1. saved people cannot be possessed… no matter how many drugs they take….lol fyi

  2. Bill Hicks, going by the name Alex Jones, was born December 16, 1961, so he isn62

  3. RIP Isaac Kappy

    Nathan glad you're still here through it all! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours!

  4. Umm the opening is absolute fire

  5. 17:40 – our ancestors invented civilization. Aliens do not exist, and never have.

  6. the new cologne fragrance…Credit Card, by Ralph Lauren

  7. I watched the documentary Loose Change in around 04/05 when i was 34. That was my eye opener to 9/11.

  8. great show Merry Christmas Nathan just a huge fan Laura Shergold My family prays for you and your wife we love you and your show

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