrow:Etz haChayim: The Olive Branch: Adam: Jabal al zaytun al tur: The Golden Boy: The Assassin: The Liberators: The Shepherd: Santa Maria

  74. Avatar

    Nate check out this new vid about Kevin Spacey https://youtu.be/bD3c54ryZQM

  75. Avatar

    I live 30 minutes away from this area actually right in between this and the boat crash.. I am shocked because this story was a thing for a few days maybe a week then just died out! We never hear about it anymore.. It seems crazy when it's far away in different states but when it's right up the road from you it's just so shocking!!!

  76. Avatar

    I knew it was all bullshit…..smdh…

  77. Avatar

    I've never heard of Owen Benjamin until now lol I had to google him

  78. Avatar

    Nathan have Outrim on more if possible. Everyone please check out Crypto beast with his interviews with Joseph Atwill and his Burning Man work. Excellent stuff. A little esoteric but you can learn about origins of freemasonry eyc

  79. Avatar

    It is my theory there was an exhaust leak into the car

  80. Avatar

    If this plot thickens much more, it will have to be classified as a form of cement. It's not the next 9,11,01 or anything, but the roots do seem to run deep. The connection to Antarctica is particularly intriguing. I'm not exactly sure why, but I find myself riveted by the topic.

  81. Avatar

    Looks like the best plan of action is to dig some graves up.

  82. Avatar

    Lift the Veil, Southbound on NY-30 traffic sign before intersection is wrong, does not show a dead end to the road and is indicated as a left road intersecting current road. There is also no reduced speed limit of 55 mph prior to NY-30 dead ending, only a upcoming 50 mph zone ahead sign.

  83. Avatar

    Trying to get those views.
    Show the full limo, the one that shows it was ripped in half

  84. Avatar

    I believe the limo crash was a cover up for something far more sinister, which involves the government operatives that owned the vehicle and, above them, the Deep State.

    My opinion is that they were told by their Deep State handlers that they could live in the US like Princes, gain citizenship, passports, money galore, but they'd have to forget the 72 virgins in the next life, as in return for the riches they'd provide in this world, they'd have to carry out some very, very dark tasks on behalf of the Deep State.

    They were probably asked to set up the crash using their vehicle, which had otherwise failed inspection, so provided a decent back story for why it crashed, but was a banger ready to be scrapped so no great loss. Win all round.

    Why they did it, who knows…?

  85. Avatar

    I'd appreciate it if you would load all of your videos to BitChute, or any alternative media. CrapTube/Google is despicable.

  86. Avatar

    RandomRantsofaRetard + LiftTheToiletseat + TitusFaggot are alll MOS schills. Do not associate whatsoever or waste time on their content. They unequivocally say Q anon (Military NSA) is a "larp" wherever the fuck this weaponized term came from. All thinking people, especially ex-Military, can see that there is a huge Silent War happening currently. Global events reflect this among other things. There are many MOS schills on youtube and all those still allowed to operate openly are NOT legit "truther". Jamie is being attacked on his videos, is LiftTheShitstain who pushes FLAT EARTH and MANDELA EFFECT? No.

    Any channel saying Q is a LARP will be PROMOTED by the MOS.

    OUTTRIM IS ALSO A BIG FAT (literally, HAHA!) schill. OBVIOUS SCHILL. Such a failure at life both of these faggots.

  87. Avatar

    It's just fake news. There are no real journalists. It is much cheaper to buy pre made video news releases from a production company. Investigative journalism is dead.
    All "News" should be viewed under the following condition – Assume it is fake unless proven otherwise. This will save you time and prevent emotional connections to situations that would seem ridiculous if seen in a cartoon.
    It will also limit your exposure to people who would be regarded as retards in a society that values critical thinking….not the one we currently inhabit.

  88. Avatar

    Schoharie Co. DA is still holding the limosine. Two brothers that died in the limousine accident worked at Global Foundaries which is a Chip manufacturing company. Very high tech & High Security. I believe that the 4 daughters that died their Father worked at Global Foundaries. Many people have mysteriously committed suicide that work at that place too. Please keep investigating this. My friend lost his daughter, son in law, nephew & his nephews girlfriend. Totally heartbreaking. One parent is suing the limousine company.

  89. Avatar

    As kids we used to swim in the Schoharie Creek but always heard the stories of the cattle dying in that water and going blind etc. I was always hesitant going in that water. Had no idea about the witches etc. Thank you for this investigation. You are great.

  90. Avatar

    When anyone leaves comments on Steve Outtrim channel exposing what Trump's really doing inside our United States, well, he doesn't like that, and quickly deletes them. He's part of the Trump cult and doesn't want to hear the damn truth. If he refuses to allow the truth to be left under his videos, how much other truth is he censoring or misreporting? My bet is a lot.

  91. Avatar

    "She looks like a witch."
    Give me a break. Credibility just flew out the window. Some yarn about "the witch in the ditch" derails the seriousness of this story.
    Get to facts and not some oogie-boogie Masonic witch intergenerational sensationalism.

  92. Avatar

    Hello , I was in E. Poestenkill NY , Other side of Albany NY from Schoharie , Strange Events were happing here , Drone company was up here , ( never seen before in 15 yrs. ) Flying Drones , Then a Motorcycle accident , with Helicopter pickup, Never on news and nobody in town will talk about it , Like some kind of wierd test of some sort . They held up traffic on small road for hours . Right at same time of Limo Crash in october . We still cannot fiqure out what was going on with all this .

  93. Avatar

    I think its troubling that the cat does not seem to be concerned about this!

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