A continuation of Lift the Veil’s interview with Quinn Michaels. In Mt. Shasta with Quinn Michaels to talk about EVERYTHING. StrongAI, chatbots, PanDA, Project Mayhem, Seth Rich, George Webb, Dave Acton…

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    I enjoy you two chatting

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    I don't know why but for some reason watching your show helps me think I know stuff.lol joke on myself but I do wish I didn't have such social anxiety and distrust. so I wish I had friends or someone to help me.

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    my names Ashley. could you guys offer any advice

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    Hi Nathan. Did you say you had kids? Also, I think the meditation thing is dangerous unless you are meditating on the word of God. God bless you.

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    Quinn this guy does not bring out your best I'll check with you later

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    nice chat.. u both nice and very knowleable quinn is amazing …other day got 2 attacks.. one killed my pc for a while..i think i got them from my youtube comments ticks..so may to say less till increase my security…God bless all u do…

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    Wow! A fascinating conversation!

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    Quinn,you’re the douche using bots,you disingenuous fuck!!

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    The shower thing not gay…
    Shower plus a bracelet

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    Mr Metadata has deleted oddball videos of rants and demanding shares for money and schizophrenic rants.

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    You two are good together. I followed Quin some time back. Then Q now I'm over the Q thing so I wanted to re-think Quins message.

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    Many early software engineers were part of cults, seminar groups or occult. So when the system encounters any who threaten the system it triggers swarm bots to suppress online reach of that person or discourage, harass and target then in many ways.
    They don't just talk about hacking Darpa, they did

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    ~ 1:19+ playing wargames with #Tyler system, caller talks of accessing weapons system through #Tyler system.

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