Guests (in order of appearance):

The Last American Vagabond (Ryan):

Steve Outtrim: @steveouttrim on Twitter

Titus Frost (Dean Fougere):


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    Brilliant! As an FE researcher I alternate from FE to Lift to Veil!

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    just because someone isn't patting you on the back telling everything you believe is right doesn't mean they are a disinfo agent just because they don't agree with your opinions on what the truth is when you have no concrete factual evidence proving your claims
    if you have no hard undeniable facts that prove your claims are true you are just stating an opinion and acting like a "know it all" to puff up your own ego
    the truth is the powers that shouldn't be want us fighting over small differences that don't realy matter to "divide and conquer" us because "a house/nation divided against itself cannot stand" and becomes easier for an outsider to control
    Hitler got people to go along with his genocidal eugenicist plan because he got people to believe people who are different than them were subhuman

    now nazis run this country ever since we brought the nazi scientists into the CIA (Catholics In Action) through project paperclip and when JFK wanted to dismantle them he got assassinated

    the only progress this country has gone through is the progress of the "spy state" which keeps on getting more invasive as time goes by
    especially ever since the CIA created allCIAduh caused 911 and they convinced us to give up our rights in the name of safety and security
    and convinced us to go to war against the muslim boogeymen through operation gladio so they could seize their poppy plants so they could sell heroin on the black market to fund their crooked operations and turn us into more controllable dosile addicts

    CIA (Catholics In Action)

    project paperclip

    CIA created allCIAduh and ISIS

    operation gladio
    playlist #s 80-82

    jesuits created the nazis

    the vatican controls america the corperation through maritime law and owns you through the act of 1871
    playlist #s 123-132

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    this playlist has 0 views even though I watched it through my phone's alt account

    while this playlist has lots of views even though I just add videos to it that I hardly ever have the time to view yet and it's set to private

    it's about aye eye which makes me think Sow fee ah is watching it because most of the videos are about her
    if someone can see this playlist let me know

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    Good show Nathan! Love these types of discussions. Encore!

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    Great format and topics… keep going. Seeking truth as citizen journalists on YouTube versus Cointel versus MSM versus getting blinded by financial goals — all very important. While I agree with you about April LaJeune, I do not think ALL guests on Infowars, or all hosts are sold out. Cernovich does seem like a jerk… who sometimes has some relevant information. CHECK YOURSELF — On either this broadcast or a related one, you called out Craig Sawyer as raising money on the child trafficking issue and implied he is somehow not really doing anything. Check yourself, research, validate. I disagree with your position and think that he is legit According to his website, he has a documentary team up and running (the basis of his money-raising effort from the get-go) and is documenting that:

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    The other issue and im not sure if you mention this because im just starting to watch the video. I like to post my thoughts when they are fresh though. But google is youtube right? So when people search for other sources google can direct them away from those other sites.

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    Hey Nathan, really digging your channel and content. Fairly new subscriber (3 weeks or so). You do a great job in staying somewhat neutral when you’re presenting the issues and making sure you state it’s your opinion when expressing possibilities. You are a good investigator and journalist in my opinion. Glad I found your channel.

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    could the fukishima radiation somehow exacerbate the fires?

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    I agree with pretty much everything with the exception of anarcho-capitalism and the notion of people volunteering to build roads. I don't even shovel my driveway half the time. Do any of you guys want to build a friggin' road? When was the last time you had car trouble and had to walk to the next exit on the highway. I'm talking pre-cellphone days. Takes for goddamn ever. Can you imagine paving all that? At least here in Illinois the roads are pretty damn good.

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    Nathan, I saw your old co host Jay doing an ad for PragerU (PragerUniversity). I'm also not getting ANY notifications at all, I'll keep checking back.

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    Share this GLOBEL news Dec 8 Fox Report towards the end of the interview the the man on the left states that the Republicans are starting to stand behind POTUS then states that Q might have something to do with it. It appeared that it was edited but not completely!!!!! Caught it this morning. Check it out!!!! Could be a conformation!!!! Food and water for two weeks!!!!!!!!!

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    Fantastic show Nathan, it's good to see people with credible ethics and research practices getting together. I've watched you each over the last year, and have some suggestions for further guests to unite those on a solutions path – James Corbett, Richie from Boston, Nicholson1968, Jake Morphonios, Dane Wiggington, The Honeybee, Gonz at Face Like The Sun, Ed at The Outer Light, A Call For An Uprising (The Fire Rising), Max Igan, Luke Rudowski (We Are Change), Chris Simpson, Tyranny Unmasked, Carolyn Limaco, Gnostic Media… I'm sure there are other great people who can unite in truth for humanity, but these are the main ones, including yourselves, I make time to check in with…
    Thank you all for your courage and dedication in delving into and delivering information to truthseekers
    I hope a mass-awakened reset triumphs over the AI 5G singularity, you guys give me hope.
    I agree with Titus and Nathan – exposing #PEDOGATE FULLY is the key to a true reset.

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    I wouldn't include Sather in with the MAGA movement becuase he has been critical of trump. For example: saudi weapons deal.

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    The NWO continues to advance because so many are greedy & gullible.

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    "Chatty Do" >> LIVE with Mounty Python flying circus ACT!

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    By the way, that California forest fire video is totally fake. I was there driving on that exact road, going the same direction that night and there was no fire.

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    Looking back at all this its funny to see Defango being cool with all these people.

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