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    SUGAR kills more people then GUNS… SUGAR causes Candida.. Candida causes Cancer… More people have died from SUGAR then GUNS… it's a silent killer

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    Foot? As a nurse how does that put anyone into critical or even fair condition

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    Once again a gun grew legs and walked itself on to a "campus". Then this bad gun shot someone or tried and the cops had to shoot the human who was nearest to the gun. SUVs had to be corralled a few years ago because they were going rogue. If SUVs and guns hook up we in trouble. How many youtubers and chidrens have to die for us to come down on the humans helping the guns to hide? We are on the verge or were on the verge of banning cardboard boxes that were terrorizing Austin a few weeks ago.
    Thank Jeebus humans arent responsible for any of this, thats why we have to ban everything to save the humans.

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    Nice setup! Did they ever report a motive?? If it was a woman shooter, it could b a plethora of different motives, lol. I just hope people dont judge as to why this happened at YT HQ before they get the facts.

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    "..and you said it's a big guy carrying an assault weapon?"

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    A lot of stress right now at YouTube(c), I would imagine. Angry YouTube channel-owner(s) whose channel was demonetized? The police spokesman's mood was rational for the situation, seems authentic. "In front", "on the premises" could be implying that the dead and wounded they found were outside. "More from people outside," the witness said. It happened outside and employees were herded back into the building for safety. Things like this happened before the current series of shooting hoaxes was launched by the deep state.

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    From what I gather out of the Google / YouTube work environment, they appear to be pushing some very strange ideologies on young people. Perhaps it could be like a cult in there and if they are exposed to certain radio frequencies and mind control, they could be messing with people's heads. It also appears that many shooters have previously complained of being abused with military technologies, SAT neurophone, psychotronic weapons. It maybe that this will be used to push more gun laws. For how long this pattern has been followed, it's sad that they are not acknowledging that often times there are invisible weapons being used to push this stuff and those electromagnetic weapons and radio frequency are the weapons that need to be addressed and controlled. They are more dangerous than guns. Radio frequency can be used to cure cancer and other illnesses… It should be regulated and used that way, instead of using it to harm people.

    Psychotronic weapons… http://stopthecrime.net/docs/bailey%20mind%20control.pdf

    Memorandum on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance… https://stop007crimes.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/memo-to-president-trump-on-domestic-us-torture-programs-running-under-cover-of-surveillance.pdf

    Psychiatry used to control… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhC6hUZJIJ0

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    She must be Kurdish because Isis won't let women work for them

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    what a day to be at work! well i guess it could be worse, i could work for youtube.

    srsly folks, bummer to miss this live.

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    this is SES they did not want someone to talk.

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    Q told us u tub was dirty. They censor us

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    Does not seem like a false flag – anyone else have counter information?

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    In the spirit of full disclosure, transparency, and honesty, I have a question:
    Are you, or your mother Jewish?

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    Wow! Nathan such a good show! I'm impressed. You just stepped up your game big-time!

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