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    Will you be talking about the "uss liberty incident" ?

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    Bro what happen to u .

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    get down to the level plane Bro – its always there for 1& All..& all roads lead to home
    what u chattin about??.. love up x

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    You talked about one of your last streams with Christina I believe you said it was called doubting duality or something and mentioned someone manifested butterflies after listening to it. I was wondering where can I watch it?

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    Hopefully you have turned over a new lease on life and have changed your attitude up bitch and you aren’t so i’m not even sure how to word it I guess jealous of other six says NY yours is not successful and always talking about. Why don’t people tune in to my channel and how you’re probably going to have to quit because no one is sending you copies, but I do honestly try and tune in to smaller channels on a full range of different topics rather than the bigger channels, and anyone who I tune into their content, I will always leave them alike, so I have always laughed you “like“ on every video I have watched of yours regardless of how I felt about your attitude I’m blind and I don’t sit around and make myself the victim due to my disability and that’s just one of them. I’m also legally deaf, but can hear with the help of hearing aids on top of a horse, the other health issues, but obviously, my biggest problem is trying to learn how to cope and learn to live blind, because I did have sight all my life. My genetic disorder is a very slow progressive form of vision loss, so I tend to tune in to things I obviously do not have to see in order to enjoy the content and I love listening and learning to all different types of topics and listening to all different peoples type of opinions on those various topics but I tuned out on many of your videos just for the simple fact of you acting like a victim because you weren’t as successful as you wanted to be. Everyone is a work in progress and you need to just continue to work hard at, whatever it is you love most in life and of what you feel, your purpose is to fulfill on this earth for stop playing the victim card. It won’t get you anywhere in life, but I will continue to hit the like button and continue to tune in to you and I hope that, your attitude has shifted a bit because I do think you do have important things to discuss and have great opinions on certain things so I wish nothing but happiness and success for you, Nathan!

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    You need a new cat. That might help the show. Get a kitten.

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    You are a legend..! I've heard others mention you a few times already..! ''THESE LITTLE ONES'' (2022)

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    Yeah, Buddha Boy is wild. No food or water for MONTHS while meditating next to that huge tree; even spontaneously combusting all caught on camera. He had to stand up while his clothes burnt up. Serious shit.

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    Tar tar!! Is the new “ retard “

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