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    October 7 was a PsyOp … made up stories, images and videos. Welcome to the world of Hollywood & Bollywood.

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    Does Netanyahu have a comb over or not? He's had the same hairdo for 20 years and every regular person knows that even if you don't go bald, your hair gets thinner with age. His part is way too far to one side to not be a combover, yet it doesn't thin out at the crown. In fact, he has a flat head. I think we need to concern more effort into figuring this out.

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    I recently heard a lady claim that babies were cut up, decapitated, then bound together (I assume with barbed wire) then they burned the baby bundle. It sadistically reminded me of that joke called "The Aristocrats" where the premise is just to come up with the most vile disgusting act you can think of and the punchline is that this act calls themselves, "The Aristocrats."

    Melodrama is an obvious strategy for manufacturing consent.

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    Still love that opening.

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