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  1. I hope that guy calls back with any follow-up information that’s happened with that situation – story…

  2. Thanks for sharing your story brother, the events described are horrific and happen all the time throughout the world. Here in my small town a man tried picking up my friend by pulling aside him while he was skateboarding on sidewalk. He was in a white van with sliding unloading doors. He told my friend he had a free skateboards and parts in the back and begged him to hop in. Thank god we were not your typical babied powderpuffs at 9yrs old so my friend told him to fuxk off and get out of our community pedos arent welcome. Lmao, this dude ended up mumbling driving away to end of road at stop sign, and my friend was already quickly heading to an overgrown shortcut to my house thats when the van straight hauled ass in reverse to get back to my friend who was literally just a street over from my house so he just booked it through the overgrown shortcut to my crib and told me all this. These fckin people need to be infiltrated by a group of vigilantes who can dispose of them quickly before they can harm any more children.

  3. Cathy O’Brien was from that area in Michigan. It’s been going on everywhere.

  4. Good on you for coming forward, and thank you Nathan for providing a safe platform for this to happen.
    Unfortunately I have no confidence in the FBI doing any investigations into this.

  5. So glad he had the smarts to stay in the chair.

  6. This is douchey. This guy has zero proof.

  7. A lot of arcades back in the day was all pedos.

  8. I had a roommate a few years ago who had been trafficked by her stepdad between the ages of 8-18. The story is very sad… there was an FBI investigation involved which uncovered city government involvement… case files went missing… if they hadn’t my friend wouldn’t have had to testify due to the amount of evidence against him… the thing that really bothered me (besides the whole story) was that they went to a local church for years and no one thought anything was wrong… here’s this little person being prostituted nightly right under their nose and not one person knew… open our eyes!!!

  9. Not until the punishment begins to fit the crime will we see a decline in this wholly unacceptable behaviour.

  10. Is Nathan vaping, or is that a one hitter?

  11. PARENTS, STOP trusting everyone with your children. Have you forgotten how many creeps, pervs, and rotten people you encountered as a child?

  12. Q Plan to Save the World is spot on. These criminals invite their criminal friends into positions of power and harvest children. This needs to END and I am so proud that our President is ENDING human/child trafficking. God Bless

  13. i hope the fbi does it's job. it makes me mad your friends parents did not take you seriously.

  14. This guy almost sounds as if he is apologizing for telling his story. This is EXACTLY the kind of person we need coming forward. Bless him for his courage!

  15. He should drop names if the fbi doesn’t do anything, I mean he’s doing the work for them and paying their salary

  16. The blameless victim dismissing the trauma they experienced at the hands of the perp but with the buried feelings of shame/guilt bubbling under the surface and eventually breaking through – a common pattern.

    God Bless the caller and I hope the Lord provides him with a chance for recovery and healing.

  17. Wow, finally a credible sounding witness. He doesn’t even have a PayPal account!

  18. Hi Nathan and family… my fav channel, besides Ed Opperman!!! We love you guys!

  19. Somehow everything is monetized today

  20. man that was disgusting but i guess he was very lucky he got it by the skin of his teeth gj man!
    edit: man this topic comes up alot i live 10 min. away from the city near hollywood so these scandals are all over the place and im constantly hearing how the parents are always complicit and enabling these abuse situations, the only way this shit will ever be culled is by holding these parents responsible instead of falling for their lies and excuses

  21. Thank you for sharing . WWG1WGA in JESUS'S name.

  22. People need to wake up and stop living in their fantasies. Pedogate is real. Luciferian child rapists are real. Stop being so selfish and protect the children!

  23. Why are you calling the FBI. The local police and district attorney investigate and prosecute.

  24. I keep being unscribed Nathan

  25. WHY WHY WHY would ANY adult not believe any story like this from a child, unless they were themselves complicit in some way! Its unfathomable, why would any child make anything like this up, unless they had definite history of patholigical lying. For al lof these it will be worse than having a millstone tied around their necks and tossed into the depths of the ocean! Thank you caller, and Nathan. God bless all the tortured and abused innocents, Please Jesus come soon for them.

  26. Daniel – you are awesome – you are such a good talker – thanks so much for sharing – I wish there was a way for all folks to get together – it must be kind of a let down – after telling such a potent story like this – thanks buddy-

  27. These parasites leave a trail. We are on the trial. Die in a grease fire, mf'ers….

  28. Wow… He was so lucky… So sad and so scary. Awesome he spoke out and it was because of your work Nathan. Keep up the good work. Btw love my t-shirt. Lol.

  29. How sad. Glad this guy made it out okay!

  30. The FBI is Involved! Not all, but those at the top, their bosses are.

  31. Luciferian church goers. That was their excuse, that you were trying to ruin his career. The truth is, they were involved and saw that you would not put up with it and that you would tell.

    Thank God that you couldn't hang out there anymore.

    Do you think your friends might be DID, RA mind controlled?

  32. I think the man that molested me was in law enforcement. I also remember that he was a photographer, not professional. Like many others, the authorities didn't believe me (probably because of who he was) but it happened so long ago, like '82-'83. It truly never leaves you, that kind of trauma. I had it blocked for so long, but I guess my mind is able to handle it better now that I'm older. Oh well, may God be with you, Daniel, and all of the other survivors.

  33. Nobody questions that grooming, and pedophilia is real. This is not even in question, in any way. There's a million (literally) stories like this that could call in all day and all night for yers on end. I thought we were WAY past this. Pedophilia is institutionalized from the top down and is as common as buying milk amongst the elite. I don't think people understand just how STANDARD this has been historically throughout most cultures. In Rome, if you were wealthy, men just kept boys OPENLY as sex slaves. The same goes for Greek, and Persian cultures (those were the big 3). ALL empires kept boys as sex slaves as standardly as we own microwaves today. We're not uncovering pedophilia. Pedophilia never went away — it just went underground.

  34. Damn I'm behind on twitch shows

  35. God Bless you Nathan for giving this man a chance to tell his story. And God Bless you< Daniel.

  36. Big Thank You to this strong, articulate man. You set an example and encourage others to come forward. God bless you!

  37. Wow! This guy is very brave and SMART to report this CREEP to the FBI. (HOPEFULLY, it falls in the hands of an agent whose NOT a pedophile himself) But I'm glad he has acted even though it was years ago! The PEDOPHILER is probably still in full pedophile activity!!!

  38. THANK GOD he was spared from a horrible event that day!!!

  39. Once again you the man Nate big ups to you ans Doshi ! Thanks for keeping us all in touch with real news reporting

  40. Wow, you can tell this guy is completely telling the truth. I'm glad he is brave enough to tell his story.

    I bet the parents didn't want to believe this, because they figure that if they did that to him, then he probably did this same thing to their son, and they just didn't want to think of that possibility.

  41. The weed hit kicks in @4:20! Ain't that'a peach!

  42. Thanks to the caller for speaking out on this fkd up subject. I really wonder how many of us have been through a similar situation!?..I know from experience that it get's buried in childhood memories & rarely talked about!..I only ever told one person & wonder if that excuse for a Man is still out there around children that weren't strong enough too escape!…..It's these endless stories that makes me think Humanity is sick too the core & doesn't deserve to steward this Planet any more!

  43. This.. has been going on, for centuries..Now, the media has brought it to the laypersons attention..I heard about things in the 50's..but..who really believed?..thus..it has snowballed ..these derelicts are now "in your face" with their repulsive actions..Hopefully things will be different..but..we will have to see…

  44. That sounds really awful. I can't believe the way grown ass adults reacted to what he said too. What is WRONG with people?

  45. Ya! This is usually how it starts. And….just because the friend and his family were so-called “believers” …. that was just a facade. What ever church they went to, more than likely, all the members and preacher were in on it.
    Now I’ve witnessed situations and listened to many of stories from survivors and victims.
    It seems that “church” has something to do with the connection.
    So I question myself…is that just a religious cover up! Are they using religion as a cover up?
    Then I found out in most all cases, free masonry has something to do with it! They are Masonic members.
    Then I look back on my hay days of church and Christianity , I remember some of the preaching, the phrases.
    Over the years, Looking at a small amount of the Masonic bible and asking members personally about their bible and Jesus….. they actually claim they believe Jesus , etc…
    But…, there’s a hidden click to their belief.!
    They believe they have that god given right to take the innocence of a child!
    There’s several bibles as we all know and the words are said to have not the same meaning.

    (I’m not trying to get religious here…just trying to say what I’ve found)

    In the Bible , it has been found (and I’ve heard this from a 32*mason)
    that Jesus is the morning star. Lucifer is the morning star.

    To get to the connection of why kids are being raped by so-callled religious people, has something to do with the way they interpret the Bible .!
    That’s why they think they are so righteous and above us! They actually think they are doing God’s work and climbing the ladder to success and the heavens.!!

    Now some are just full blown satanist. And even there, they claim Satan and Lucifer are not the same.

    Then there’s the full pledged Luciferians.

    Now these churches I’m talking about can be small home town churches to huge evangelist tv show churches.
    Definitely Oral Roberts and Billy Graham and Kenneth Copeland!!!
    OMG!!! That’s a well known fact!!!

    Daniel the guy that called, thank you for your courage! As for other victims out there, thank you too!
    I’m aware of how it makes you feel guilty and ashamed.
    THAT is their weapon against you!
    Victims…come forward!! Expose their names, faces, business!!!

  46. Thank you! Please research TARGETED INDIVIDUAL/ Direct Energy Weapons/Psychotronic Weapons/Remote Neural Monitoring = rape , Torture, etc… Pedos are using all this because there’s no crime evidence. Our children are in danger!!!

  47. I can relate I’ve had experience where I did file a police report and I was harassed constantly by the aggressor after everything was filed and went to hospital for exams. Police wouldn’t press charges even tho I was 10-11 and had all physical evidence and dna. Flash to 10-13 years later I found out the person works at Fox News. My parents contacted Fox News and let them know about the case numbers and charges tried to file.. and they hung up on them. The news stations don’t care it so sad to see they would stand behind people that hurt children sexually. This took place in Indiana

  48. Thank you for sharing your story! I hope everyone has the courage to come forward and out these people!

  49. Doshi was running late for work today.

  50. Very brave caller to share his story and thank you for letting him talk about this. I just hope when he reported this a month ago, the FBI will do something and fall into the proper hands to do the right thing. Bless his heart xo

  51. HOW DONALD TRUMP WAS COMPROMISED BY ISRAELI/RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE & much much more , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYE9UgmVrfU, ISRAEL'S SECRET WEAPON – THE TALPIOT PROGRAM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYE9UgmVrfU

  52. I had something similar happen to me when I was in my mid 20s. I went back to college to finish my associates. it was my last semester, pursuing a communications degree and I had a journalism class and that’s where I met (Robert) let’s just call him. Robert was from a big newspaper and he was old and disgusting looking, warts covering his face and he looked like a zombie, seriously. But he brought insights to the class as a guest speaker and my teacher connected us so I could get an in at the paper. One day, he asked me to lunch to discuss the industry and for me, to talk about prospects of a job at the paper. Weeks went by and he would have me meet him at a creepy old restaurant every few days to talk.. he kept promising me to help me as a mentor and would get me an assignment soon. Each time he’d be more aggressive and come on to me.. hugging for too long and kissing me on my cheek goodbye which was inappropriate.

    Then I met my now ex husband and I fell in love. At one of our last meetings I told him about this and how happy I was and his tune had changed.

    Next thing I knew, we had a meeting that would be our last. We sat down and ordered and then he grabs my hand and starts desperately asking me to come on an assignment with him to Afghanistan. I said for the paper? And he said no it would be just him and I going. I told him that wasn’t possible and he became angry and lashed out.

    Now I know he was grooming me all along. I never spoke to him again and just a few Years after he was fired from the paper for sexual assault.

  53. His story makes me want to throw up! Man this is bad. I can feel you're getting scared and trapped! You were so lucky you were not attacked, molested, sodamized. Wow the parents were BAD people wanting money. I am so sorry for what you endured. I pray for your healing. The authorities are part of it sadly and have been for years.

  54. This is the kind of story that could EMPOWER children of what types of situations to watch out for and EMPOWER parents that they could be WRONGLY accused of child abuse by people who want control of their kids. Which is why the MSM won't cover it but it is much more common than "they" want people to realize. THANK YOU FOR SHARING TRUTH!

  55. I was almost abducted as a child, twice, in the 80’s…once at a public library and once walking to the public pool.

  56. Wonderful your Show is Doing Good For Many People.!
    The Lord Put You On a Show To Open People Up to Tell Their Story Make Everything Right & Heal themselves inside.!

  57. U look bored as shit..lmao.. no diss on this guy talking thou.. it's great he spoke out..

  58. Thank you for giving this man a place to tell his story. This scenario happens more than most people know. Keep telling your stories. I know that many of us can't even talk about it until later in life. Thank you, Nathan for providing a great service to humanity. Sending love, truth, safety, and freedom to you and your lovely wife.

  59. Maybe child acting should be banned or when children are on set, there needs to be 24×7 surveillance of the film set and parents of the children must be able to access this surveillance.

  60. Thank you GUEST for sharing this. Hopefully it will encourage more men and boys to come forward. THIS IS WAY MORE COMMON THANY ANYONE CAN IMAGINE.

  61. A bunch of kids have had strange encounters, me included. I really never told the story . I will say ,this stuff is more common than anyone thinks. Myself and 2 friends knew this older guy around the way, just in passing. he befriended us and wanted to hang out. We thought he was strange but he had a car and would drive us around. We were around 13 or so and figures we could take him, the 3 of us together. Just being dumb kids thinking we were tuff . One day this guy Takes us to a park so we thought. on the way he stops for beer. Then drives to a wooded area. We were uncomfortable but kept cool. He started acting weird and making sexual innuendos. we were 30 min from home and did not know what to do. I was the only one that could drive a manual, so i would have been the one to take/drive his car, but we did want to get in trouble. Nor ride with this guy. He was drinking and acting weird. We figured a way to get some space from him and took of running. Our main concern was getting home and not have him see us on the road. We got lucky! we seen a cab and hailed the driver. we only had like $6 buck between us and asked him to just drive us as far as he would for the $6. He kinda figured something was up but being street wise kids we did not give more info then needed. He was a good guy and drove us to our neighborhood and called the police. We gave a description of weirdo along with make & model of the car but nothing ever came of it. I often wonder how many kids he did this with before and after us. We never did see that guy again……..

  62. I think this tale has been told before…

  63. Doshi needs an upgrade his bed looks woobly lol and great information and video btw

  64. Report them all! Thank you to the caller for standing up now but no shame to those who can't, we'll be around if you decide.

  65. This is what happens when victims come forward years later, they feel empowered.

  66. The groomer tried you because your parents weren't around. What's really going on at that church, her son shouldn't have been allowed to be an actor. Christians shouldn't be pursuing the vanities of Hollyweird.

  67. Majority of people just can't handle, or rather, WON'T handle this information. It breaks their brain. Unless it happens to them, it's hard for them to carry the burden of this reality. Which is why they hide. If they can make people think that they are they only ones going through something so bizarre, then it can keep silence in place for decades.

  68. Sorry for what happened to this caller about being taken by this child molester. It's so sad CHILDREN are being RAPED, assaulted, etc. PLUS the F.B.I. Police & authorities are NOT going to do SHIT if & when u report it. BUT some dumb people believe these authorities will help these children. (it's proven they do not care & don't investigate.) these cases. Thanks 4 telling ur story. Maybe those naysayers who don't believe in child trafficking will Wake Up

  69. Nathan , it would be good if you maybe said to these type of Callers who have a continuous story after contacting the FBI , why not offer to keep in touch or tell them to e-mail if there’s more news ….maybe down the road this pervert gets caught or the caller exposing him saved certain kids he was working with, it be good for others who have been abused to see people really caring ….just my opinion ( I’m sure I’m not the only one who was wondering)

  70. Those parents that made him feel bad for telling the truth had to be in on it because how could any parent be that stupid & blind?

  71. I hope & pray hes exposed & arrested!

  72. Fuck these inhumane kiddy fiddles

  73. All pedophiles Jesus is dealing with them before he comes back he is coming soon ..they need to Repent and run to Jesus for forgiveness I'm praying for all of them Lord help them understand it's so wrong In Jesus name amen

  74. The FBI are a huge part of the problem never trust the FBI

  75. What a brave caller! Thanks for sharing!

  76. ObviouslyThe friends Brother knows more than hes sayinv.

  77. man this was crazy because i remember the same exact scenario happen to me, I was working and a small theatre on Hollywood Blvd and this guy came in (i was new back then fresh from Chicago) I would work the cash register and sell popcorn and he asked do i make a lot of money at that job i said not really and he offered a job that makes 20 buck a hr (a lot of money back then) he say if id like the job he pick me up later that day. I was happy I thought great i can get an apt, buy a car get my music career going ect, so later the guy pick me up, supposedly to start work but (now keep in mind i don't know California so wherever we were going it seemed really far) oh i meant to say so the job was to take a report to the scene of a crime for the people that do autopsy ) so I thought we were going to work and he pulls into a motel my redfag starts going off but he said the company want us to be rested when we take a report so im like um ooook, then we go in the room and its one bed , in my head im like what the fuck, but i see a table and chair in a lil kitchen area so i sat down then out the corner of my eye he jumps in the bed and started masterbating, then i threaten him bet not touch me and take me home, so like the guy on the interview said, i stayed up all nite morning and begged take me home, ( i had no money on me) finally the guy gave me 2 bucks so i ran to a bus stop i ask how to get to hollywood and that bus took me to like sunset and hollywood and i walked all the way back to hollywood and wilcox and told everyone my story and they all laughed and said we could of told u that ,, this is "hollywood" about a week later at the door of the theatre i saw that guy but with a younger kid showing him some things in a store, and i hate i didnt know what to do then , I think about i wonder what ever happen to that kid and i thought wow i could have been killed,

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