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    There is a theory out in YouTube community that it is really other Youtubers who is behind getting people banned. Many people think that some youtubers posing as truthers are working for CIA and they r targeting & striking channels. Also I know youtube is also doing Purges as well. I hope you get your channel back! Will follow you on periscope!

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    YouTube lost to the competition. It was OK while it lasted. Fortunately there are plenty of other platforms for news, politics, religion, and truth.

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    This is the height of stupidity, look think you can trust a Youtube "trusted flagger" because his title is "trusted flagger"?

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    And so the race begins… Deception VS Truth!

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    Hey Nathan. So this happened close to me in Ontario last week. Did you hear about this: March 4th A group of about 30 individuals dressed in black clothing with their faces covered walked through the streets carrying a banner that said, 'We Are The Ungovernables,'

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    I don't think Twitter is any 'safer' than YouTube. To my understanding, they're all compromised: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are all government owned.

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    Thought police are here!!

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    Doshi was also banned from the UK!

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    Something I thought about the other day is YOUTUBE doesn't censor/ban/strike/ban all these popular and trending channels showing violent video games which most all are these days with avatars going around with all types of guns with objecting of killings others with graphic display being the most popular genre. That tells me their "agenda" is narrow minded and fake with all the supposed censorship from the F L shooting…..think about it!!

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    Yeah, but are you reinstated? Hi, Doshi!

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    It’s a blessing in disguise.

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    So very sorry Nathan. I just found your videos and you are a breath of fresh air with your honesty and common sense. I have been feeling the same way about people like Fulford and Wilcock weaving lies and fairy tales to distract and mislead people. This oppression is like a virus spreading its sick self everywhere, shutting out light and balanced, objective views.

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    Can any individual viewer flag someone? I notice I have options to complain. I f I do will that be a flag? Confused on this. Hopefully not…would suck if one sole person could cause so much trouble. What's up with this..? sorry for my ignorance. Thanks and good luck.

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    "Hey…that's me." You are a funny guy Nathan, bone dry wit and it cracks me up. So I got my cool RussianBot black t-shirt today that no one else will have and will make people very jealous when they see it, and stickers of Doshi. Very good quality shirt by the way for anyone wondering, 100% cotton. I'm very happy with it, and will buy more as you come up with more cool ideas. Which I know you will.

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    Titus isnt a Trump supporter and they went after him as well as many others. They don't want the false flags exposed nor any real truth. Trust me, it's not just about going after trumptards.

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    "What it is…"- for anyone wondering, what it is is a failing actor working as a gatekeeper. Oh, and it's a Jewish conspiracy "By way of deception thou shalt do war". God willing you fucks get whats coming to you.

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    FINALLY i found your new channel i was wondering where the hell ya went!!

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    Where are your videos about the Apollo hoax?

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