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  1. Nathan is a special kind of effin idiot! "Unbiased reporter" LMFAO! You have 0 skills which is why you cause havoc among truth seeking You Tubers. You're bat shit crazy and a compulsive liar.

  2. Blackstone just did 2 hit pieces on your mental status..hey we are all free to listen or not.wats up? I like your channel..and dont care for his..that simple….captian hook is beyond ridiculouse.jake..leaves out the fact actors played multiple roles in the event.real or not thats a problem.but my inner knowing screamed hoax day 1…

  3. Dig up a dead child?? Thats skipping past tons if other problems..not 1 emergency room worker saw nothing? B movie actors were parents and swat team members? A drill gone live again?? Cmon.and blacksoule jake seemed a little biased.lol

  4. Multiple shooters were covered up at parkland while a child who struggled with mental illness for years had an outburst on social media and was locked up with no physical proof of him shooting up parkland. Just because someone says something does not mean it's true.

  5. If you believe whole heartedly nicholas cruz shot up parkland your an enemy to America and the constitution.

  6. False flags can include real or fake victims. The real question is was it a planned operation.

    Attacking free speech or claiming a mental illness discredits a person is too low, and I just told Jake the real problem.

  7. No one died at Sandy Hook

  8. Gotta love the information panel with Encyclopedia Britannica explaining the mainstream version of Sandy Hook. We need a plugin to kill the information panel… it insults my intelligence.

    For all those who jump to conclusions…. it is possible to be skeptical about both the official story (by the state/mainstream) AND the truther's story. Neither have given me sufficient proof, and frankly, I have not done enough research. I am not going to buy into the state story by default, but that doesn't mean I have seen enough to draw a conclusion that the opposite is true.

  9. Jake blocked me on his channel when I questioned him about another YouTube Channel he has called…. The Viking Whisperer…. he refers to it as

    My ASMR Channel:
    https://www.youtube.com/mysteries333 He comes across as having a SPLIT PERSONALITY…as the channel is SATANIC in the way he presents it….like a Satanic Worship ceremony….it actually scared me to come across it…. When I told him he appeared Satanic, he exploded on me, and immediately blocked me…defending himself….I realized at that moment, This man can be DANGEROUS…It really made me wonder about his channel…all the $$ he drags in and who knows what's real or not about him or is he making some of this crap up….I personally think from the info he's talked about, that he's CIA…disinfo…..What was he doing in Thailand to begin with…He had to have been working with the CIA…. I suggest Nathan to be VERY CAREFUL….

  10. Jake did the best work on the Las Vegas shootings. Wolfgang did the best work on Sandy Hook.

  11. It's obvious Jake Morphonios job is to: Shape • Inform • Influence • Manipulate • Mislead • Expose • Diminish • Promote • Deceive • Coerce • Deter • Mobilize • Convince and Attack others unfairly. Jake Morphonios is a complete fraud.

  12. That Morpheus guy is pretty fast and loose with it. They’ve got the goods on him.

  13. Jake is SHOOK. I unsubbed him. He went on and fedposted, boomerposted, that he was so scared for his family and the Fed's Ham sandwich indicting him, so he tanked his Las Vegas investigation due to this. Then like an idiot he goes and blabs about how scared he is. This is a man who is willing to change his tune if the going gets tough. Jake has too much to loose and let the world know it, know he is doing 180s, because he is scared.

  14. I just have to say thank you Nathan for doing this! I had my suspicions about Jake after the drama he made on Las Vegas that he’d drop like a hot potato and when 60 survivors also survived Thousands Oaks in California.. and now this, 3h with “think about the feelings for the parents”. Well known trick they use, I have been asking question about Stockholm Truck Attack in April 7, 2017 and been accused to be why graves have been massacred. It’s a trick they use.

    He being paid to do this and he’s credibility is now totally lost

  15. I kind of understand him sympathizing with the fake parents that lost fake kids, but his child was 
    "real" he lost. I lost a "real" child too, so…for them to FAKE their children dying, angers me to no extent.

  16. Nathan, what a phony you are! Those of us who know your disingenuous intentions understand you’re a true fraud! Go to hell Nathan!

  17. That's a hell of a punch you when you get demonetized and your videos get taking down from having Wolfgang Halbig on your show. Pieces of s*** at YouTube for censoring free speech. I side with Wolfgang Halbig to despite whether or not kids have died. I believe the event was staged just like 9/11 just like Las Vegas etc. Just another psychological operation to keep the human sheep in their "cages".

  18. You're right to support our right to free speech. Question everything. Truth matters 🙂

  19. Great great great great great point by saying and showing Wolfgang halbig said he don't know if people died or not because no records have been offered 4 years per his request. I believe based on my previous research on Sandy Hook that it was an inside job just like all the other insides jobs including 911. It's a damn awful deep dark State sham and the wall should be built around Washington DC to keep the real terrorists out of the country and out of the world for that matter. Would China be better at ruling the world? I don't know. But I do know one thing if countries like the United States and its allies worked more for peace instead of control and dominance this world would be a hell of a lot better off. Time to share the pizza justice for all.

  20. You admit you are schizophrenic, and have psychological issues. Why are you always dividing people and causing problems. Jake has the right to not let you sell his t-shirts. That's no reason to lie and makeup shit. Keep it up and you're going to lose your Channel.

  21. I dont believe the " story" the " carnival" show of sandy hoax . theyre the criminals. And they should be in jail and shamed.

  22. I was shocked when he made that video saying people who believe sandy hook was a false flag and had crisis actors have a mental Illness unbelievable

  23. Nobody is being killed in palastine . thats a conspiracy . ! Quit harrassing the jews . !

  24. Quit harrassing santa clause . he is real. Your just a conspiracy guy. We will sue you with ruthless jew lawyers . how do you think santa feels .? Shame on you.

  25. Thank you for being an honest news source Nathan!! Sandy Hook is CIA bullshit and anyone with a brain that has looked into it, knows that to be true!
    Be careful though I’m sure this channel is your livelihood!

    We the people know when we have been lied too as much as is possible in this deceitful world we live in!!

  26. Blackstone intelligence/young Turks=same audience.

  27. Burning time for the truther community is the modus operandi for the dark side. Truthers are "gifted" with the tabloids while mere "normies" are consigned to the sports section.

  28. No Jake you are not getting negative reaction about their belief about sandy hook one way or another. It is about your attack on the listeners. You made videos about the Vegas shooting and a lot of people think it is crazy that that was a hoax. But if they think it about something else they are idiots and you use the other side's ridiculous "tin foil hat" wearer moniker. Stop confusing the issue. The anger is about your treatment of your listeners after many times on your show discussing the wickedness out there including in the comments and we all need to stop that. I listened to you so much and at that video I instantly shut it off. after much hullabaloo about what you were calling your listeners I went back and listened. I was appalled at your treatment 0f everyone regardless of what they believe. THAT is what every one is upset about. Stop trying to water down the true issues here.

  29. Nathan fucked with the wrong man. I guess he didn't see what happened to the last dude who fucked with Jake. Good luck rebuilding your audience after he exposes your bigoted ass.

  30. People just don't seem to understand that False Flag does not mean no-one died. Just look at the World Trade Center people died there and it was a major False Flag. No body from the USA ever landed on the moon.

  31. If they exhumed the bodies all you’ll find are Jewish sacrificed gentile boys.

  32. That Jake guy looks transgender. He has an FTM fluffy beard and has no jawline or browbone and very close to the surface eyes. Sorry but with the secret transgenders you literally cannot trust a single word that comes out of their head. They were born to deceive.

  33. The thing is you can't prove no children died. you could prove tjat they did with bodies.
    It's the rest of it that shows it was a false flag: people doing loops 'helicopter circle sandy hook's, payments to parents before the shooting, crisis actors, weird behaviour at press conference and interviews, Robbie Parker's smirks and smiles, jokes by the medical examiner, eye witness and radio record of multiple shooters, pulling the school down so it can't be investigated, too much was off for it not to be an operation

  34. Lenny Posner has already taken Wolfgang halbig to court.thevideo of court proceedings were available on you tube.anyway posnercdropped the case ,when he was finally required to appear in person at court.so halbig won the case .it's remarkable how much this event has been overlooked by most commentators.although halbig won the case ,the judge incredibly contrived to deny halbig costs.tovadd insult to injury,within days of this victory halbig was named a co defendant in Posner and others action against Alex Jones. I have a bad feeling about Jones authenticity in this case.i think he may settle with Posner and co.this will allow the likes of morphonius and mainstream fake media to declare sandy hook authentic.i think this might be the reason for all this anti halbig hysteria.truth be told he has already faced down these liars in court.what reason do you have to believe that Posner and pals are any more likely to face questioning in the Jones and halbig court case.there only hope of winning is for Jones to sellout halbig and truthers by settling.

  35. To me, it seems a lot like, making correlations to you, with regards to q, and judiasm…

  36. Morphonios used to be good during the Vegas shooting. Then he either cracked or was intimidated. How could anyone listen to Halbig and not doubt the story we were told?

  37. Too many people listen and believe the news they hear, oh… they would never lie to them, like they are special.. We need to get rid of people who were trained at the top of these networks to report nonsense and lock them up. U.S. Freedom of the media world wide ranks 41st. Pretty poor score for "supposedly" honest U.S. media. A joke.

  38. Jim Fetzer has a SH lawsuit also. He's in the middle of it now.

  39. The actual law of the land will be ignored and only used when it serves them. the outcome is already assured. Who runs the country…. and US law is ignored carte blanche.

  40. Morphonius is a complete worm. If Halbig is fake, then Jake is playing their game. He knows because he has inside info, certainly nothing we have, but won't prove it. Same shit. Jake is disgusting and his lies are off the charts. He's totally not a legitimate truther. He is completely avoiding the known truths that make this situation more than suspicious. Just prove it and stop the whole "suffering" . If they have the proof then they are continuing the "suffering" and have done so for years now.

  41. hochsprung twitter just surfaced. Um yeah

  42. Someone is certainly guilty of libel, but it isn't halbig.

  43. Sorry for all the comments, but let me put together what you are not allowed to:
    "Posner" the poser put his friend Smelly Kelly up to befriending halbig, who, overwhelmed, let her manage some of the elements of the case- including correspondence with poser. She indeed did respond as such, and may have even extracted the supposed statement verbally from halbig, in a moment of hyperbole or drunkenness perhaps. I doubt he would ever make such a statement publicly, if at all.

  44. The media had checked into the hotel two days prior. A big hotel group bought them out and brought in a whole new staff.

  45. Jake has another channel named The Viking Whisperer, weird.

  46. Expose all the sweet deals all the victims of S..H….got on their homes. Look into who paid off their loans and bought their homes.. Why did all of them get those sweet deals? It's a cash cow that continues to get money to fight our 2ndA rights.

  47. There is so much evidence out there that this is a huge scam. I am coming to the point that I believe that they are planting all this evidence that it was fake. It was fake but they want questioning people to know that they are scamming us and there is nothing we can do about it and we have no rights, power, or protections. In other word they are committing a psychological warfare strategy to demoralize people to a degree where they realize there is no law, no justice, and they will dictate reality and destroy who they please.

  48. It's obvious what Blackstone Intelligence agenda is. The CFR LOVES Domestic Propaganda! – https://youtu.be/b5tF9Ia1ALE They love using it even more on Youtube to reach the masses.

  49. Newtown = 33 Parker = 33 for Christ sake the grieving father played a role on the swat team The charity fund was set up before the actual event… Jesus Christ what more do we need to know. Not to mention the dozens of other problems

  50. Unsubbed fake Jake he’s a loser

  51. Halbig = 33 the whole thing could be a free speech pysop



  54. Canada knows it was a hoax

  55. You’re not a lawyer and neither am I but we both do a good job playing one on the internet. All law these days seem subject to political interpretation but as far as I can tell you described the governing law accurately. When I saw the Jones’ deposition I was wondering what in the world this was all about and why Jones seemed to be back-peddling.

    Of course if Halbig is correct and should this go to trail the existence and death of these children (including school records for a school that was provably not open at the time or hadn’t used a phone or computer for several years.) would have to be firmly established since they represent the body of the charges. Because of the emotional nature of the episode a judge would probably disallow any such questions being raised, legally or not. Unfortunately intelligence agencies are in the business of inventing persons with complete “legends” and histories out of thin air. That is an indisputable fact and I’m not suggesting this was done in the case of Sandy Hook, but is on the table.

    There is no habeas corpus if the kids never existed or if they did but were not members of these families or are in fact still alive. Given some of the evidence Halbig and others have discovered this is in question. “Collect all the evidence, eliminate the impossible and what you are left with regardless of how improbably is the truth.” – Sherlock Holms – The image of Posner smiling and joking around only to put on his sad face as an actor getting into his role when approaching the mike at the press conference sticks in my mind as it should with anyone that saw it.

    According to Halbig, Jones seems to have hung him out to dry. This does not surprise me.

  56. Jake had some good reports a few years ago, I started following around the time of the Vegas shooting, and agreed with his perspective more often than not for awhile, then it seemed like he was "activated" or changed somehow. Perhaps he was always controlled opposition or perhaps he is being threatened to dance to a certain tune.. Either way, I have not trusted his reporting for some time now. Even though I disagreed more and more, I only unsubscribed after he started using insults against his viewers who disagreed with him.
    A decent reporter became… a low class propagandist…
    Shame on him

  57. Nathan Stoltman, I have been following your channel for some time, and consider you one of the most calm, rational, thoughtful reporters on youtube. I wish you were allowed to speak your mind.
    To be honest, it annoys me when you entertain flat earth stuff, because I believe it to be an epic psyop.. but who really knows.. And there should be an openness to talk about things, even if people disagree. It mostly annoys me because it discredits legitimate ideas by association, in the minds of many.. But I support your right to talk about whatever you want to.
    Anyways. Kudos. You are one of my top favorite news/politics channels. Keep up the great work Brother


  59. Guy is a fucking idiot. Just trying to hitch his wagon for views. Wasn’t he the guy saying Las Vegas was fake? But not Sandy Hook? Hahaha. Anyone who would go after Wolfgang is obviously co-opted. I could eviscerate Jake with questions and illogical conclusions made about Sandy Hook. We all could. Because the evidence we do have doesn’t make sense. All he is is a wannabe Alex Jones.

  60. Nobody died at Sandy Hook!

  61. how much intelligence does it take to call someone who disagrees with you stupid?

  62. mob rule over truth? never for me.

  63. You are idiots. You are crazy. You should be censored. Halbig did not win. Case was dropped. Get the facts moron.

  64. denial of facts is NOT 'a point of view! Your statements are being studied and will be reported.

  65. I think the purpose of Sandy Hook was to take our free speech away and not our guns…

  66. Jake is so full of himself watch the video with John Cullen and Jason Goodman and he just blows a Gasket on the Vegas Shooting if you don’t see shit his way it just blows his mind…. Jake Look at Robbie Parker’s Eyes…. Total lies, Obama fake tears, Gene Rosen complete shit story, Wayne Carver totally moronic press conference that’s all that I personally needed to see that it’s bull shit.

  67. Really dude we know that it was faked ! It was staged if you was awake watching the media blundering!

  68. Jake also misrepresented what jones said in that deposition leading ppl to belive he did no investigation whatsoever when he makes it clear in the deposition that he did investigate what he could online, and others in his office did also, but he did not go up there himself and interview witnesses.

  69. See the banner under the video? Yea, everyone should know why that is there. Thry are telling you what SH was…aahhah. They do it with the fake clouds of poison too. Everyone get it? Jake is being paid. Victim using there bought and paid court system to remain victims. Without full disclosure WE ALL – will NEVER know. Embrace life, move forward. This is all about hate and lies and fake people

  70. David wheeler/doppelganger playing swot/FBI on the day of shooting , like hmmm

  71. A "low IQ" would apply to those who watch the news presentation of Sandy Hoax & simply believe it to be true without question-especially since it has the characteristics of a propaganda piece designed to influence opinions regarding gun control-considering how quickly those actor "grieving" parents went on tour to demand unconstitutional changes be made. It is no coincidence that propaganda was made legal right around this same time. This means every news story is questionable-even more so if it has a clear agenda tied to it. A higher IQ would apply to someone who takes the time to look at all the details & come to logical conclusions that expose gaping Swiss cheese holes after one examines all the information objectively.

  72. Damn man, I am so at odds… I really like watching The Blackstone Intelligence channel and his "Out of Darkness, Into the Light" series is an absolute MUST WATCH but as of lately, Jake seems to always be at odds with all of the rest of the content that I watch. I am also keen with Qanon which Jake Morphonius is not. It is all so confusing…

  73. i wish you guys would understand the differnce between FalseFlag and hoax ….People can Die in False flags and TBH im sorry but your wrong on this one LTV … theres even a large part of your audience that thinks the Christchurch shooting was a hoax and I watched the Video of the shooting it was brutal and he actually did kill people , now wheter it was a false flag is definatley possibly but it surely was not a hoax .

  74. Halbig is a Zionist controlled agent whose job it is gather up the facts and then be personally discredited thereby poisoning the most important evidence and taking it down with him in the process.

  75. I didn't know that Youtube was censoring opposing opinions. This is shocking! Just shocking!

  76. Morphonious has stepped over the line now into straight up fraud. If he has the answers and the documents why doesn't he host them or at least cite some sources.

    He is gonna get too big, just like Alex Jones, Jake is gonna end up in trouble and have to lie and shill just to keep alive and online. He has clearly begun in this vein.

    He is another Noam Chomsky, just a hyped up talking head with total willful blind-spots; and nothing so strong as his will to stay alive.

    They've been told to play along or expect an 'accident'.

    Fek him; keep on keeping on dude.

  77. Thumbs up for the effort and approach. Have you gave a thumbs up yet? Do it!

    I just reached the point where you read Jake's email and the guy comes across as somewhat of a dickhead IMO. We are allowed to have an opinion so I'll state it again… "Jake seems like a real dickhead!".

    Definitely (probably [lol]) compromised!

  78. Who was the victim's father that was playing dressup as a SWAT team member and why? Jake has never explained that to me or anyone else.

  79. What an absolute tit.

    Talking smack about me and others have "low IQ" before mentioning the dearth of quality information and methodology to validate truth.

    Shocked is the word; and without any proof for me to consider just flat out calling me and y'all names.

    Intellectually bankrupt ginge twat.

  80. I think we need a shit, sandy hook investigation team

  81. It is hard not to question anything after 9/11 official story…

  82. Trauma helicopters for the Biker gangs in Waco, TX. None for the toddlers at SH?? Someone should be held liable.


  84. I just wish Sandy Hook never happened in Broward county.

  85. I believe YOU, Lift the Veil.

  86. Just got BANNED from Facebook for the 26th time for making a post about holocaust I never heard of. TRUTH IS THE NEW HATE SPEECH.

  87. you know how you can tell if something is real or not, when you aren't allowed to speak about it, question it and if you do the authorities come for you. done deal. there are way too many unanswered questions about SH for something to not be fishy about it. also the campaign's to take away Americans gun rights is very suspicious following false flag or staged mass shootings.

  88. sandy hoax is a massive missed hoax, that's why no one believe to this crap anymore.
    I unsubscribed from morphonios, very disappointed to see a guy like that who switched off his brain.
    Jake, this case is very simple, it happened no real investigation which is already a red flag, so insult your own followers that we have a low IQ is also a red flag for all of us.
    Rather, maybe the police could show us reeal evidence of the investigation results as it's their job and not yours.

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