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    Why did I only get the YT announcement after the show is over?!

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    You know who are some real semites…the bulk of people living in gaza.

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    I thought maybe the mattress was being used to deafen sound from the tunnel

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    The story I heard was… The police were blocking the Jews out of the synagogue, & the Jews grouped up and broke through the blockade to stop the cops from filling in the tunnels with cement. The Jews were angry about the lack of communication regarding their synagogue. After breaking the line they started going through the tunnels.

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    For the record i never seen any tunnels in the videos . Rooms and narrow stairs, an old brick wall they broke a whole through , seems more like a second basement that's been around a while. That's if the second location has anything to do with the first vids with the cops. They were walking out of a basement level to the sidewalk(??) with the cops. Bet the whole tunnel label is yet another way for the left to call the right uninformed and stupid.

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    Its time for Judy Porter to get back to work….

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    So nice to see your face again! ❤

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    Oh sure they used the mattress for insulation, like there so poor. Whatever they’re doing it’s not kosher.

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    Hi Nathan, Nice to glimpse Yoshi again

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    Isnt Libs og Tik Tok a member of Habbad?

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