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    In the mix – nice work, it's appreciated

  2. Avatar

    I never wld hv thought ppl wld demand their rights be taken.

  3. Avatar

    Thanks for trying to bring us some of this live & for all your efforts…greatly appreciated! 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Pfffff. The NRA has nothing to do with children being killed. Uneducated. Don't blame the Broward Cowards that sat right there and let it all happened…Nooooo, it's the NRA's fault. Someone needs to inform these people what is really going on on this planet.

  5. Avatar

    Trump is President!!! Thank God!!!

  6. Avatar

    These kids are protesting the NRA not because they killed anybody but because they are a political group not controlled by Soros. Clear backpacks for all of them!

  7. Avatar

    “Show me what democracy looks like”.
    Ok. Let’s have a vote. How many Americans want to change the constitution and remove the 2nd Amendment? If the majority wants the Constitution to stay as it is, then the losing protesters will all go home and respect the wishes of the majority. That’s what democracy looks like!

  8. Avatar

    Everybody hates guns until that one time when you wish someone had one to get you out of a tough spot.

  9. Avatar

    Let us MARCH against PPH; the kill more kids than anyone!!!!!

  10. Avatar

    Shutting off now….this is so political agenda, Nazi Germany all over again…History is repeating itself. USing OUR kids…..

  11. Avatar

    Thank you for your diligent effort as always. You actually went beyond what could be tolerated by a sane person Honestly, these people hard to watch even for a few minutes.

  12. Avatar

    How and the hell do you afford to live there ?

  13. Avatar

    The definition of an uninformed populace living in a bubble of their own ignorance and propaganda. We don't live in a democracy. We live in a Republic where you can't vote away other people's rights.

    The NRA doesn't kill kids. Guns can't have rights.

    We already have many unconstitutional gun laws on the books. More laws won't stop criminals and mentally ill individuals from getting guns illegally, but it could prevent regular people from legally defending themselves.

  14. Avatar

    Is this still live? Nice try. Thanks for covering it. Nice shirt, "Truth Matters". Seek the Truth. Think for Yourself. Consider Ban On All Public Schools, which are not protected by US Constitutional Rights. They are too dangerous, and the actual constitutional rights need projection, so if anything is banned it should be Public Schools, which create problems and leave children as sitting ducks to bullies, shooters, and heavy political pressures.

  15. Avatar

    These people are so sad indoctrinated fools it's a shame completely zombified

  16. Avatar

    Tell them ILLUMINATI wants to take our guns away so they can enslave us and kill us

  17. Avatar

    How many of these kids know who Aaron Swartz is?

  18. Avatar

    ILLUMINATI bought them airfare and paying for their stay at motel. Who doesn't want to go to L.A. for free .its like a vacation for them

  19. Avatar

    How does downtown Los Angeles have poor wi-fi coverage? I am shocked!

  20. Avatar

    Well, the protesters set a pretty low bar for failure. There is no way to outlaw the NRA, them being a private organization engaged in lawful conduct.

  21. Avatar

    Last night a child was shot and killed in Compton by gangbangers. Who will take the guns of the Bloods and the Crips? Who will volunteer for that duty?

  22. Avatar

    Gun control? One word: CHICAGO!!!!
    The only thing we need to say to people who want guns to be taken away from law abiding citizens is for them to look into how well that works in Chicago. It doesn't work. The murder capitol of the world is Chicago. And I do not own a gun and I don't like guns at all. But what I like or don't like has nothing to do with other people.

  23. Avatar

    //sponsored in Canada by " Democracy Abroad " ..

  24. Avatar

    I don't blame them Theythink guns are killing then they don't see who is behind the guns,

  25. Avatar

    There all being paid $1000 from a Craiglist add, It's all Bullshit! Fuck them commies, dumb fucks want freedom gone!

  26. Avatar

    Cal is not America, it's Fruits & Nuts

  27. Avatar

    Man if they could have just herded all of these demoncrats into the abattoir all at once around the country we'd have arrived at our sublime state of MAGA.

  28. Avatar

    "This is what democracy looks like". Huh.

  29. Avatar

    Shocking how many stupid people there are with zero common sense. Im so glad i wont be around by the time these dumb kids are running this screwed up world.

  30. Avatar

    Americans on Parade against their constitutional rights. This is truly sad to watch.. but thanks for cover this Nathan, doing a great work as always

  31. Avatar

    These marches are bullshit organized dumbasses going in the streets making noise about NOTHING. Unless you live in a full blown satanic society, there is no reason why you need to march to reinforce the idea that human lives matter 0 that is fully retarded in my opinion. Yeah they have the internet blockers on the march in case the cops have to beat the shit out of someone- fat chance. The people participating in this march are FUCKING IDIOTS.

  32. Avatar

    Guns can't have rights as they are inanimate objects. FUCK OFF these anti gun people need to experience having their door kicked in and almost being killed and then having a gun save their lives – which I did at age 22 – and will forever be a pro-gun. I am pro-tool of any kind. Guns are not dangerous. Idiotic assholes like this are way more dangerous than guns could ever be. Fuck the NRA I don't like any of these organizations all I know is that having a gun in the house literally saved my life so I will always know quite literally how important it is for us to be able to defend ourselves. I would love to do a sociological experiment on these millennial douchebags wherein they could choose to use a gun or be horribly raped and left for dead and see how many of them would refuse to use the evil gun and instead let themselves be abused. Maybe most of them would do so since it seems like masochistic victimhood is a central characteristic in their psychological profile. They are fucking STUPID. "Show me what democracy looks like" they are chanting…- fuck off! we don't live in a democracy you ASSHOLES. We live in a representative federalist republic IDIOTS.

  33. Avatar

    fun watching all those camera folks trying to get their shots

  34. Avatar

    Children of the lie. Lead by communist scum.

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