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  1. WOW,,,both Together,,,Lets Make a COALITION -Of TRUTH News.
    — STRONGER TOGETHER- My Suggestion !

  2. Anyone ever listen to or hear Russ Dizdar?

  3. 6:30 Doshi looks like he's about to attack Ryan. Or Nathan, who knows!

  4. Its not a good idea to record and stream video on the same processor. Installing a PCI video capture card (if you have a tower pc) can help with the recording which frees up your graphics card for streaming. Hope this helps.

  5. It is the second time I hear Trump went on Lolita Express, I am still to see the evidence. No flight log surfaced so far. There is however a twitter from 2012 whereby Trump states, far too many children disapeating. Quick trials. Death penalty. What is also visible is that this president for the first time in our life time, has not contradicted in action what he promissed before the election. He is in fact going even beyond his promises. The Bernie supporter in this site will have to do a better job to try and influence people against this president. Start by presenting evidence for your accertions and innuendos

  6. Trump was never on the Epstein flight logs, which have been examined thoroughly. And Trump kicked Epstein off his Mar aLargo hotel property in FL. A hankerchief is-a piece of fabric pedos put under a girl (pizza) during sex, to collect any blood/fluids (map) to save as a souvenir. Geez how you guys don't know these basics and are discussing this is ridiculous.

  7. You guys are being too analytical and trying to analyze what could and could not be in descriptive details about what you're trying to explain we just like to hear you get to the point

  8. That was stupid of them to use a cold or a pizzagate children love pizza and they know that they were paying a series games with these kids and they hurt them and possibly killed a lot of them they asses are going to suffer like never before just for a momentary experience of pleasure there are going to go down some type of way in the worst way they will all suffer for this because the universe is not playing right now and I believe strongly in the law of cause and effect

  9. Nathan, I love you but get over your David Seaman vendetta. If Seaman WAS involved in a Syop, it would only be to promote Trump — that is your unfounded theory — and if he was promoting Trump, he would not have been the first one to discredit Q, which he was, and adamantly. So just let it go and use your brain! (Doshi — please back me up here! You know that Seaman is on our side!) If Seaman accused Nathan of being a Syop, it makes sense, since Nathan was trying to debunk Pizzagate! And we all know Pizzagate is real. 😉 Any good journalist who spent months reporting on Pizzagate (originally, it was often called Comet Ping Pong, after the pizza place) would want to return ti the scene of the crime. OF COURSE, when Seaman went to DC, he would go to Comet Pizza to check it out! Anyone reporting on it would want to go there! THat is more evidence that he is legit, it doesn't mean he's secretly a child trafficker or is working for Podesta. C'mon!

  10. raw and uncut.. power of life and death, limited time only, the 3 kids, and they were the ONLY 3 kids in an adult party… for entertainment… more than weird… I have a child, and I would never refer to my child as being "entertainment" in an adult party…Also, there was a Harvard professor who wrote a 44 page document in spring 16 about child sex trafficking perpetrated by Silsby. There are other "ping pong" places in the world, where they have pedo imagery in their pizza menu….and weird Pizza children's books.. . They took all the pedo inferring artwork out of Comet Ping Pong. You see, this stuff is real, and it was used on purpose, leaked on purpose to fulfill an agenda for electing Trump… Just because it was used to get Trump in, doesn't mean it isn't real… It served a well planned purpose… Remember, Cointel is usually true in a major part of content, but then spun a certain way… that little lie held within a secret intention, to fulfill a nefarious purpose. Trump's hands are dirty too, very dirty… but not mentioned now… which is another way we know Pizzagate was used for Trump… but… it is still real… and D. C. is the lynchpin opening up the pedo empire and the network of pay for plays holding it in the dark. Seth Rich is a psyop… I am sure… look at the video of his brother laughing… look at where he was educated… look at his Israeli connection… it stinks…. and oh yeah… Omaha… too… and Pandas, his favorite…. pedo crap Trump is handled… he's not a stand alone.. none of them are…

  11. Wow I'm supprised someone finally mentioned the widespread child rape by Jews in bath houses. Those Jews don't go against their Rabbi and the Zionist media will never expose it. All you hear about is the Catholic church but zero about the Jews. Nobody talks about when a Rabbi gives a baby STD's from biting the foreskin off.

  12. lol bro, God never asked for child sacrifice in the OT. What are you referencing there?

  13. I don't know where you guys are coming from. If you understand satanic stuff, of course it was pedo code language. Alefantis is doing something evil. No people are not just weird. What do these people have to say to prove to you they are torturing and killing children.

  14. Nathan, just out of curiosity, have you read the Dec. 2017 article in the WT? I'm referring to an article titled, "Fusion GPS tried to tie Trump to Clinton's pedophile pal Epstein as part of smear campaign." https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/dec/10/glenn-simpsons-fusion-gps-ran-donald-trump-smear-c/

  15. I cant believe these two clowns advocating for these sick people's email messages. Isn't it obvious enough?

  16. Weird tie in to story at 16:10. I had this guy renting a room from me once that I had to kick out because he was keeping jars of his own urine and poo in his closet. He even tried to convince me there was nothing weird about it. ….And the kicker: He was a hasidic Jew.

  17. Watch "Random Rants of Ryan MCN found, now pay up to syntheticrebelion and JOEL5!" on YouTube

  18. I've been into this stuff since I met Fritz Springmeier's then-wife back in 2007. She told me all this stuff and give me his books to read. Donald Trump is 100% a part of it. Qanon is 100% a pied piper op to shelter the higher-ups, but they will sacrifice a few to satisfy the masses.

  19. Trump has been involved big time with epstein !
    I read recently that he has been involved in child trafficking and not only just a client .
    I do not remember where I read about that BUT I recently google < trump and roy cohn > , So for anyone who wants to know more , you could search those 2 criminals .

  20. sadly & obviously… ALL OF MONOTHEISM IS A TOOL OF THESE F$&KERS….the bible "god" is Baal/Molech based on Saturn

  21. Simple way to start those off who google or snopes that pizzagate was “debunked”

    Show them 3 emails from Herb Sandler on podesta emails and let them try to argue they are not talking in code

    Don’t start with Pedo code but at least get them to admit they are talking in code

    Keep in mind same old dude that used password as his password

  22. They also keep bottles they have used to abuse their victims as trophies. These people are BEYOND sick. And furthermore one of these snuff film making participants that drugged and delivered victims to the factory kept said bottles of his victims, which when the police finally raided this monsters house, found, with ALL THE DNA of the MANY VICTIMS of the MANY BOTTLES he kept as his trophies. #SURVIVORSTORIES

  23. Probably be my last time tuning in…what a bunch of shit…these people are so obviously blatantly pedophiles its mind boggling they aren't in jail (like ANYONE else would already have been) MAGA BITCHES

  24. What's up with Nathan and his Donald Trump Derangement? He's blinded by his hatred. I think he hates Donald MORE than Hillary? Hows that possible?? This is so disturbing to watch. Somebody count how many times he says "Trump."

  25. semen [with blood, and death] on a white hanky under virginal infants/babies serves as a 'map'. these are kept as trophy's by owners or handlers–unless something goes wrong…as rights of initiation. i know you both know that. same with creepy evie's crib. she attributes 'life and death' power to her daughter b/c all is recorded as evidence. innocence will be taken [as well as lives], carion who sell themselves for fame n fortune for a season will be kept on their knees and in silence, and evie will make enough to keep sac'ing whatever she can so she–being born n bred for this, can live. and that's just the 'little' ppl.

  26. we appreciate what you both bring to the table. thank you. it's a horrible but powerful time. i sound corny-im pretty old, but what if we turn our sights just for a few moments toward Muthr Fathr God who died and Lives and really is in control– what if we open dusty bibles just to gen 1 and 2 then psalms 51, 91 then isaiah 53 then rev 21:4-6. let's look up while getting down on our knees for all the right reasons…

  27. wow! you! raised catolica keeping Christ stapled in perpetual death of eucharistic feeding frenzy sedition and tradition, consider saturday! how cool is that? do you do a bit of REAL 4 C 7th day observance ? [not the sad judao/ashkan/head-banging to the dead] … or maybe you meant you wouldn't be streaming on sat.

  28. So I have been catching up on some of your videos to get context of other more current videos and I’m really disappointed with your whole trying to inject trump into the whole pizza gate thing I feel you are pushing that with no grounds to do so SMH

  29. This guy is an intellectual lightweight! He's living off his "ranting Ryan" street name. He's like a WWF fake talk expert. He brings NOTHING of real thought-provoking value to the table. He's just playing the role of the eternal naysayer just to get attention and rub people the wrong way. Turned off video before the show officially even began. I'm not alone judging by so many Dislikes.

  30. The account of the young lady who was raped by Trump indicated he was not the only one in the room. He was in the whole blackmail circle, and boy was that hushed. Does he have the character necessary to feel remorse for his behavior? I'm just not sure.

  31. Trump haters have had two years to come up with Pizzagate type shit on Trump and they've come up with nothing. They want him impeached, they want him dead, they want him imprisoned. There are so many people who want to take Trump down, you don't think they haven't been delving into his past? If they had anything it would be mainstream news worthy.

  32. There is NO innocent explanation for the pizza related map email.

  33. This was great! You guys should team up more often. Just wanted to say that it was this debate that cause me to give Nathan's Channel a second try. I am glad that I did. Nathan, you seem to have really gained some New Perspective and wisdom over the past year. Also do you have an added sense of humility in a really positive way. I really appreciate that, it was one reason I had unsubscribed in the past. I felt like there was an air of egotistical Behavior that rared its head from time to time. It became hard to watch because a lot of subjects that are covered on this wonderful Channel are very delicate and controversial and heartbreaking. Anyway this is not meant to be a criticism, but a compliment. May God bless you both for the work that you do. Your bravery is very inspiring.

  34. Most of the victims are so mind controlled and damaged they become the new monsters. This is how the podestas and all the elite bloodlines become pedos and satanists to begin with. It’s generational. The ones that don’t and actually try to come forward get gangstalked and threatened at the least and murdered at the most. So it’s very difficult and nearly impossible to get all the victims to come forward and even harder to get proof. It’s not like John Podestas map related hankerchief gets delivered to a federal agency for investigation and even if it does they have infiltrated the highest levels of all the child trafficking investigatorial agencies so it gets suppressed at that level.

  35. You're fuckin AWESOME, dude…keep em fuckin coming 😉

  36. P.S. OH yeah..and The Vatican=Satanists in Disguise

  37. So many words.
    So little information.

  38. You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way, for every abominable thing that the Lord hates they have done for their gods, for they even burn their sons and their daughters in the fire to their gods. (Deuteronomy 12:31). God of the old Testament (who is the same as the God of the New Testament) hates child sacrifice as seen in this verse from the old testament.

  39. Very interesting show guys, esp the fact of the two of you choosing each other. You are so different, nearly opposite in some ways, but work together extremely well: complementary. To engage with a peer who is as independent as you each are, garners a lot of professional respect for you both. This also sets up a much healthier professional collaboration model than (for example) the AJ + David Knight type of relationship. Here's hoping other platforms will watch and learn.

  40. One last thought….
    we need to keep in mind the links between SRA, masonry, and all things pizzagate. As a survivor of of an alcoholic, military, 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason SRA Pedophile Father, I claim there is a sort of training pecking order. The Scottish Rite for example seem to be most focused and advanced in the child sacrifice rituals. They seem to have established that a 32nd degree mason must complete a child sacrifice in order to become 33rd degree. This expected ritual created a great silent conflict in my father's 2nd family. When researching the lit, there are references to Scottish Rite as the rule setters on this part, and also references to them from outsiders (cults). Anyway, I did not hear your discussion link to Masonry, and I see them as the historic rule-setters.

  41. Its more satanic than simple sick sex

  42. The host seriously looks spaced

  43. He’s on Jamie dlux. Trying to trip him up

  44. Fuck it. Keep it rough keep it raw. Keep them watching . . . . .PODESTA. Psychosis

  45. I don’t know. I just don’t get it. Sorry for being emotive

  46. Pushing a narrative. Evenin 2019

  47. I need to leave. They cry wolf. I’m not even an hour in . .alex Jones. Wtf.

  48. Guys you have to be careful bringing in religions, Rabbais are all connected to Chabad, does not mean all are into pedo, all religions have pedophilia it is prevalent​ with the mullahs in Islam too

  49. I think these kids are also used for sacrifice reasons.
    Some say they drink their blood to stay young.
    Those Podesta emails are real……and don't make any sense.

  50. Isn't David Seaman the guy that has a military background that attacked Zachary Hubbard?

  51. I've seen a video where the poster claimed that majestic ape is alefantis through comparison of facial features from the jaw and mouth.

  52. Hastert is the clear evidence that pedophilia reaches the highest level of the U.S. government.

  53. Remember the "he made me Fu*k her" scene from The movie 7? Whenever they're showing the apparatus strap on in the Polaroid photo it is strapped to a gold statue bent backwards, Pretty sure the same golden statue Tony podesta has hanging in his stairway, Reminiscent of a Jeffrey Dahmer victim, Coincidently Kevin Spacey plays a deranged killer in that movie, coincidence I think not

  54. There is no Pizza Gate. It is made up

  55. Silsby was convicted. is Weiner still in jail? also Ling in north korea. andy b and antonin were probably killed.

  56. dom pasta > dominate child.

  57. I disagree with both your definitions of a PsyOp. It's very simple. A PsyOp is a deliberate set of ideas or a narrative that is put out into the media stream and is meant to decieve. For any number of reasons. Plain and simple.

  58. Here is the way I look at it.  Epstein lived on that island, did he not?  Was it his primary residence?  Either way, it is my belief that he directed a lot of his actual business at that island.  Trump MIGHT have been visiting the island for business.  If you believe that every single person that visited the island was there to have underage sex then you have to condemn Stephen Hawkins also.  Correct me if I am wrong, but did not Trump only visit the island a single time?  Keep in mind that Trump is said to often warn his employees that if they are ever overseas on a visit to remember that foreign hotels are often set up with surveillance equipment for blackmail purposes. It makes sense to me that Trump took one look at the island and knew what was going on, did his business deal, and got the hell out of there never to return.  Also keep in mind this fact.  There is only one person on the planet who made a joking reference to Epstein liking them 'a little bit young'.  When he says this the look on his face is not complementary.  Sure, Trump was a douche-bag with his womanizing, but there has never been any accusations of him being an actual pedophile, has there?  I will lay odds that Epstein also had regular garden-variety sex parties on that island.  Why would anyone believe anything else?  Not all elites are actually into children, eh…I would suggest that we give Trump and Stephen Hawkins a pass on the whole Orgy Island thing.

  59. WOOOOW I had no idea Nathan was (is) such a non believer damn!! Let me just say….I found the sillsberry connection organically while going thru the wiki released emails… I didn't even ever hear of Flynn & those other "operatives" I was sitting at my computer & read emails between Huma & Hill discussing Laura sillsberry & I was floored!!! These things were 100% NOT put out by Trump's operatives!!!
    Holy shit dude there's NO SECRET code there is straight out pedo references & symbols all in those emails, damn it's as if Nathan hasn't done ANY INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AT ALL, & JUST LISTENED TO MSM ABOUT ALL OF THIS!
    MAN, idk how ANYONE could've ever listened 2 this & still bothered w/Nathan anymore, what a condenscending ass!!

  60. are you a real human Nathan? you are always. bugeyed. you never blink! odd

  61. Never liked that Seaman guy, but what is so weird/strange/insinuating about him going to Comet Pizza and checking it out from the inside? He is/was from the west coast if i remember correctly and so why not use the opportunity, being in D.C. at a rally and then checking out the crime scene?

  62. Dates? Times? of this info of CABD and Donald Trump…basically source plz? You bad mouthing President Trump after his election makes me think you are a schill, my friend. Grrrrr

  63. So people out there have to understand that the police all over the US is corrupt to the core!They will do nothing ….rather they do cover up and are themselves deeply into that stuff! I refer for instance to the Johnny Gosch case …..the mother went to the police to report ……and she finally realized that the Police is coverin up ….she experienced no help from them!Luckily Johnny could visit his mother after about 3 or 4 years later ….just to reveal her …that he is working for the sexual gratification for the white house….warning her to Research any further. FBI is CIA related …..and they are corrupt as well and in all it. CIA is responsible for the organization "the Finders" who were Nothing other than a child snatchin organization…..who happened to be involved in child trafficking and sexual abuse of them! CIA is responsible for the founding MK ultra mind control on Guinea pigs! They are not interested into security of America! That is a crucial big lie! So people do know that the pedophilia stuff is going on in Hollywood a long time ago! That is no new stuff here!

  64. I love that you make the time to reply to so many comments, no matter how obviously baiting they are, it really shows where your priorities lie

  65. whatever your down-low is, people around DC power elite figure it out or learn it, quick, Podesta, Hastert, Rendell, Graham, the log cabin Republicans, no way does nay kink go unnoticed

  66. Nathan, I believe in you. You shouldn’t have trusted Ryan though. His unwillingness To touch on the Craigs Sawyer/Tucson subject is suspect as fuck. Also, he’s connected to soooo many channels … I used to listen to them all, but I will never trust him until he calls out Craig Sawyer. ***Hey, can you *please interview Timothy Holmseth? Talk about pedogate evidence*.

  67. I cant imagine how much saved "research" ryan and others " researching " pizzagate in the form of photos these people have on their computers!!?? Making them guilty in a random persons eyes a pedo just as bad as the real pedos…..creepy asf,especially when you look into these guys researching this topic EVERY DAY for.over.2 years now…..WEIRD!!

  68. Pizza is an all American comfort food. I was traumatized unexpectedly once and with my eyes open… With my mind's eye, in that instant. Everything went black but in the middle of the black was a PIZZA . So was that a gate-way to the ether?? Hence pizzagate? I don't want to say what had happened but those that understand will know exactly what happened

  69. Great duo here, wish they weren't feuding now :/

  70. Seems like Domino's..means cum (drops) so playing Domino's on pasta.. is jerking off on the "pasta" like a pearl necklace

  71. Ryan says he has debunked things he never debunked. neither of these guys gives the best arguments for pizzagate.

  72. Nice that you guys can laugh and joke about such a serious fucking matter. Get your heads straight and fucking have some respect for the subject matter or GTFOOH

  73. Ya he knows what the handkerchief code is…everyone does

  74. Seth rich did die wtf are you talking about??

  75. Nathan you need to research better about pizzagate, seriously.

  76. You are absolutely right about Catholicism. That is why I left the church. Later I discovered the truth when I actually read the Bible and became born again.

  77. Where is the evidence that Trump was ever on Epstein's plane?

  78. From what has been shown, he was only there 1 time. Trump left that island on a separate plane not long after he got there. And don't forget, at the time Mr Trump, banned Epstein from his resort. I've even heard that that included all of his property. Just try to imagine , a man who doesn't drink, smoke or do ANY drugs, and he doesn't stay anywhere for too long. Do you honestly think he is up there participating in orgys?! One last thing, I'm sure there were many functions that took place there that had nothing to do with any sexual activity, ie political and charitable fund raisers. Sorry this was so long but I feel this is something to consider. Take care

  79. Wow I don't know what happened to John b wells melly Q

  80. Project Earnest proves there are Government propaganda on all of social media. It's not a question especially when the law that made it illegal for the Government to propagandize US citizens is gone now.

  81. Please find another word besides 'interesting"!

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