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    Great live stream. Thank you for ur work.

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    lets sanction the country's ability to buy/ import foods from other countries then lets blame and shame them in UN for not being able to feed their own people and for having famine.

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    purple pills for the masses? not here I hope. wake these guys up Nathan!

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    Nathan collecting as much crypto currency as possible off of truth isn't a solution to the actual problems. He definitely looks really excited about making $ though.

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    no one knowz who the creators and managers of Bitcoin are
    Probably the rothschild banking cartel. And all they have to do is pull the plug on your digital currency and poof it's all gone. Talk about an economuc reset as they hold.on to property, currency, silver gold and other precious metals.

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    Anyone lose internet connectivity today around Noon EST?

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    This is good. The real McCoys Have to band together. the GENUINE Youtubers NEED to band together…

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    I think "Q" is trying to put blame on the previous admin, for all the issues that are arising, and The Current regime is trying to pretend like America is a Victim that has to pull out of certain foreign policies and make certain statements that will eventually lead to a war. Q is trying to get ppl behind a war…

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    I can understand him..he suddenly can earn money by just putting videos on's like a dream came true..he can finally move out of his dad's house in just 6 independend from anybody…there are tons of positive aspects…and I'm convinced he really wants to share all of it with his viewers …that's why he pushes crypto currency…I can't see any bad intention…but there is a good quote "it's to good to be true" .right now everything is good…nearly perfect when you had invested in crypto..I don't know…big companies are on it now too…huge amounts of money going right into crypto currency (blockchain technology) .. can the guys behind it really just pull the plug now??? it's possible…but I don't think so…what we have now is all speculative…you can become very rich or lose everything…both are possibilities…but the timeframe to get into cryptos will be over as soon it completely gets mainstream…there are signs already…btc /eth ads suddenly popping up on bigger sites…but the big point right now is netneutrality…big companies will rule over the internet…and I can not understand how youtubers can be on the site of the FCC now…we need these regulations…without it sites like steem, dtube etc. can be shut down..torrent sites too…without NN youtube alternatives can be taken off the net easily…torrent sites ?? maybe there will be no torrent sites anymore in 1 year…to kill netneutrality is a dream come true for the billion dollar tech giants…not for us.

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    four minutes in & I've skipped ahead of the intro then have to wait out a sound issue lay down on the bed and you roll the intro again…so I get up to skip again but instead I type this just cuz…so here's my solution for the solution show… we start getting our act together and begin to move on this chem, haarp, ionospheric heaters issue

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    Should cut your intro down a bit.

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    Trump was selected to be the Deep State ALLIANCE puppet. Trump's deal with them is to bring down the Deep State CABAL faction" with their Satanic ritual-abuse, child-trafficking, cannibalistic sadism that preys on humans. In exchange, he must push through 1) HUGE IRS TAX CUTS for corporations and wealthy (with only crumbs for the rest of us), 2) DEREGULATE everything that restricts industries and corporations, including clean air, water, food, and 3) START WAR with Iran and Korea. After the presidency, Trump will then become a $Trillionaire. The people will continue to get the shaft, as usual.

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    You have 30 days to recover your STEEM account if it ever it gets hacks. You just need to know your original password. If steeve still needs an account, I can always create one for him. Or, he can use "anon steem" service and do it himself.

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    Remember Iran NK Syria Cuba are all not part of the centralized Rothchild banking system therefore we are at war with them so was Iraq period all goes back to money for the crown and Vatican.

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    Just like Nike….? Just do it…thats life…opportunity arises take it….if thats what keeps you immersed in living then that is what needs to be the subject of conversation. Freedom has mental constraints that people are just waking to…the amnesia is coming to an end…join the conversation today…exciting new news daily…intense daily offerings that will blow your mind!

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