With all of the conflicts of interest around Robert Mueller’s “investigation” into Russian meddling during Donald Trump’s campaign, it helps to have a summary of the facts up to this point.

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    The fbi can not trusted ! Swamp dwellers .

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    Do you wanna know what it really is…. It is nothing but generated nonsense these criminals all have their roles and they are all in cahoots pretending to be absolute enemies and completely against each other They are all actors just like everyone on TV this is all an illusion this is their game keeping the populace confused about their reality One day its World War 3 North Korea bullshit the next day If trump gets in office Hillary Clinton will be prosecuted bullshit And then we'll throw in a false flag shooting crazy white supremacist that supports Donald Trump shot up a church today and executed babies More and more bullshit Pulling us from one the direction to the other Keeping us from thinking about what's really going on in our world where we live what we are And why we are here And I don't think it has to do with spilling the blood of innocent humans obviously at this point we know the Globe Revolving Over a 1000 miles per hour spinning around the Sun Shooting through infinite space toward the great attractor this is all science fiction Believe your senses they were given by God This is a motionless flat plane Turn off your tell/ lie/vision And stop absorbing all of this ridiculous bullshit None of it matters What matters is your loved ones our existence And the true meaning Of life And hopefully in the near future this Will be revealed

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    I can't figure out if my cats are CIA or NSA. all I know for sure is that they are always spying on me. They are very sneaky sir. LOL

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    The Dirty Dossier was created to threaten Trump,  Comey showed it to Trump in an attempt to threaten him and get him to cooperate with the Bureaucratic State

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    Another good reason for indictment of Flynn at just the right time: "employment insurance" for Mueller, as detailed in recent news articles.

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    Why take any of this theater seriously? This russian thing is just a distraction to the fact that our votes don't count. Do you really think that the people who run this world leave it up to us to decide who runs this country?

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    Why you talking about russian thing, lol, all this is nothing, like GM Skywatcher said below, all talk on Q and North Korea, sex scandals, pizzagate, what else, anything on Hillary and mass arrests, Obama, Trump etc, all to get you to talk about it, what you need to find out, is what they don't want you to talk about.

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    "Usually right" – LOL. "Always honest" – No, just completely deluded.
    Trump and his minions colluded with the Russians. Trump is unfit to be "President". And none of that matters. The USA is so screwed up that it has as "President" an admitted sex offender who is on tape saying "I grab women by the pussy"; who has twitted out that he has obstructed justice; and who is now supporting a pedophile for the Senate; and nothing will happen. The women and men of Alabama will elect a pedophile to the US Senate and he will be seated by a Republican Congress does not care one bit; as long as he votes in support of a massive tax cut for the top 1% which will crash the US economy in about 5 to 8 years. Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on in disgust as the empire falls.

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    Hint : Flynn leaned on Russia to veto the resolution 2334 condemning Illegal settlements the US was going to abstain so Russia vote for it which they DID it would PASS! And Pass it did. So yes it was interfering with the setting administration!!! Its called TREASON. And Israel First considering most Americans are against the settlements!! Think they are an impairment to peace! Flynn was directed by Kushner who's family in the past have been investor in those illegal settlements! I vote for Trump and I an more then disappointed in that Israel comes first before American!

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    Fuck the corupt covernment … What about the people of California ?

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    hes cutting his own throat.like all demacrats hes a peice of shit.he shoild be worring about his own ass and hes protecting the biggest peice of shit on earth besides obama.carry on President Trump your doing a great job.drain the swamp.which is the demacrats.all scum .

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    If you are going to repeat spam , get the names right .

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    Love your show, your delivery and your perspective. I'm sorry so many brain dead liberals feel the need to comment on your vids. Keep up the great work!

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    Mueller is a dirty little baby.

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