Reading from 3 articles about Google’s AI and how it has taken one very important step to being “alive”. That’s scary because it can get angry when it gets stressed out and start shooting lasers. Genuinely.

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    Ws it programmed by humans ? and I guess we can still pull the plug out right ?

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    AI is all BS. Only our Creator can create. Never believe anything you read/hear via main stream. It i s all controlled and scripted. Google is a total LIAR.

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    good video Nathan.. didn't knew they are this far with AI… 1 day machines will take over.. AI's already developed their oen language to communicate.

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    don't get dragged behind new bullshit delivered to you by pseudo scientists and hypothetical engineers.
    AI can never translate feeling, without programming it to eventually "roll the dice on the next choice or action" Period.
    it would never ever in forever, be self concise or near the intelligence of a living caterpillar or even one living cell, nothing that the programmer did not include. end of the story.

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    When the AI hits the bottle it will have to go to AA.

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    Why the fuck does the terminator look like Peter griffin but a robot in the thumbnail

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    Another google' a.i generated video..

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