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    Thank you! I’m wondering what you’ve heard about Russ Dizdar?

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    Fiona is a very brave woman who's put her life at risk for speaking out and naming names, I can't even imagine the horror she and many many children endure at the hands of these evil psychopaths, I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse that's bad enough but I don't think I could go on living if I had witnessed the things she has, I pray you to have peace and safety in your life, and thank you for doing what your doing fiona❤

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    Homosexuality is just as abominable in Gods eyes as pedophiles are. They both are wicked sins. I know in your minds eyes pedophilia is worst, I feel the same way, but the reality is they both are egregious sins in tge eyes of a Holy God.

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    Luke 17:2
    It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

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    I couldn't understand her words @ 39:19 any help? What an incredible interview Nathan. So many of your interviews are Holy Sh*t! moments. Fiona is #truesurvivor

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    So…she's MK Ultra and paid and told to say this…next

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    If she's mind controlled. She is told what to say???? Hello?

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    PLEASE watch and SHARE Rachel Vaughan's story . Another brave, brave lady telling her horrific story of child abuse, murder and cannibalism in Adelaide Australia.

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    cathie obrien spoke about the hunting party's (in her book)
    she and her daughter were a part of when she was being abused.

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    lol she urinated in my mouth…

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    Notice all of these peeps "exposing" are all left wing queers pushing their pedo agenda. You people are sick!

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    Like a broke-down, knockoff Rosie O'Donnell. Probably a child abuser herself. Clean yourself up you bum.

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    you are a brave woman i wish you the very best

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    Fiona is acting differently.

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    Respect, solidarity and love Fiona xxx

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    Another testimonial from OZ under oath. Backs up Fiona. Caution graphic.

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    debunking is not negative

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    NATHAN please help me brother,
    The woman who brought me to America three years ago and helped me push my narrative on social media has had second thoughts.

    She now has a tell all blog, dishing the mega dirt on me, and my dear friends, Sarah, Fiona, Howie, the list goes on.

    Please help me as I am having a nervous breakdown that she is ruining my immigration case.

    NATHAN, Make her STOP!!

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    I can't believe the amount of spread of Illuminati conspiracy theories, occult people, secret societies and awaked rituals… especially related to high end governmental and political people. If they were so wicked and powerful, why would they allow this to be on their owned media, like YouTube and CNN. This has being done since 1980s. Many people exposed these groups on TV and even interview with George Bush Jr. about secret society while he was a president. It is especially promoted in this new age. There is a weird scheme and plan behind it, and it is done by purpose.

    My common sense tells me that if you tell my secret you will be killed, yet no whistleblower about secret societies since 1980s has been killed. Example, this lady, David Icke, Alex Jones, interview with former Illuminati members and wifes in 1990s, a interview with a wife of a high-end general in Illuminati…. etc. What is the purpose behind allowing them on TV and Media? Why all these about secret people all the sudden in this century? Do you really think with such powerful secret people will let you alive if one word is out? Why so many people is introduced and the name Illuminati is introduced recently with free speech of many people, and guess what, these exposures are getting famous instead.

    Think about it. WTF. Are we being programmed and brainwashed to believe in something evil? What are the outcome? Should we be believers in God or kill the Free Masons? What is this all about all the sudden and never heard of before? We know there was African slaves brought to America historically.

    Is this lady authentic or a player along with these groups? Why she is still a live and not JF Kennedy? Why Illuminati word are spreading so fast? Why They are promoting this words? Why Zuckerberg are waring an Illuminati shirt and showing it live? Why all the sudden Jim Carry comes out with all mocking tongue of Illuminati and yet alive? You see where I am going???

    Illuminati everywhere, Free Masons everywhere….. All the sudden out of no where and never heard before…. WTF? Why are they allowing to be portrayed as bad people when they own everything, economy politics, churches, hospitals, schools, media, hollywood, UN, white house, governments… etc.???


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    God bless you Fiona!!

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    LIFT THE VEIL((states WILL SELL OUT)) part2 ((the 2nd Voice was Dave Acton))

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    Fiona you are wonderful an I wish you all the love an happiness for your life an thank god you are alive an keep doing what your doing you keep me in faith .

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    I believe you. What do we do now??? Personally, I wanna shoot them all. But I'm in America.

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    To anyone who doesn’t believe Fiona, think about everyone you know in real life. I bet you know pedos in your own family, neighbors, church.. you choose to deny it and never talk about it. Everyone has been brainwashed so glad it’s finally being exposed.

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    How did she know they were Germans, their names ?

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    I was listening to her on another site where she was alone telling her story.

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    I was surprised to hear that nazis wanted to torture "aryans children" , I thought they made the leberborns to make aryan kids not to kill them.

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    And the actors and films maker your mentioned were friends with the nazis ?

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    Praying for you ! What you have opened, can not be shut. You are a danger to those who want you to shut up. Please know God , and that we are greatful of what you have done. Praying for your safety !

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    I believe her. There is no way that she could get away with naming the people that she has named without being arrested, UNLESS IT WAS TRUE. Like Hollywood, when they are outed, they say nothing. Innocent people would have challenged this and outed her as a liar.
    As an Australian, I know the names that she is naming and they are and have been, real leaders in Australia.

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    I hope someone can reply to my comment. I was just watching this video EPSTEIN ISLAND HORROR SHOW!!! ~ Q ANON NEW MEGA MEMES – Serene Christine which had me beyond confused at the ending of the video, becauseee she states that Fiona Barnett had be missing and feared dead since SEPT 2017? I remember watching this video a month ago on LIFT THE VEIL with Fiona Barnett, so i had to come back to this channel and look for this video to get the date on it. Why would she say that she is missing since SEPT 2017 but she is not, clearly??

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    Jesus has been the reason I am ok. My experiences are no where near as horrific as yours but incest is evil I endured it from age 2 until age 17. after my mom died and he had us girls with him I became his target. I was the weak one he used fear to control me. It takes your innocence away it makes you hate sex it is disgusting or thoughts that I hate. The Lord took me up hid me for 14 years. Now I pray for him because he is 82 and near death. I chose to forgive and the Lord help me to do that. God bless you hope you are ok

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    Apologies for the pretty big post but it is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY important.
    Look into it if you don't think it's important. Prepare yourselves. You're about to risk yourselves and your families well-being.
    But we're already neck-deep in it. Or more like over our heads in it.

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    The people you talk about are not slavic. Slavics wouldn't do this. Crypto Jews with slavic names do this. Just like Rothchilds are satanic Jews aswell.
    Yes pedos are in all nations but the masterminds of all evil including what the Nazi did were and always will be Jews = Synagogue of Satan. Not regular Jews though.
    Also don't think that the English or Germans could invent stuff like MKUltra. U must know this.
    It is the children of the Devil who do that and they hate the Jews, Christians and the children mostly.

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    What does she mean by saying Heath Ledger was really dead when he was hanging in the movie? Did they shoot that scene with him dead already and they added that scene to the movie? And put him into bed to be found? Did that movie came out after his death?

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    I am seeking to connect with Fiona for my life and my daughter's life. . #SRA #trafficking #survivor

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    Thank you for your bravery, Fiona!

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    Thanks Nathan great interview
    Thank you Fiona <3

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    Colin Ross is promoted by Scientology

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    Great information on memeory recovery. My memory is back about being on the phone with Elvis Presley as he was being murdered. My father was FBI so he had the phone record erased to protect his ID from the world press. When two men from Vegas came to kill me the police were already called by a neighbor. My father told them if our number was on the phone record then they could come back and kill the entire family. The lkllers called 10 years later using a voice machine with Elvis's voice. My dad fell for it for years. It malfunctioned with me and a girls voice came through. I called Memphis police and the National Enquirer but know one cares. I strugle with guilt over why it took so long to remember. I tried to get him help but 3 operator's did not believe an hysterical teenager.

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    I seen this yesterday and feel like commenting today…. Personally I believe satanic scum give rock and roll a bad name. Secondly, I think that woman is twisted regardless of.what she's been through…. Hanging out at pedo-murder-orgies is a bit sick… She should be licked up in a mental home, prison or commit suicide…. Utterly repulsive and disgusting… It's a joke anyone can sypmathise with some lady who took a bite outta some child's head after it was chopped off by some demonic freak of.nature….

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    UK justice system going after SRA victim Melanie Shaw for speaking out, bigger target for the corrupt gov than Tommy Robinson protesting the Islamic invasion.

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    Jesus is Protecting you

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    I ask Lord that you please incamp your holy angels around fiona and all the survivors for there is many please protect them from all of evil's power your word says you give us power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over All the power of the enemy so we bind the strong man and we cast him out we break all the power of the enemy in the Name of Jesus amen

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    Thank you for your testimonys

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    Dont be silent keep going

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    Our story's will help others

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    Jesus healed me he is the only one who can fix you make you whole again .then share to help others

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    Why do mk ultra victims always have the same ikea bed ?

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    I love your show, because it gets better everyday.Thank you I have been watching for hours.

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    Why would someone call her a liar that don't know unless they are a pedo themselves.

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    I agree Fiona the law people, politicians ignore complaints of such a nature, whether they are high profile or just part of the general population. 4 years it took till someone finally listened. Cops were there whenever there was a marijuana bust in town but ignored allegations or rape of a minor molestation and grooming them with drugs. Even Anna Bligh the then Qld Premier ignored this. No wonder victims of sexual abuse don't come forward. As you said Fiona the way you are treated after reporting the offence is often worse than the act of the actual abuse. We have people in government in the school system, police all protecting these disgraceful offenders. We will never have a just world or country while this abuse continues, they say report it. WHY???? The system is not a justice system it is a law system as the police officer told me. Fiona keep going. You are so strong, they will try to break you, as they have many others. xx WONDER WOMAN KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT.

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    Nixon: Rubinstein-Rothschild-Epstein-Weinstein-Schapiro-Katz-Sassoon-Cohen-Kaganovitz-Kissinger-Greenspan-Allen-Yellen-Marx-Levi-Pasternak-Scheinin-Seligman–Yoffe-Silverstein-Ehrenberg-Satanove-Goldman-Sachs-Nudelman-Soros-Fisher-Hoffman-Finkelstein-Sumner-Adelsohn-Leibovitz-Schubak-Rosenberg-Berman,-Kaufman-Wardi-Sanders-Blumenthal-Castro-Einhorn-Baer-Segal-Spielberg-Kandel-Goodman-Furman-Rimon-Frenkel-Taylor-Greenberg-Guggenheim-Berner-Sipilä-Stiller-Jaari-Sievers-Roos-Miller-Snyder-Rehn-Swerdlov-Sabludovitz-Gyllenberg-etc.

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    The methods are like what were used by the Soviet bolsheviks ie. talmudist satanists ie. Sabbateans. They genocided up tp 147 million people in soviet countries.Talmud orders jews to genocide all non-jews, and to perpetrate pedophilia and torture.

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    So anyone who questions her is a pedophile? I think that's a natural response to this. I find it hard to believe her for several reasons none of which are because I'm into kids.

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    Nathan Stolpman. accountable.

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    In her documentary she does show a lot of catholic churches with eagle statues inside by the mass and altar so people could say that in the documentary that she focuses on spinning this as a catholic issue rather than an SRA/ CIA cult issue. However when you hear catholic apologists discuss this they tend to spin it as a homosexual issue rather than a pedophilia issue. Great interview though

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    Nathan got a lot of shit for supporting Isaac Kappy some time after this interview where Fiona is supporting him albeit hesitatingly. I was thinking on that note, can there truly be 'disinfo agents' in this area as opposed to other shill-laden issues? I'm my opinion it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for Crappy Kappy to work with elite and David Brock to come out SINCE all it does it spread the word even more to newer maybe hipper audiences especially all the millenials Seth Green fans. Whereas being disinfo in politics and espionage etc has real meaning as to why it makes sense to have shills. Like for Israhell basic YouTube issues that Alex Jones may cover. On that note we would have to reinvestigate Cathy OBrien and Brice Taylor to see if there could be an organized psyop that continues. However OBrien seems even more credible now than ever considering it is very similar to what fiona is saying. Difference is that Obrien has a possible 'handler' the former FBI guy and Taylor is maybe a little more sketchy plus they both have drawn large audiences and have made a living from being a survivor

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    Didn't this lady kill her lover and bite some generals dick?

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    as an Australian, can I just say, she is a fucking absolute fraud, and a piss taker at that .. She claims that she was at a black mass with two of the most famous Australians of all time, cricket player and sports pundit Richie Benaud and Kim Beazley former leader of the federal opposition, and leader of the Australian Labour Party for many years.. At this black mass, allegedly Richie Benaud had traded his cricket bat for a samurai sword and he at a function in a town hall, proceeded to chop the heads off children meanwhile old Kimmy was eating the flesh of the aforementioned sacrifice. This is one of hundreds of similar massively outrageous accusations she makes with no evidence.

    I really wish these so called whistle blowers would fuck right off out of our truther community. they cannot deny we're spot on about 911 so they bring all this other shit into our spheres because unfortunately many of our so called fellow truthers really are the biggest sheeple of them all.

    kind regards

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    This is all so hard to believe and so very scary that people are so evil.

    I hurt for the victims who are still trapped and for those who have not survived.

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    Shes such a fucking liar. Why do you talk to her??

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    Not buying her. Her job is to draw attention AWAY FROM THE GAY MEN AND LESBIAN WOMEN. Because she’s Australian, everyone thinks she’s honest and knows about those Australian actors? She is helping the Pedos.
    Her step grandfather? You see accusing her “STEP GRANDFATHER “ this way it’s not “HER” family and distant FAR AWAY, NOT THIS GENERATION of family. I see through her completely.!

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    Speaking of ☝️the hunting .. 56:12 just had a flashback of catching that episode of Harlots clearly shows the same as a kind of kink… i couldn’t even watch the lame story -writing was terrible. Though clearly showing these things in plain sight. I thought of Fiona actually, I recall as I turned it off. I believe it was an older couple who wanted a young girl to hunt for their their pleasure. I don’t recall if they were buying the girl or if she was gifted by the old madam who basically found young kids for rich people to take advantage of. The show is very hard to watch .. not only because of the writing but also it’s sad how easy it is to identify this kind of stuff on tv. Young people have it hard these days indeed! Major normalization of the most extreme. Oh yes I’m aware it’s not a kids show .. i just think kids watch all and nothing of what’s on the tv at any given moment. The cartoons are heavily layered with so much crap these days as well. There are no real kids shows, keep that in mind.. tv is as tv does.. is programming. These shows are called programs for a reason. They are there to push this as normal.

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    It takes some courage my love but together we can do anything you like.

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    Understand these devils are not going to have to die to reach hell. Understand this believe my word

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    Fiona is an awesome person for coming forward. Thank you both for not throwing LGBTQ people under the bus. The people who are acting like we have anything to do with this bullshit. They are MEMBERS OF THE CIA DOING THIS. NOT US.

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    Wow, this is so unbelievable, keep telling your story, I believe you!

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    Majority of abusers, do abuse

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    1.05:20– Billy Graham
    Bohemian Grove. Candy

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    "Bohemian Grove, Pedo Hunting Parties and Rent Boy Ranch" By Fiona Barnett, 22 Feb. 2016

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    ITCCS – Testimony of Toos Nijenhuis – Ritual Child Sacrifice in the Vatican

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    This is a good interview. Thank you Nathan & Fiona.

  77. Avatar

    I adore Fiona.

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    oh yeah it must be the nazis who lost the war but secretly won and are hiding and flooding germany with non-whites! those damned (((nazis)))

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    So gays have nothing to do with the new age agenda? Please tell me

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    this woman fed Isaacs mental illness…she should feel extremely rotten about that

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    Fiona Barnett is an effed up lying POS who has to take some blame for Isaacs state of mind. any contact he had with her was pure poison. she is a total lying evil weirdo and I can't understand wh6 anyone gives her any damn airtime. if you want to be credible Nathan do your research into this sad pathetic mess of a woman

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    well well now Isaacs dead,i dont care what anyone says fionas got some dark energy man.

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