The AP reports today that Tony Podesta is in the sights of the Mueller investigation, one day after a post to 4chan claiming that Podesta will be indicted tomorrow (and Huma Abedin on Monday).

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    The reason there are only a few vids is because you delete them?

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    @5.23 Doshi's ear gos frenzy.

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    It looks like the Molesta brothers are going down! Maybe someone will have the common sense to BURN their creepy-assed "art" collection. Seriously, I am not one to judge people's taste but WHO THE FUCK collects shit like THIS unless they are a fucking lunatic? Just saying…I have flowers and beaches on my walls. I get that people all have different taste but seriously…WTF?

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    I'm calling bulshit everybody read this on 4chan but I'm calling it bulshit those people are Untouchable Robert Muller is not going to prosecute these assholes

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    huma killary bill obama podestras soros joe biden mc cain bush kelly hellywood cnn all satanic pedophiles. lock them all up these pedocrats and bankers. GOD source of love and light PRIME CREATOR is lifting the veil

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    Really important to read an article before you do a video on it. The story referenced in the video is a "daily blog" and does not include anything about the an arrest of Podesta. I really wish it was true that he was arrested, however it appears it is untrue in its entirety.
    I am very disappointed also. I understand 4chan is famous for these stories.
    However, it is only a matter of time before these arrests are made. We will get justice.
    God Bless!!!

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    In time the crime will be out there for everyone to see

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    Tomorrow? It's late evening on November 8, and still nothing…

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    Man! You guys are worse than the enemy. Always posting shit… every bloody day tomorrow will be the arrest… Freak wanna bes. Don't you feel ashamed to see all your ridiculous predictions. Get off the net already. You're bloody polution!

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