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    First comment!! Hashtag winning hashtag I'm awesome hashtag ur number 2 hashtag beast mode hashtag war mode hashtag yeet yeet hashtag leet yeet hashtag hashtag

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    With OF being so popular, ur first real topic about doing the sexy time in ur own house with ur windows open. I'm surprised no one has ever thought to do something like that like a live OF thing where u pay money to watch. Maybe it'll happen some day since it seems like this world gets more n more degen every day

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    Isn't that site run from Canada?

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    Good for Texas. I wish porn was made illegal completely, everywhere

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    What were the poll results?

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    13:44 this is either a old clip like the greenblatt audio is, or I’m having dejavu

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    Banning Tik tok because ppl are sharing truther stuff

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