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    I trust you in about everything you say Nathan,but the worst thing that ever happened in your life was moving to California! Get out of there! But perhaps it was also the best thing you ever did, that is the way it seems to work! But if your wife has the chance to work elsewhere you should quickly go! You can easily carry on with what you do, anywhere!

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    Wtf they are selling my house to . People are getting afraid of the market.

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    Great intro. I keep an eye on my dad as well.

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    They need AI to fix Biden's gaffes for sure.

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    I love this caller so much

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    As Joe would say….."Clap you stupid bastards" Nathan made a great opening! Lol

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    As an avid money donater to the bookies. I have been convinced that the No Fun League is heavily scripted for your viewing pleasure. Ugh

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    Snopes did some word gymnastics and says that this ice spice girl did wear an upside down cross, but that it just means St. Peter, SMH.

    Also, they said that her hand gestures were not Satanic, just the harmless "devil horns"? Wtf???

    Lastly, they also said she was wearing Balenciaga, which of course conspiracy theorists try to associate with satanism, without any evidence.

    Man, could they be more blatantly doing damage control and protecting the elite who own them?

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