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    oliver stone was a putin guy too before tucker – http://youtube.com/watch?v=IwZApPCFXIc&t=1237s/ Ukraine on Fire | Trailer | Documentary | Oliver Stone

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    You sound great Nathan, right on point. love it!

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    I spent 4 months in jail with a quarter million dollar cash assuredly bond for defending myself in my own house, from two peace officers.

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    Braggs needs to be arrested for accessory. And he committed accessory to a crime.

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    Bill says, “ things are good” as the shill playin with his expensive cigar.

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    Nathan is the best. Your peeps love you. Never give up!

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    Usually this time of the year we get that atmospheric river, previously known as the pineapple express, here on the north Oregon coast. We are used to it. Instead we got Cali weather. Sunshine and 65-70’. Yes cloud seeding happens but cloud steering also happens.

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    Do us a favor in the future and don't use a clip with so much censorship in the intro

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    Hey Nathan, I love catching your shows❤ I was born in 78' & I feel you on that level! Life is crazy… we are just figuring out how to exist with it!

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    Man, people need to stop trippin about the weather in San Diego. The only thing crazy about it is the coverage of it. Last year was way worse. 2017 was crazy and i can go back to the 1970s. The late 70s made this look like a warm sunny summer. My great granparents had their roof ripped off by a torronado in the 1930s. Folks, ever 5 or 10 years southern C.A. gets weather. And it floods. We get flooding if it rains for an hour. I had relitives contacting me about, "the Great Flood". I was like, "what flood, what hell is everyone talking about". Folks, the L.A. river floods every damn time it rains. There's nothing, absokutly nothing strange about this.

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    Last week's episode of 'The Highwire' had a powerful and informative interview covering the border issue.

    During the interview they also discussed how Mayorkas was a board member of HIAS and involved in funding and organizing camps helping the migrants along their way.

    If you didn't catch it, Nathan, really worth a watch.

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