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    Nathan – I remember you had John McAfee on your channel. You got it, keep it going!!!

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    Man, where is Ye and Milo when we need them. There's just no internet drama that even comes close anymore

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    Its that time clock in the beginning that is making people click out

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    Defango is A fed contractor provocateur haker . Like most grifters

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    Belmont bridge renamed ChappyStile

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    The amount of times I can hear your mouth smacking and making a wet noise is extremely annoying. Might want to fix that for sure.

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    Miss the days of Isaac happy and the freedom to just accuse anyone famous of the worst things humans can do. Not that kappy was lying but man that was really the end of freedom on YouTube. Makes me feel old and not really care about "conspiracy theories" which are mostly all true cuz you cannot even broach really interesting subjects anymore. Sucks.

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    Love your show, but listening about Eliza blue even from you makes me fall asleep. Tim pool sucks too. Talk about current conspiracies or create your own conspiracies and debunk them. Purina egg shortage, spy balloon, Covid excess death, serial killers in nc university/ Chicago and elsewhere, Ukraine oligarchs getting rich, rigged nfl, etc.. love the show still

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    Nathan makes my gusset wet

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    Unsuccess is a measure of truth; the truth won't be successful. But you could make a separate anonymous side-channel, unconnected to this, which is pure, short entertainment, e.g. using a virtual cat avatar and calling the channel "I hate puppies" JUST AS A MONEY SPINNER sandboxed from your main truth account. Fair side earnings. The two channels are totally isolated. Have your cake AND eat it <3

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    I love the coverage of Eliza Bleu and Tim Poole. I do tune in to every show but rarely tip as I have my own financial challenges

    You are excellent online and I know you will find a way to monetise your talent

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    And Yes most of the Christians online with a big profile are FAKE and grifters

    Jesus IS however the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him ! ♡

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    Nathan it's time to go to Rumble your voice on YouTube diminished and that is why you're not happy. Start the show on YouTube and then say now we're going to continue the conversation on rumble… others do that. YouTube is dying by self inflicted suffocation.

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    Tim Pool does not interest me , he comes across like a brat. You do deserve his audience levels

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    You gota only do content if you enjoy doing it, not for the cash cuz its really just if jews like you or not

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    Don't get it your head so much. You have valuable content. I think a great Chinese man once said Build it and they will come. Yea that Jimbob thing had me Rollin. Hoaxwars had a stream on it last night but it got taken down before I could finish it damnit.

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    People want to hear about AI right now I think? Can you talk more about AI, and how to use it???

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    Nathan I want a consultation with you

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    Hey, Nathan. None of that trinity information will save you. So…I wouldn’t worry about it. Be well.

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    nathan you missed all the action saturday night on yotube chrissie mary asked where you were at defango is thinking about sueing timcast

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