We’re live again on YouTube to talk about Las Vegas and everything else that is being censored right now. Live with phone calls and then deleted forever. (While it lasts)

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    What what? 🙂 good to see you on YT Nathan

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    Can you link your twitch url in your channel name?

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    Video gets to 3.33 and then the white buffering circle appears. Never watched a video before that refuses to end. We live in some strange times.

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    Yay…better catch up with ones I've missed…

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    Like a youtube bandit. Drop truth bombs behind enemy lines like a thief in the night, then vanish!

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    To everyone here. If this is the first time youre seeing Nathan for over a month and like his content.. Lifttheveil IS still around. Check out Twitch. Its a different streaming platform. Podcast is always a great way catch up on past shows as well. Thanks for your support for my friend Nathan, a.k.a. Lift the Veil.

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