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    And how many subscribers does Cernovich have? I never knew this side of him existed but I don't like arrogant assholes to begin with so him being a misogynistic S.O.B. doesn't really come as a surprise. I'm sure I watched him playing daddy when he wasn't bragging himself up in one of his videos. What a phoney, sick fuck.

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    The guys annoying. He's a fake alternative media person imo

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    a new low for your channel. wtf?!

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    My previous opinion is now confirmed as valid. This guy is messed up.

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    Women don't "love this". The media has ruined our society, convincing people this is what they want and what the "normal" majority does.

    No one of worth is going to go near that guy, his attitude along with everything else is repulsive. He doesn't even deserve "three kids with a wife he hates", he's garbage. Assertive and rough does not equal "choking a bitch out", this guy has serious hatred towards women and you can see how he could take it way too far because of that.

    He deserves to live on an island with other MGTOWs and they can sit around bitching like feminists and giving each other bro jobs all day.

  6. Avatar

    Cernovitch talks more about himself than anything else. Never said anything substantial but used a lot of words. Can't believe I subscribed to him a few weeks ago with this Conyers thing. What a hateful man. I'm unsubscribing now.

  7. Avatar

    Don't care for what he said here. But, this just shows that the Alt-Left sees him as a threat. He's taken down CBS's Scott Pelley & now John Conyers in less than 6 months.

    Oh, and libtards, coarse language is one thing. Actual sexual harassment is on a whole other level.

  8. Avatar

    It amazes me that sheeple have bought in to the Republican and Democrat fight. We are all human and Americans! If you are a sick perv or pedophile does it really matter what side you are on? If you put your party lines above the law. You need to sue your brain for non support.

  9. Avatar

    Folks, I know it may sound absurd to some of you, but there are MOST CERTAINLY girls out there that ask to be choked, slapped, bit, and other assorted various pornographic things we won't mention. Some of them are the sweetest church girls til they get behind closed doors. And not to kick a dead horse, but it is usually muscular alpha males that bring out that side of them, so I don't judge Mike. What he does with consenting women is his business. Obviously, the flip side of the coin is more represented in this comment section, and I would estimate that it's only about one in twenty women that are into rough sex.

  10. Avatar

    Cernovich is right.. More Women than not- do 100% Love that

  11. Avatar

    There are women like what mike described. Ive dated a lot of women since ive been divorced. There was one women that was and is super hot im talking 12 out of 10. I met her once for a date and the next time i talked to her on the phone she started heavy breathing, masturbating and sending me naked pictures of herself doing this. Then she sent me directions on how she wanted to be choked, spanked and tied up. The directions on choking were so i wouldnt brake her neck but almost make her pass out. I had to let that chick go because the liability of that situation was off the charts. All she would have to do is scream rape and my life would be over.

  12. Avatar

    you can tell he's a moron by his mispronunciation of LARYNX and his repeated use of the B-bomb to refer to women. what a bitter, pathetic, parasitic, malignant narcissist. dude, if you want to be friends with this guy, i am guessing you don't have any women friends. even among men, there are better people. the world is a big place. you don't need a misogynist, a rapist no less, to get a retweet. have some self respect and others will follow. be good to yourself.

  13. Avatar

    Few women like to be chocked unconscious, slapped, beaten, etc. You freaks are seeking out other freaks and then crying, "but most women love it!" THERNOBITCH IS A DANGEROUS PUNK.

  14. Avatar

    Cernobitch , lisping, unbathed, stank, meth mouth, janked up predator is so loathsome and vile.

  15. Avatar

    7 mins in and you still hadn't started the recording: get on with it!

  16. Avatar

    wow lol, who knew? The guy is so beta with his Lissssp, trying to be all macho saying he likes choking women lol. umm ok.

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