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    Taylor has a songwriting team behind every hit …

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    Kelce is taking over for Tom Brady (GOAT 2.0) in the NFL. He's got himself a witch, too. Giselle is a self-proclaimed witch, and I believe Taylor has referred to witchcraft too.

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    I think the war will begin by ppl start refusing to pay their taxes in large numbers. I've just about had it paying ridiculous taxes just to have it given to foreign countries and illegal aliens.

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    I thought Tom MacDonald was supposed to be anti-establishment. Isn't Ben Shapiro an Establishment right wing Republican?

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    Good show, Nate.
    Im unsubscribing

    Then resubscribing

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    It's really getting funny, how naive Nathan is. Has he been sleeping since 2001?

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    Omg I so called that Taylor Swift thing. I knew it was more about football betting. And all her songs sound the same.. It's music for preteens. I wouldn't even listen it as a teen.
    The Influencers and what is supposedly 'trending', isn't. Who are these people? What are their names? Where did they all come from? No more masks and anonymity. And why did we never see Embassy Cat in that window? There were cameras pointed at it for months. It's call a show. Any indoor cat would be in a window all day. He didn't go to Mars, he went to prison. Assange can have visitors and do interviews. Where are they? Silence. We are supposed to just take their word for it people are punished. Theres a reason we did things we did in the old days. We seem to have forgotten that people lie.

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    I’d say the psy-op started with the freakish degree of hype around Taylor Swift’s tour this past year. And what was up with the post concert amnesia phenomenon?

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