Broadcasting live from my Airbnb with a review of yesterday’s Pizzagate/Pedogate demonstration, which was somewhat eventful. Mostly I’ll be taking your calls.

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  1. I wish I was there with you lol. we would of fucked with David heavy

  2. 15 minutes into the vid and I know why Nathan is the closest thing to a knight in shining armor!

  3. Pizza gate is real in some sense of our suspicion and beliefs on it. But at the same time, the evil doers are trying to spin it into a psyop to disinform and confuse.

  4. @LTV Nathan the brave. You ruffled the right feathers that day, and lifted the veil on those opposition agents. You are one of a few people on you tube who are true blue to the truth movement. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Is that one of the Pettibone sisters on the right while DS came up. With the long black hair.

  6. It's funny to see you and Seaman at odds when you guys look like you could be brothers lol.

  7. HAVE YOU EVER HAD YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE/SORTER WITH MYERS-BRIGGS ….IF NOT YOU SHOULD …YOU ARE PROBABLY A NT or NF….which exist in only 1-6% of the population, so we are not well like….most of the world are SJs… jst out the sorter!

  8. Did Titus hook up with u the honey bee seamed to be getting the most info out but Nathan did u see the Montgomery info that leaked a few days back on Montys channel and Rise Together. Glad to see you were safe but i figured u would hook up with Titus but who knows it seams that everyone is on a gov payroll.

  9. The black hat lady seams like the head witch with the red black sweater and i didnt see DS kneeling on the stage wow thats funny he is not praying right we are not to pray in public.

  10. Oh yeah …. Benghazi matters was on the pay roll 100% … Taking panoramic shots of the cast of characters … Her head was on a swivel the whole time … Her neck is prob sore tday from her head snapping up soo fast when dude mentioned "zionists" … They prob have her trained so well that it's involuntary at this point … She hears Zionist and immediatly has to distract , redirect or shut it down … I believe dude was referring to Zionist bankers that pay the Mossad to facilitate these "honey traps" as a means of gaining leverage over those being handled . Her get up was like a ted nugent Halloween costume … Would have been interesting to try and stumble her .. Ask her a few questions about the NRA or Benghazi . Anyway , rally was a total shit show and despite the effort by all (applauds … Attaboy) , I'm afraid it probably was not worth what people sacrificed for it. Well , y'all are good folks doing gods work … I'm not a holyrolla it just sounded like it fit . #REALEYESREALIZEREALLIES

  11. "cosby sweater dude" looks like a ex-mil reject still licking boot for the homeland and dreaming of Spy Kids 5

  12. Nathan, you are aware that there were two female reporters, both wearing black with dark hair, both taking notes, right?
    And those goofs that came up to you… none of them knew to turn their camera to take video? They didn't seem to care where the camera was pointed, either. Yet they all knew to come at you with the same action of holding their camera up to you. Seems choreographed to me! Zombies.

  13. I wasn't happy with The David S.

  14. I will unsubscribe now. You're a total shill to protect these pedos.

  15. Find out about the Oded Yinon plan and the greater israel project, PNAC, Theodore Herzl, and the murdering of palestinian men, women and children. Then you will know what zionism is.

  16. probably Cassandra Fairbanks

  17. I pointed out Seaman praying whilst over on Discord, no one there seemed interested but then folk over there lack a chatting ability. But it seemed highly suspect. I thought about the Jewish thing too, but then didn't want to seem anti-Semitic by mentioning it.

  18. The woman who was taking pictures like a robot.. would an agent really shout out at a rally?

  19. In a way this channel validates David Seaman: he is now successful enough to have his own stalker.

  20. I think all you guys are creepy sellouts making cash off pedogate, titus, david, you, all creeps cashing in on kids being hurt, all pretty fucked up.

  21. David Seaman is a hero. He put himself and his reputation in the line of fire to keep the protection of our children from being swept under the rug by satanists. What are you bagging on him for?

  22. wow its hard to deny this. seaman shows his true colors, pretty strange. all those people jumped on you too quick. pretty damn obvious.

  23. very unprofessional, hard to watch guy just bounces around goofy quit showing your face!!! no hollywood here

  24. is this guy for real? what's his angle?

  25. Nathan, you handled the situation well. Calm! David Seaman overplayed his hand!

  26. im not real anymore' sorry!!. im an australian' so that means im actor' apperently australia's the biggest hoax to some rsndom guy. better believe him or your a fascist.

  27. Yes, I would like to see Trinity's footage of horsefeathers, ugly sweater guy and Kerouac girl accosting you.

  28. So glad u know they're plants!!!!

    I don't trust them I think since u think so too and you went then that means they are controlled

  30. drug addict, clinton hireling, best friends with elefantis! too bad for this wacko they hired, thinks no one has seen the art, the videos, the emails. sick pedophile protector. their mistake is believing that you and i watching are stupid sheople, who can't figure out the truth for themselves! omg he just admitted mind control, he is here to make people think the pedphile d.c. story isn't real! wow freaking weird! double psycho, troll! scary man!

  31. orange stripy jumper guy seemed strangely familiar, for some reason

  32. Rumor is that Neil Wolfe likes little boys too. Look at his FB. He has that queer look

  33. Hey I was very critical of your expose on David Seaman, and I was on his side but his videos since Alex Jones apologized really puzzled me and made me think twice about his motives, maybe have been right the whole time he just wants more and more attention.

  34. The "cover upperer" phrase on the sign is a quote fromAndrew Breitbart's Twitter in 2011, he was exposing Podesta back then.

  35. The orange stripey rapey sweater guy looks like a pro Hillary guy that was at a Denver? trump rally filmed on infowars I think during primaries for that state.

  36. The symbol on Mid America horse rescue tshirt guy looks like a pedo symbol maybe a beastiality symbol. Notice how he looks down at his shirt when someone covers it from ltvs camera with the Podesta fanboy sign.

  37. He holding the mic while having his hands together. Not any handsign.

  38. Press passes don't nec mean not cia, agent..most press are agents

  39. Find that reporter asap, we need to know what she's doing and what she's working on

  40. Orange sweater guy is he the silent lone anti trump protestor from the April 15, 2016 Alex Jones video "Colorado Revolts Against GOP Election Fraud" at 6:59 in to the video?

  41. A call for an uprising just posted a vid on Zionism; "Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech" lays it out, Freedman was Jewish and exposed Rothschild Zionism; another vid:14. The fake Jews of the Synagogue of Satan and the Battle of Armageddon of World War III has

  42. Anna Merlin Twitter background pic has pedobear hailing satan with a "hun" pot, in a scrying mirror

  43. HoneyBee is legit. I'm not as confident about Titus… he may be legit, and I just don't like the way he does it.

  44. The one dude is promoting beastality and girl love(horse & heart shirt)Yuck!!…and the lady with the hat & sunglasses looks like a witch..she has a heart around her neck…girl love symbol…and the guy with the red and black striped sweater looks creepy…girl with Benghazi shirt is a moron defiantly not there for the pedo issue..and what is on seamans hat(his name says it all!!)? And if everyone there is supposedly there for the same reason…why such hostility!? Seems staged….and hard to watch…meanwhile the pedo's are doing the usual…what a mess!!

  45. Benghazi girl looks like Leann macadoo from infowars

  46. If you get up in my face like that, I'm gonna slap your arm away, not my problem if your phone flies out of your limp ass wrists. You dont know if they were trying to hit you with that phone. Shit kinda looks like a gun too. In the heat of the moment my vision goes blurry sometimes.

  47. The celebrity obsessed culture mimics paparazzis as an act of agression.

  48. Only weird thing with Titus is connection to mtv the real world through his girlfriend. Mtv and the real world is total mind control and social programming agenda. Titus is right about zionism, pedo satanists, talmudism, Babylonian mystery religion see videos:
    A call for an uprising "the Jewish Zionist conspiracy fake Jews, Talmud, synagogue of satan & the illuminati exposed";
    "Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech" Freedman was Jewish and exposed Rothschild Zionism;
    "14. The fake Jews of the Synagogue of Satan and the Battle of Armageddon of World War III has"

  49. Ltv please break free from the pharmakeia, it's a portal to demonic oppression, possession, attack.

  50. I have officially unsubscribed from David Seaman! Absolutely disgusted with him and I should have listened to everyone who spoke out against him.

  51. I have officially unsubscribed from David Seaman! Absolutely disgusted with him and I should have listened to everyone who spoke out against him.

  52. Nathan check out good fight ministries his church is Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, CA, maybe he can connect you to other believers in your area.

  53. I introduced myself to you at the rally but I was nervous for some reason and I'm fairly sure I called you David. . oops
    -Kate 😉

  54. I didn't hear David call you out so I was wondering what that was all about.. I was to the right of you.. very confused was i

  55. A real journalist would be focused on one thing-the story-who, what, when, where, and why. Period. Where is the footage of all the speakers, interviews/bios of attendees, from the entire weekend? Instead we get petty quarrels and random snapshots. Get it together Nathan, or you're just another David Seaman.

  56. I really wish you all would stop talking about Seaman so much for God sake. You're giving him far too much airtime. Just plug it on your websites and voat, etc. There is enough exposure on YT as it is. If we stick to the coverage and stories being published about arrests being made etc, people would take you more seriously. Seaman is getting exactly what his playbook spells out.

  57. Okay so "F'ing Bastard" lady… there's no way she's an iPhone user… more like bag lady with a Boost. Devil's in the details and these plants forgot something.

  58. Nathan, the sign about Podesta being a "cover upper-er" is what Andrew Brightbart had said about Podesta years ago before PizzaGate came to this much light before he died.

  59. HEY LtV just found out you're a flathead. How come comments are down on your flat erf video. I see you trying to prop yourself up as having too high of in IQ to be wrong.


  61. Appreciate your skepticism however is there anything that is not disinfo?

  62. when you expose people for who they really are their followers will slice ya with their tongues. scratch ya with their claws! meow! keep up the good work.

  63. Did you hear that men? He is 'single'. You can play with his Siamese pussycatif you want.

  64. everyones being demonitized

  65. and thats the breitbart tweet

  66. any time people get in front of you when you try to film what's going on it raises a red flag.

  67. Hi. The name of the journalist is Anna Merlan.

  68. Nathan you seem very upset you didn't get press time for your channel to up your views and sad no one knew you. As someone very new to your channel and unsubbed from Seaman, it appears you are looking for attention and distracting others about controlled opposition. You are in trouble if you believe the Canadian trouble make Jeff C. youtube something "uprising". What he can't pray right? WHAT…why does anyone support you..narcissist Nathan! Me, Me, Me….yes thats you. You are a liar.

  69. this looks like a bunch of New Yorkers paid to intimidate all of you

  70. Hey Nathan. I can't believe only a couple of dozen or so people came to this rally. Where are all the millions of outraged people wishing to bring attention to this and support the poor children? It's disgusting that they can't get off their arses and help bring justice for the victims of these heinous crimes. Good on you for doing what you are doing. We need more people to stand up to these psychopaths.

  71. glad you went to the event.
    shows how much channels on you tube are followed and controlled by the state.
    the more you watch the surroundings and people etc the more false it becomes.
    my girlfriend felt unnerved by the dogs by the stage, she felt on edge.
    more people watching you in New Zealand.keep it up.

  72. We don't care about your beef amounst each other. It's about the crimes, the innocent children, and the mess we have to clean up at the highest reaches of government . I watch you, David, Alex, and the girl from the UK because i am interested in the story and exposing those that are guilty not those covering it.

  73. "coverer-upperer" is from Andrew Breitbart tweet before he was poisoned, sorry I mean got a CIA weapon heart attack.

  74. My mama always said, "stick your neck out, and they'll chop your head off". They tell me it changed to something about a box of chocolates, but I'm not buying the disinformation. Anyway that's why Seamy's fans went for you, it's called influence; nothing sinister.

  75. this guy is soooo creepy getting a serial killer vibe…'''DEXTER''

  76. They probably thought you were David seamen, you do kinda look like him.. also the quote of podesta being a cover upperer does sound wrong but it is an actual quote from breightbart before he was murdered, I'm surprised you didn't know that.. FYI people with those obnoxious noise makers at any rally are usually payed opposition because their trying to cover up any real conversations going on with obnoxious sounds so people recording or listing can't make out what's being said easily.. I would go after them and ask them why the noise makers and call them on their shit right back

  77. They new exactly who ,they were targeting God Bless You.

  78. That YT person that was threatened by Alefantis was Ryan from Pizza Gate Gear. Ryan had the info to back up his claims. You should watch his videos.

  79. Wow Nathan! Have you seen this? "Pedogate In 5 Minutes: Immediate Investigation Needed" uploaded Mar 26th!!! Looks like he's trying to playing catchup now! It really seems like he's only just come across the instagram pics!!!! and even then he spends half the time making sure he's covering his a** by declaring that Alephantis is a public figure therefore he can report on it etc etc…….etc…
    It really looks like this is the first time he's actually looked at any of it, stuff all the rest of you guys researched and brought to our awareness ages ago! and now, his latest vid "Bitcoin, God, & Gold; Donald Trump's Duty" OMG I had to stop listening when he said that it's through the stressful researching of Pizzagate that has brought him to have 'faith'!!!

  80. I'm pretty sure I've seen that "fucking bastard" lady as an anti-Trump "protester" in other videos that aren't even related to this. I wouldn't be surprised if she really is a paid protester. It's disturbing that paid protesters are even a thing…WTF is happening…

  81. As to being called a child molester, that's what they do. They call anyone they're opposed to what ever it is that they are. You're trying to bring child trafficking to light, so they have to calll you a child molester.

  82. You're not the only one who has been demonitized.

  83. "Cover-upperer" That lady was planted to make truthers look uneducated.

  84. Nathan i have to tell u man the way you kept calm was not how most ppl would, and im sorry you wasted your time, money and effort to be put in that situation, regarding the event i have on question did anyone that spoke on stage actually talked about pizza gate to raise awareness like the event should of been, i heard a few ppl and that was a waste of time listening to their own issues. david was concerned about u and black lady was talking about a race issue… i couldnt really watch much since i had wasted enough time.
    David David David i cant believe that i was one of his subscribers and thanks to you Nathon for exposing him.
    again thank you

  85. WTF! Seaman actually used the Pizzagate Rally to claim self victimhood and self promote! What a despicable piece of shit!
    God Bless You Nathan, you succeeded in exposing this Evil Bastard yet again! Love your work dude!


  87. After viewing this footage, I am sure JP poured a brandy and sat back and had a big laugh. Talk about shooting your cause in the foot… not you LTV… but whoever organized this did a very bad job. All the speakers should have been vetted and the focus should have been the kids, not the speakers. Would have been nice to hear some stats on missing children. Whatever one believes about Zionism… and I mean WHATEVER… that is not something to bring up at a rally where that is not the focus. Just muddies the waters.

  88. you may be a little weird but most the others talking about this shot are weirder

  89. This lift the veil nutter is at one point on saying he is not a Pizzagator(someone who reports on pedophiles in power) and at another point on another video says he is to deflect people confronting him about harassing David Seaman. What is clear is that he was trashing people who stand up for truth on Benghazi, positive about President Trump or gun rights and makes no comments concerning the welfare of children. He is there designed to help children which was brought about at great difficulty for average people to disrupt and constantly spew defamatory remarks about everyone who stands up for the USA and the children and vital Constitutional rights. He appeared just as the Clinton Podesta emails were being released and before long transitioned into attacking one of the biggest pizzagate researchers there was, David Seaman based upon twisting perfectly innocent things in David's life. The guys is a literal plant judging by every single thing he does.

  90. David SEAMAN? Funky name!

  91. I love your work, Nathan. Just wanted to share this fact. ❤️

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