1. I knew Nathan was smart but a perfect SAT score? That’s rather impressive.

  2. Nathan, what do you think about AI allowing or even planning attack on their own country, People say Israel too well protected for this to happen!

  3. Newsome handled the kid thing well, he was not hurt!

  4. You are so on form Nathan …I am sorry if that means you are medicated into permanent sadness

    Even without pharmaceuticals I live in permanent low grade depression…more a result of childhood trauma/mkultra….but all good. We adapt. And you are doing great

  5. They didn’t target civilians: the rave was close to a military outpost.

    Hamas had the German Jewish girl in the hospital & she was alive her mother confirmed. But then israel bombed hospitals & won’t allow any aide in.

  6. Nasim, May she rest in peace

  7. When lamestream media and pols use the light vs darkness metaphor you know it means the exact opposite.

  8. Regarding the hockey thing, he skated off the field, so could have been some mistakes during medical care.

  9. We are in the apocalypse season. The bible says the Synagogue of Satan will be the last card before this version of earth quietly goes away.

  10. No way man Jews and Republicans ,
    Next you be telling me the Jews and Democrates are happy too

  11. Anti zionism is not antisemitism, it is standing against oppression.

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