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    Nathan, please start eating raw eggs, drink structured water and drink Noni juice.

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    For some reason I just like you for many years, way back prior to Kappy

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    Hi from Australia Nathan. I am a longterm patreon of yours ( but apparently not a paying customer..) & also, in my car I carry your LTV 'TRUTH MATTERS ' T SHIRT on a coathanger, draped on the backseat, with seatbelt on; have done for years. ..because truth does matter.
    I have watched your channels ( only intermittently for the past 18 months). I admire your choice to be vulnerable, particularly in these very contentious times, however please protect your soul. Take care Nathan

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    Go back to smoking weed or ur pill bro. Can handel ur bs now a days

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    Sorry you are feeling stressed. You are in my prayers.

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    I can't use the paid version of Rokfin.. don't have a credit card..they're not common here in Germany .

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    Nathan! Love you man. I've been following you since like 2016 and I hope you feel better. You are a great content creator, they censor the best.

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    You want the truth ? You got to pay for it! No TRUER sentence.

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    Love that you're approaching every show as if it's the last~ brilliant, imho.

    *Just signed up on rokfin, like it a lot already. Would be great to see it take off & leave the loserbag others in the dust- especially this one!

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    The chaos of this world never made any sense until I realized that the problems can never be solved through social, economic or political means.
    The reason for this is that it's all about spiritual warfare. We have a creator who gives us the instructions on how to handle ourselves in this warfare. And through our faith in that creator, we have the key to eternal life in the perfect presence with him. That's the truth and the adversary hates the truth. That's why Jesus said, "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you."

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    Hi Nathan, I'm in the UK and the premium version of Rokfin doesn't seem to be available, so I can't view your latest video. Is there another platform I can use that caters for non US viewers, if you want to monetise your content?

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    isn't charging for viewers for people that actually do content that's in high-demand? And doesn't restricting viewing to being pay-only just eliminate what small viewership that might have otherwise watched if it were free?
    You used to do content that people wanted to see. Then you got suppressed, and then you changed your content. Always used to enjoy listening to the stuff you'd research and present and when Katie was co-hosting, the show had never been better.
    These days (and past 6-12 mo?), your show is just you talking about your show or yourself. That's likely going nowhere. Just $.02
    Getting eyes on the show should be #1. Then perhaps either some product-placement or donations might come? As someone that's watched since Bernardino…there's zero chance of paying for a membership. There are too many other creators and unlike the old days, don't hear much these days that someone else isn't already covering. You used to do unique & original content. Although today, nobody else is talking about your show or you so in that way I guess it's unique. Whether it's R-Ice, A.G., TLAV, or whoever…paying to listen to someone talk is probably not in the cards.

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    WoW , I’ve said for 30 years that Iesus is the Epitome of Quantum Physics

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    Dude, did his wife leave him?

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    Nathan I have been tuning in off and on since like 2016 or 17. I wish you well whatever you do.

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    Are you okay? just checking up on you.

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