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    My cat has bad breath…gotta get his teeth cleaned.

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    Little doggos ALWAYS have ass breath.

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    Trojan horses wheeled in by a senile Emperor Nero 2.0 on steroids

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    He's asked for money AND JUDGES. WTF?

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    I worked K-LITE radio in El Paso TX (1986-1988) this sorta stuff has been going on that long. This is the worst I've ever seen it.

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    What most people, who haven't seen it for themselves, don't understand is just how immense the border is. I'm not sure securing It from America is possible, even with money. Possibly you might stop the flow of immigrants from Mexicos Southern border but it would take a lot of time, money & willing corporation from Mexico. It's a HUGE problem.

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    What happens to people at regular TX border crossings ? Do they turn them away back to Mexico ? In addition I remember the 'caravan' of (I believe) 2018. (The 'children in cages' headlines). Back then Trump didn't 'close' the border.

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