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    it's so obvious what is happening, and it's truly disturbing. It's so frustrating trying to appeal to those who have been indoctrinated to believe the b.s. Love you Nathan thank you for reporting the truth…high five paws to the Dosh. Just ordered my LTV mug!

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    It’s all a predictable smear job. DeepState hires the shills to pose as “white supremacists” and all things nasty. I’ve been banned on Twitter without notice or explanation right after Parkland. I tweeted about psyops. No place to go to but Gab – which is filled with racist crap. Even having an account there will discredit posters someday somehow, I’m sure.
    It’s all ersatz, Richard Spencer, FBI, DHS, CIA crap. There are very few real racists in the USA- supply can’t meet the Soros demand.

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    Robin Hood Channel got tooken Down . He opened up a new Channel (. Summer is near)

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    At 21:50 easy fix, likely, they ip banned you. Easy Fix!
    At 26:34 You can hoast your own chat, there are a few opensource and free server apps to do it. If not many people gonna be on at one time, the smallest cloudserver with 1 core and 1 gig ram should do it, as long as you not filesharing, or doing videos. This type cloudserver can get for around $5.00 a month.
    at 28:58 you do not need a vpn,.. but, certainly that will work.

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    What a shame. It looked like Discord had potential. RIP

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    WTF, this Conservative Purge is INSANE.

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    keep doing what youre doing nathan, youll love what happens next

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    As I have said many times!!! the alt-right hate mongers in your little community are bringing you down! But then given you tend to agree with them on much of their hate speech I fail to see why I should give a fuck. Here you are in this video trying to spin paedophilia, anti-Semitic hate speech into a free speech issue.

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    Hey Nathan! I would agree, Slack is a good option. It’s a really good chat platform. Like you said, it’s pretty much marketed as a tool for business but it technically could be used for just about any topic or group of individuals to come together and share ideas and media of all kinds. I use it for my small business. It’s a good service. Anyway, just my two cents. Keep on rocking man!

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    The Thought Police have probably homed a tracking bot on Freddy’s IP address which replicates and migrates to any of his contacts. If he tries to evade the bot and moves to another file-server with a different IP-address, once he accesses any of his historical accounts (usual e-mail) the bots will migrate to the new IP-address like limpets. The Though Police are developing A.I. to totally purge the internet of free speech. The only hope for Truthers is to establish an entirely separate electronic medium, totally divorced from the internet, such as a scrambled/channel-hopping microwave/ short wave/ long wave frequency bands, as are used in the military.

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    Hope You Tube gets hacked by a rogue AI bot and flags every video and brings it to its knees. Would be good to see.

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    We will not be silenced. Truth never goes away they shoukd know this by now.

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    ..I am not a creator of content…nor do I participate in other platforms out side FB or YT,,..yet I am now unable to ' see ' real time livestreams of any kind..or ' see ' sub vids on the day of post …as well as FB page.. in spite of calling pro tech to come and check my PC and system ..and given a clean bill of health this is ongoing and feel that it is a ' personal' thing..very frustrating . Anyone else ?

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    I just started using Discord to listen and chat with mediamonarchy, I'm sure they will purge this server in time.

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    Just be done with discord, there useless, move on… Sooner or later we all are headed for ToR onion network and still pix/BB services. I'm just waiting for Bitchute and to bite the dust, don't think it can't happen. A eutherium de centrallized video service will be it, no ownership or servers, we the people are hosting the DNS, DHCP, Directory and data.
    Untill then this rat race wont end. steemit / have a central directory like bit torrent sites. so even they are vulnerable to get whacked by bots.

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    you have a ton of evidence of their harassment, great job Lift the Veil; I saw they deleted your Lift the veil channel, i guess today.

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    what is your discord @nathan. asking for a friend

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