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    I knew Nathan was smart but a perfect SAT score? That’s rather impressive.

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    Nathan, what do you think about AI allowing or even planning attack on their own country, People say Israel too well protected for this to happen!

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    Newsome handled the kid thing well, he was not hurt!

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    You are so on form Nathan …I am sorry if that means you are medicated into permanent sadness

    Even without pharmaceuticals I live in permanent low grade depression…more a result of childhood trauma/mkultra….but all good. We adapt. And you are doing great

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    They didn’t target civilians: the rave was close to a military outpost.

    Hamas had the German Jewish girl in the hospital & she was alive her mother confirmed. But then israel bombed hospitals & won’t allow any aide in.

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    Nasim, May she rest in peace

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    When lamestream media and pols use the light vs darkness metaphor you know it means the exact opposite.

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    Regarding the hockey thing, he skated off the field, so could have been some mistakes during medical care.

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    We are in the apocalypse season. The bible says the Synagogue of Satan will be the last card before this version of earth quietly goes away.

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    No way man Jews and Republicans ,
    Next you be telling me the Jews and Democrates are happy too

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    Anti zionism is not antisemitism, it is standing against oppression.

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