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    When Tate says he is being attacked by the matrix, its not exactly clear to me that is true. He went around making videos bragging about how the Romanian justice system is corrupt and he just pays to get out of trouble, it is not a surprise when he gets raided? I don't really understand the charges which they say is human trafficking. If he found a bunch of girls who agree to work with him and they make money, is that different from what someone like Jack Doerhety does? I am sure a lot of porn directors have been doing this sort of thing for years. Why hasn't he been tried yet? It all is very confusing.

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    so "outsider" trump is pacing to walk back into the white house? color me shocked.

    and lol at that guy who doesn't like haley because she's a woman. sure, that and she (like zi on don) should actually be running for prez of is rael.

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    Going outdoors is a sign of privilege because poor people can't go outdoors? 99% of us have never been on a private jet. How about we start there?

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