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  1. 1500 Americans being sacrificed by Israel and Zionist traitors in the US government….what else is new?

  2. Stocks not crashing just testing support DOW going to around 35k

  3. Governments in trouble all bankrupt

  4. Did you hear Iran is having mass flooding and 500000 left homeless. Plus sinkholes swallowing small town. Don't think there capable to go to war now. Stand down Dogs of War

  5. Israel needs to fight it's own wars.

  6. I guess the swamp was bigger than he thought

  7. Trump acts like he’s so unwoke: “There’s a military industrial complex, and that’s what they call it.”

  8. It's not that Donald Trump doesn't want to go to war. He would in a minute. America, once more, is simply playing "Good cop, Bad cop" and Trump is playing "Good cop" at the moment. They want Iran to accept the deal – whatever that deal consists of. If they don't, America is already threatening them. It's just "Confessions of an economic hitman" all over again.

  9. Horrible .
    More wars ??
    Bring our soldiers home and stop fighting for greed !!!
    These presidents are all PUPPETS .

  10. End times are among us? Jesus Christ Nathan…

  11. Even if Trump isn't malevolent, he's dumb. He will fall for any false flags.

  12. may Donald Trump gets what he deserves+++ may his connections to epstein be investigated+++ may the pedos come down+++

  13. Nat, keep making vids, keep speaking the truth as best you can, fight a good fight.
    When you look back, in a few yrs, you can say your did your best on UTube and social media.

  14. It seems all you do is bag on trump.

  15. Nathan, you've been listening to to the cryptic banter too much lately.

  16. He's just saying that because he knows Americans don't want war. He will go right back to it if he is elected again. That is if Bolton and the CIA don't provoke a war before the election.

  17. I am not a Trump supporter. I do not support ANY of them! I honestly think Trump may not want this war, but he may not have the sway we think he does as President.

  18. I don't believe Iran would do anything to provoke the perps but no doubt the perps will stage a fake event. Hopefully this is just a distraction.

  19. bomb Israel. give it back to the Palestinians.

  20. NEVER support your troops

  21. trump is cyrus. there most be blood and birth pains, he wants war.

  22. I don’t want to be mean but pompeo needs to be publicly beheaded.

  23. Nathan you need to stop being lazy and research your videos , the carrier strike group was originally permitted to enter the gulf by Iran but as of right now the carrier is over 500 miles away it left the gulf 4 days ago for fear of being sunk the days of large carriers being unsinkable has already passed

  24. Other Big news with Assange facing death or life in prison. Bad news for free speech and journalists.

  25. Men, you have to show strength. This title is trite.

  26. The only group that wants war are the (((merchants))) and those can profit from their ties with the merchants.

  27. What it is. Watch what I say, not what I do

  28. Just seen my mates brother in Iran filming the gov moving large rocket launchers to their boarders they are and or will hit the Saudi airport first and then they are going to sink a couple of tankers in the strait blocking ship movements in the straits then it will be on

  29. Iran is not suicidal, nor are they stupid. It's called propaganda. Our "friends" the ones that are known for their banking prowess and large noses would just love to see us wipe Iran off the map.

  30. Trump sucks jew cock

  31. Nathan is pretending it's not a puppet show. Cute!

  32. Lmbo…when did he wipeout all the caliphates? Didn't happen…come on already…smh

  33. Pompeo is one of those bring on the Rapture folks. From Wikipedia:

    "In 2014, Pompeo told a church group that Christians needed to "know that Jesus Christ as our savior is truly the only solution for our world".[124] In 2015 in a talk at a church, Pompeo said that "politics is a never-ending struggle … until the Rapture."[125]"

  34. China needs American consumers. They will capitulate.

  35. It’s them khazars who are wanting war with Iran

  36. Nathaniel Stolpman, I will personally write you a check for $1M if you take a DNA test that shows you aren't an Ashkenazi jew.

  37. I Do Not Believe One Word That Comes Out Of The Mouth Of That Masonic Lying Peace Of SHIT Trump!!!

  38. Bolton likes war and by virtue of his war on the ICCS protects pedophiles.

  39. "Trump Owns Up?" To what? Being a Rothschild shill? A puppet for Israel? Yeah, whatever. Just because there are some very powerful Khazarians running around, doesn't mean everyone who supports Israel is a "Zionist shill." Israel is surrounded by 22 Islamic-dominated nations that, in the words of the previous Iranian regime, want to "wipe Israel off the map." "Palestinians" and retarded socialists' like to chant how they are going to drive Israel in to the sea–and Israel and it's allies are at liberty to use suitable force. Arabs own more than 99% of the land in the Middle East–and not only are Israel legally entitled to the land that they dwell on, as per 1948 (the re-establishment of Israel from 3,500 years ago), 'Palestine' is Judea and 'Palestinians'' are Arabs: plane and simple. "Palestinians" have absolutely no heritage or legal entitlement to Israel/Judea. As for Trump, Trump is the best President America has had in my lifetime–despite being surrounded by bastards desperate to see him fail; it is clear the Deep State do not own him–still, if U'd prefer Hillary… have at it! By the way, your initial interview with Isaac Kappy was a disgrace.

  40. Isn't he the president, he could end the military industrial complex overnight, just as Truman and Eisenhower built it.

    But he won't, because he works for them!

  41. He wiped out 100% of the calliphate – Russia and Syria just watched!

  42. wipe out israel…..you are disgusting.

  43. What has Iran done???NOTHING!!!!!!

  44. It appears that way but… I won't be fooled again! Give it some time. Unfortunately war is on the horizon. Trump can say anything he wants, it's his actions that count. Like NOT securing our borders! Allowing a complete invasion! Wish I was wrong. Godspeed

  45. Why would Iran want to fight a war.
    It's only the warmongers in the usa

  46. What has Iran actually done?

  47. You don't send 1500 troops anywhere miilitary action, 1500 is for police action, escorts, and/or operations, and I find it interesting that Trump says we are sending some "very talented people"
    If he were ramping up for a color revolution or something like that he definitely wouldn't say that.
    Call me a q-tard larper or whatever you will, but to me it looks like 1500 very talented Americans are going into Iran to take care of some non-Iranian US or maybe International group that has been operating out of Iran and either destroy some equipment necessary for future Salse Slags or gather and extract evidence

  48. Unfortunately, Trump is as full of shit as every narcissist pig-in-chief, as the past kyke lovers.

  49. 1,500 Troops


    120,000 Troops

  50. Actions, NOT WORDS , Trump. I don’t care WHAT you Say . I care WHAT you DO !!!

  51. Trump: “Someday people will explain it…”

    Explanation: I$R@£L

  52. Trump: “They Stage terror all over the world…”
    ‘They’ = The United States

  53. Fire the SOB's Bolton and Pompeo and no war – he'll win in a landslide. I'm voting for Tulsi and give Omar and Tulsi money. Tulsi, The Bern, or write in Putin!

  54. My God you yanks are Soo gullible!!!!
    Is that all it takes?
    a zionist whispers in trumps ear to say some things that truthers would like to hear….and Bing trump isn't that bad!

    In all seriousness, if you go to war against Iran and you ppl don't physically stop it ….I see no reason why Americans outside of the states shouldn't be fair game too, you kill ppl in their own nations ..we should be able to X you yanks outside of your murderous nation!

  55. That military complex could be used to rebuilt what's blown away. There's a lot of requests from Syria where us killed a lot of woman and children. Just cut down the military complex and resign them for rebuilding.

  56. Well … the elites never do the fighting. They earn, have good food and wine … and after the war do the 'talking' and accomplish peace. As long als people fight for them …

  57. And the media report about the war … so we never will know what really goes on. You pay for it all, but what are they really do there ?

  58. He blew his own TRUMPET…WE finished the cali cartel lol

  59. The Chinese don't buy iphones. They never have. It's half a years salary for the middle class. They clone them(physically steal) and buy black market(which is why Apple is trying to get out).

  60. So who is the boss? 😀 Idiot sock puppet

  61. Probably Trump is just pretending to not want a war so then when they orchestrate an "Iranian" false-flag attack, he can play the part of the unwilling participant in war. Crude as it is, that's probably what they're aiming for. I mean, these people ARE crude.

  62. Let's get real here…. Trump works for Israel, not the U.S. The only reason he said "they don't want to fight" is because 2020 and he knows Americans do NOT want war with Iran. It's bs propaganda by Trump and his pr manager Jared Kushner so Donald doesn't look like the bad guy. He picked Bolton and Pompeo and anyone that pays attention know they are psycho warhawks. Israel wants war with Iran thereby so does Trump. You're acting naive LTV.

  63. The Mexican cartels are a greater threat to America than Iran.

  64. This is why you should start backing Trump instead of NOT supporting him. But MORE importantly find God thru Jesus Christ. Just explore it. You'll see it predicts the world we are experiencing.

  65. LIft The Veil? More like Lift the Toilet Seat!

  66. Trump Owns Up: "I don't think Iran wants to fight" – Sends 1500 Troops to stir it up for evil israel and the Greater Israel Project expansion. Remember the USS Liberty.

  67. Bolton is not in touch with reality because no matter what proof there is that Iran isn't a threat and hasn't attacked anyone in 150 years. He's psychotic and has been killing people for decades. Don't forget he was one the co authors of the PNAC document that laid out how the US had to invade several different countries to defeat terrorism. The old haglian dialectic problem, reation, solution. Create the problem, wait for the fear based reaction then step in and offer the pre plannrd solution that they had planned all along.

  68. how do you wsnt to gather intelligence?

  69. Nathan, I just tried emailing you about something you have covered but it came back saying your email doesn't exist or anything. I was emailing you about my buddies wife, who just found out she has cancer and just went through her 1st chemotherapy routine. She is absolutely miserable. I emailed you asking about rick simpson oil. I left my number but like I said it didn't get sent. If you can email me at mdelik052@gmail.com.

  70. Hey, Nathan? I saw what you posted about Gabe Hoffman on Twitter. That took a lot of guts. Mad props to you for standing up, man.

  71. That's kinda big that he called that out.

  72. Only fox news is recommended on your vids lol just like mark dice

  73. talk about the pedophiles – did your daddy Stolpman word for Federal EPA attendibg UN meetings and ALONG SIDE nasa??? WHAT'S YOUR INCOME OT HER THAN YOU TUBE?


  75. I like the part when Nathan shows the lift the veil website and says “our model” we know it you mannnn!

  76. that guy from Phoenix Enigma is blocking comments he doesn't like, so he has to be a shill

  77. Where r u. Hope Nathan is ok

  78. Isaac Kappy with shopping at the Danbury Fair Mall this past weekend

  79. Next stop: war with Russia!

  80. faggot this channel doing good

  81. You are done for , I followed you to DTube and all the material is BS, when I said it in chat they banned me for saying the truth.

    Nathan you are a fraud enjoy the your demise.


  83. Beware: I sense a false flag event and blame Iran to get us into another Israel war. (IMO)

  84. Politics=political theater and entertainment for the military industrial complex. Dog and pony show. (IMO)

  85. I believe it was Wikijoe who forwarned of the possible false flag event of the USS Abraham Lincoln, that might be attacked and blame it on Iran to get us into war with Iran. Same BS different county under attack. Same thing with 911. Blame Iraq when Iraq had NOTHING to do with 911. How about 5 dancing Israelies? (IMO)

  86. L T V
    Youre a jealous Trump hater

    Jealousy is no way to go through life.

    Nobody likes you LTV

  87. iran has been on the list of countries the usa is going to invade, destabilize,destroy and then rape their resources. this is not news. I'v known iran was going to be invaded since just after 2001. I hoped it wouldn't come to pass but here we are.

  88. When you play anything from CNN… you get garbage!…. LIES!…. 17+

  89. yellow cake uranium.

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