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  1. You fuckin weasel fuck You

  2. The PIGS HAVE been exposed and are trying to be smarter .

  3. Too many "other" platforms. They've successfully managed to divide the truthers so they're completely ineffective. Bummer.

  4. It's done, it won't ever go back. They will let YouTube die before they give the alt-media a voice again. Every major platform will be bought and censored that hosts alt-media.

    I bet anything Bilderberg was to decide the fate of YouTube if they can't get control of the narrative.

  5. Ok. So it sounds like people like me have their favorite youtubers so we watch videos you make and we wouldnt be on youtube if our favorites arent on. While youtube is rakein in advertising money, you dont get paid, subscribers dont get paid and in fact, youtube expects subscribers to pay you so you will stay. Is it me or is this BS. Im sick of these people.im already giving up fb and messenger..

  6. Way of the World, who has always seen a steady growth in his subscriber base, has been essentially denied growth by You Tube, and it appears to me that they are actually bleeding his channel of subs.

  7. All I get in recommended is Shapiro and his promo codes trying to earn sheckels from the goy – despite telling YouTube I wasn't interested over 20 times. I guess he's an approved "conservative"…

  8. How about the sites that r just deleted! No strick just turned off! Its really getting bad.

  9. Owen Benjamin and Mark shilldice are not truthers

  10. It's just a Stalingrad starve out.

  11. We need a new YT exactly like the way YT was ostensibly supposed to be originally where the subs and up votes and viewing time boost you in the suggested site and video ranking — just as it should be in fair and logical terms — to create an ideal exchange of the very best ideas, insight, and information. The CIA players behind the scenes rigging the whole YT scheme as an evil deception are treasonous traitors to humanity.

  12. we all need to unite and exit platform at same time..hurt them..i think they are hiding the real youtube sub total..its probally more than MSM and they def cant have that

  13. Owen Benjamin and Mark Dice look related.

  14. YT had to have started doing something shady around January 1–made apparent by the majority of channels shown dropping like a freaking avalanche on the other side of that date. That's a bunch of BS and Tomfoolery!!

  15. Hi Nathan, spoken with you before on a call in show. Anyhow, I’ve been watching Marcus Conte’s channel and his sub number keeps getting knocked down 100+ subs every other week.. they are fucking with all kinds of channels hovering over the truth. Love your work Nathan, I will follow you on Twitch if something happens. Best wishes

  16. My recommendations are channels like Black Conservative Patriot, X22, SGT, …. all pro-3D-chess channels. So what do all my subscribed channels, that NEVER show up in recommendations, probably have in common? Anti-war maybe?

  17. Everyone needs to agree on a single platform.. Brighteon or bitchute Dlive I'm 33 and father of 2 got concerns but to busy youtube/googlag has a monoply. Cant support 35+ people myself man sorry not sorry.. Need to end sec 230 and punish these companies as publishers cuz that what they are now

  18. Not quite apocalyptic, we will live without you tube or social media. The world was better before social media

  19. Even as a sub I know YouTube has an aversion to fresh truther content – my daily home feed features mainly old videos upto five years old – but the new 'breaking news' videos are becoming rare.


  21. Fox news is always coming up next for me. Gets really annoying when I'm gaming and just listening then that shit comes on

  22. Personally, I hope an emp takes out the entire grid. Slash and burn to clean out the dead wood. If you disagree, you are the deadwood.

  23. You’re never on you tube though? No offence Nate, but you’re always sat ike a lemon, over on children’s streaming services like twitch & d Live, waiting to see if Dave’s gonna be the next next gay taxi phone Call? I ain’t saying I know the answer, but what you’re doing ain’t necessarily it?

  24. This is one more step towards complete control

  25. I watch cute pet vids and intellectual audiobooks and this and that and I get new suggestions. Just not all news or my sbsk stuff

  26. I've seen it with all my sources too…and I have many…also,the constant blaze TV Glen Beck advertising along with double ads is pissing me off.

  27. Based On YouTube's stats, but can you believe those #s? They can make those #s say anything they want. Ask crowder how the growth in his mug club is. That will tell you the true #s.

  28. Didn't they just say they were going to start rounding numbers…..could have something to do with it messing with social blade tracking considering it's not showing actual numbers anymore. It's just rounding…
    They won't show the first number anymore was what I read. It's rounded….

  29. I think people are losing subscribers because as soon as you click on a video including yours just kicked off in a matter of seconds you have to fast forward a few seconds for it to stay on happens with any controversial video I watch it's f**** annoying YouTube

  30. It’s going to get worse .
    elections are coming up

  31. the only reason why Lift the Veil is still on youtube is because he's a paid shill. Same as Random Rants of Ryan. If you're too good, they'll kill you or shill you.
    Youtube is the definition of violation of the First Amendment.

  32. Forrest Gump – "Sometimes I guess there just aren't enough people.."

  33. YouTube and whoever is behind it trying to distract each and everyone of you there's something big on the horizon and what you have going on is a bunch of thinkers so they're trying to shut it down I don't know who's going to be do anything to make a difference,,,,
    Constant in your face that is real issue constant since I've been born I will stay just go home and mind their own damn business

  34. Hey Nathan Are you going to start a channel on lbry?

  35. I just realized I wasn't subscribe to Mark Dice anymore weird

  36. The reason Owen Benjamin is losing subscribers is because he is blatantly antisemitic.

  37. Mark Dice aka Mark Shouldice is a plant. Haven't trusted him ever since he came out in support of Rothschild puppet Trump.

  38. A lot of these guys got huge bumps from shining Trump's knob. The dumb ass Q thing failed and now SGT, X22 and all the liars or idiots that rode that wave are going to hurt. Plus you tap out your market and yes Google is not helping. But the fellating of Trump and playing the beyond stupid Q game, well they kind of deserve it.

    Now they can do what the rest of the world has to do, go to work.

  39. All the back stabbing on YouTube amongst the alt media sure didn't help you all. Also there's back stabbing in all the genres and its not helping them either. This poisoned the well! It's sad that YouTube has become so superficial.

  40. "Money Changer" fuckery..

  41. It’s disgusting… see y’all at Parler

  42. Just more proof that the controllers are TERRIFIED of us! Everything they do, all the lies, all the poisoning, all the propaganda is done because they are the WEAK and we are the STRONG!

  43. HHHHOOOONNNKKKKK vox is a honker

  44. Absolutely love your content, Nathan. I always have. Cheers!!

  45. Most of those Top Youtubers are controlled opposition for idiots. They wouldn't have made it to the top unless promoted to be so by Youtube itself. They are devoid of nuance and herding the cattle into package dogmas and bringing them the comfortable delusion that they have mouthpieces "fighting" for them. The real "Purge" happened quite a while ago, and the most intelligent truthful voices get censored from the get go, for example: Scott Roberts.

  46. Yeah but I would look at it analytically, when they peaked a few months prior, what major events were going on at that time? A lot of huge sub increase is from a wildly popular video or whatever….
    Perhaps this month is just dry…no false flag mass shootings lol

  47. Jimmy Dore show hit a huge low in July 2017 Why? I think this is just a bunch of hyperbole.

  48. Why don't you show the statistics of one of the giant youtubers and see if their channels are growing?

  49. This is the most illogical argument I've ever seen lol could've been proved way better.

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