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  1. Not does He just sound DUMB….Hes a lousy Actor too…Is this for Real….

  2. CC = 33. Name sounds fake. Looks jewish. Deployed by jewish anti-white New York Times.
    "“If White men were not complaining, it would be an indication we weren’t succeeding and making the inroads that we are.”

    — Arthur Ochs Sulzberger

  3. Destruction of western culture,open borders and 3rd wave feminism isn't far right. The left have moved the goal posts with their crazyness

  4. The NYT is a dangerous publication. I think radicalized means to wake-up jameslico.com

  5. Nobody cares about that botox lipped prostitute barbie doll looking Canadian.

  6. If they actually do manage to kill off our free speech, it doesn't stop extremists from taking their hatred underground. This whole thing is just absolutely stupid. Together, left or right, we could achieve great things…but instead, all we do is talk about sexuality, gender, race etc. It's just so ridiculous. You can't control anybody, nor should you want to.

  7. i knew this would happen ever since i estimated that conservative political themed videos represent at least 25% of youtube's content. this guy is a spook and molyneux is just particularly retarded.

  8. I wish an anon would research where this guy comes from… who does he know. Does he have any contact with or related to anyone that wants to take down right leaning youtube

  9. Megan McCain on The View strongly suggested a k.ill sho.t to our President, but she was just being metaphorical, don't you know? Even looking for a twitching finger. This is "acceptable" Alt-Left talk on corporate television. No YouTube video was necessary to think of her as a sow from hell. Trump 2020, mofos.

  10. They doubled the ads on Those monetised, so that covers it.

  11. can we not talk about suicide videos to respect the dead by not leading everybody to watch the video and can we have some common sense

  12. Looks like he's looking for an authority figure. There you o he has no parents, and he will follow anyone that feels sure of him or her self because he dies not.

  13. That house he is in just doesn't feel right.
    Something way off with this guy.

  14. Caleb Cain = Abel & Cain??

  15. If this isn’t fake for sensational news, then he’s a looser cherry picking the contents of what others say that resonated with his world view and disregarded the whole. Disgusting journalism by NYT.

  16. Everything they're doing to stop or control the great awakening is backfiring. We must stay confident and use the momentum we've have. Sure, on the surface it seems like they have all the power, but I see people all around me waking up, so I'm more excited than scared about the future now, something I couldn't say a year ago. Stay strong. Stay positive. We're winning.

  17. I don't know if (((they))) think we're stupid enough to believe this paid actor or (((they're))) stupid enough to believe we would.

  18. Kids probably a actor ciap

  19. People are loosing everything., kill the lie

  20. Nathan,
    Is it not possible to create a Youtube alternative with just as much content and choice without the censorship? How long do we wait for the censorship to sterilize the real subject matter into just another mainstream platform? What are the obstacles?

  21. mental health issues are not represented correctly and/or even wisely through highlighting a misled individual rants. One's beliefs are only that, personal beliefs. People discover through discoveries new choices and maybe new options. One thing I an ay is true as your body grows your mind and choices will grow. That's why you think differently now form when you were 10yrs. is ill continue to happen as you get older. You have enough of life to know you don't know everything and that is the same for all of us. Have patience, have intent of heart to grow older with love and peaceful actions. 🙂

  22. Ahhh. The MKUltra white blonde hair. Every damn time

  23. Americans are "radicals", they support war, racism against their white people, support infanticide, and the destruction of their own culture through mass migration. People turn to the internet for truth and a path back to sanity. Most of the people listen on NYT's article picture are Zionist gate keepers, paid off trolls who love to push hate of Muslims while ignoring Israel's hand at creating the wars in the Middle East, supporting mass migration, and inciting hate against those same migrants…This is all a psyop, one best ignored.

  24. The Zionists love to push the idea of Nazis, while they are the ones who are the true nazis. The goal here is far beyond YouTube, this is about making any questioning of the Zionist machine you will be branded a "nazi".

  25. It's actually a comedy. The clowns are owning it now.

  26. I’m waiting to hear something Caleb became aware of that wasn’t true. The truth is not racist.

  27. This is getting crazy!!

  28. this should be a case for discrimination, this is a public platform and they are not allowed to offer money to youtubers who only push what they deem to be true news

  29. You work Doshi so hard as a producer. I am glad to see him sleeping . .

  30. Psyop to ban 1A and 2A. But focus on you being demonetized like anyone gives a sh** about that.

  31. What happens is people get on the internet and realize that the far right is correct now. Something wrong with that???

  32. I am a conservative now but I voted for Gore back in the day and I CAN'T STAND Democrats now . . now that I educated myself. No biggie. That is how life is. You live and learn. You change your mind. Radicalized?? LOL!!!

  33. Ahahahah you called stefan molyneux a philosopher. That's funny. When he's in one of his woman hating rants, blaming women getting the right to vote for the decay of society, and defending abusive hate speech as "free speech", I guess in terms of philosophical schools he must be a post modern-anarcho-discordian-sophist?

  34. Nobody with a physiognomy like Mr. Cain's was ever attracted to the alt-right. This is for sure a hoax. Has anybody actually found Cain's channel?

  35. Thought crimes?
    Is not your life and experiences a roadmap to how you think and experience the world around you?
    If you are so impressionable that either leftist, center or rightist viewpoints expressed on YouTube have radicalized you?
    What can I say?
    Let us remember this is about the freedom of thought and exchange of ideas and perspectives.
    The first amendment is under attack and censorship is now a reality.
    Where does the Americans go to express his viewpoints,
    if what is acceptable today
    will not be acceptable tomorrow?
    Are we to live in a floating crapshoot of thoughts and ideas that prevent other voices from being heard?
    This shift into censorship is real
    and unhealthy in an America that was founded on these ideas.
    I'm not going to shed any tears over people that were left or center and are now right or those who were on the right or center who are now on the left.
    Essentially, other than the first amendment and censorship which is now alive and well in the USA-
    Wake up and smell the coffee-
    if you don't say what it is the handlers for those who are running these multinational corporations want you to say?

    Yeshua is the WAY,
    the TRUTH
    the LIFE.

    When does YouTube and all the other platforms finally have a complete censor of thought and content?
    Yes, it is happening.

    Time for new
    Freedom of speech style
    YouTube style platforms to be established!
    Now, that is a revolution!

  36. "radicalized" by Big Man Tyrone, lmao

  37. I watch lift the veil to balance the right wing channels that I watch. I enjoy the nuance of your channel and others. People should have the freedom to explore different points of view on a wide range of topics.

  38. bad acting from the kid

  39. Where do they find these horrible actors?

  40. Wasn't this kid in "Ferris Buellers day off"?

  41. having your hometown and school dist taken over by hispanics, becoming a minority in your hometown that was 99% white, seeing millions of brown people on welfare, living like pigs and making your town a shithole, going to the store and youre the only white person, and only person speaking english, going to get your kid at school and 85% of the kids are hispanic, when the school was 99% white 15 years ago… losing your job contracting because hispanics do crap work for a fraction of the money. seeing hispanics pull up in a 50k work truck, brand new, in brand new clothes, then they pay with food stamps….


  42. Yeah he’s acting. This is an act no doubt

  43. Yeah he’s acting. This is an act no doubt

  44. Some of the right wing Youtubers mentioned in the article are dangerous to young minds; especially young minds that are confused or lost.
    There is a real issue with dangerous extremists pushing toxic ideologies on Youtube; both on the extreme Right and the extreme Left.
    Toxic extremist ideologies are as dangerous to children and young minds as drugs and alchohol and pronography.
    ps – the mainstream corporate media also pushes dangerous extremist ideologies.

  45. The making of a 'school shooter'?

  46. They're not trying to take down YouTube, they're trying to take down the right-wing channels.

  47. he looks like cameron frye

  48. This kid is a false flag. Manufactured story. NYT and other mainstream outlets trying to silence independent content and take its place on YouTube

  49. Youtube does radicalize people. It is designed that way

  50. I'd like to have the alternative websites for the entire list of "far right radicals" on that montage bc they look like the kind of content I am interested in.

  51. No effing way this kid actually knows Stef Molyneux or ever watched his vids. Not buying it. You can tell when he starts saying what he learned from Stef.

  52. mainstream is the brainwashing.

  53. I’d Much rather listen to the Thoughts of Soph.

  54. “Guests”
    “Pet issue”
    I set everyone on the internet up as an authority?
    High school was rough?
    Family issues?
    Suicide vids?
    He’s looking for fame but then is too depressed to handle it?

  55. This Cain person is a lying sac of crap. His gain to fame for a Leftist rag with an agenda

  56. Sorry, Nathan. You missed it on this one.

  57. I get you in m recommended videos all the time

  58. You have a commercial on your channel. Just an fyi. Everyone else I watch doesn't anymore.

  59. It's like saying playing Dr. Mario turned me to illegal pharmaceuticals.

  60. Steffan is a smart dude, he's an actor, he tells fibs he's contradictory, if you listen to him over a period of time this is clear, all you need to do is remember what he said beforehand.
    Baked alaska has been got to, either that or he was trying to lead the opposition from the start, right off the edge of the cliff.
    And mr33 likewise.

  61. How is NYT carlos slim the Latino Arabbbbbbb doing now days still tax payer funded bullshitter?

  62. Caleb is one of (((them))), which means hes not to be trusted.

  63. So fake, he's an actor…

  64. He looks Jewish………set up

  65. I was radicalized by Pewdiepie and Candace Owens….

  66. White replacement is bad. Feminism is bad and Cultural Marxism and Muslims are the main threats to Western civilization.

  67. I despise the globalist MSM and their fascist social media lackeys. There must be a way to completely eviscerate and abandon them into irrelenance while maintaining our reach and relevance in mainstream American.

  68. NATHAN..
    I have always believed you were legit. Please contact the channel Girlfriend. She has a video of the minutes after the supposed Kappy jump. This place is known for human trafficking. Employee of Days Inn says that jump never happened. There was a jump before in that same place. Maybe that's the video footage used. This video shows you how public this area is???

  69. ACTOR. I just listened to the first clip again and this was so obviously scripted. And I an not a fan of Stephan Moly but believe in free speech.

  70. Its a win for them if they push this guy to suicide.

  71. Is that Ferris Bueller's mate? 0:10

  72. I was born with distrust of authority figures!

  73. I smell the smoke of burning books. Pre-internet adults read controversy, read philosophy, read poetry, joined political organizations, were activists, and had quiet discussions of revolution. It is our right to expand our consciousness. It is our right to change our minds. It is our right to explore. Controversy is subjective. This is PC madness turned to tyranny. Thank you, Nathan, for sharing. (BTW, guy is giving the Gorillaz a bad name).

  74. In answer to how they are making up the revenue, perhaps it's the mainstream invasion on yt. I've watched a couple and THEY DON'T LET YOU SKIP ADDS. I now let adds play on my preferred YT-ers after learning they get paid from that. I am glad you are trying alt platforms. Ps. Though most of my preferred channels have been demonetized.

  75. He's a fraud. You can tell by his giant nose.

  76. Paid actor to be used as an example. Just like Ilhan Omar was a Soros plant in order to pass the anti-Semitism bill. Then you find out Soros is a front man for Rothschild.

  77. All the famous right wing vloggers are paid agents, the establishment use them to outshriek truly independent voices. People really believe creatures like alex jones, lauren southern, molyneux, black pigeon, rose up out of nowhere on account of their "special" knowledge? People will never stop being idiots, and always want to believe in false prophets. They pollute your brains indeed by putting opinions into the current false right-left dichotomy.

  78. The guy is an actor. Come on people. Its obvious.

  79. LGBT adoctrination in schools is perfectly fine, though…

  80. Why aren't u on the hit piece

  81. looks like that domsheit hacker guy in disguise.

  82. What's the problem ?
    YouTube has metastasized into a toxic place.
    Needs to be totally eradicated.
    I won't be sorry.

  83. More NYT spotlight fallacy.

  84. I see Tyrone in that photo collection.

  85. This is a joke dude. /Pol LARPing or NYT crisis actor cuck?

  86. Why is conservatism considdered radical? Maybe they should blame the video games. Oh and this is fake news. This kid is full of shit.

  87. Lifting the veil off of the Christianity fraud:

    not an extraterrestrial from outer space

    An orthodox teaching follows this, "Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins".

    This can be easily seen as a falsity as Jesus had taken away the sins of the woman caught in

    adultery BEFORE even one drop of blood was spilt.

    "Jesus means DEVIL because the devil really means adversary and he's an adversary of humans (beasts with the 666 atom)"


    Christ didn't die for you. He was grabbed and treated unmercifully, spit upon, had facial hair torn

    out, was humiliated and completely desecrated and his death was a sweet savor in the nostrils

    of Jehovah.. that's what you're celebrating.

    how empowering!

    Repent? Repent from what?

    There's never a reason to be sorry for being born as a human into a space-time reality! It was

    purposed for the experience!

    HYMN: Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

    "Immortal, invisible, God only wise,

    In light inaccessible hid from our eyes,

    Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days,

    Almighty, victorious, Thy great name we praise."



    image; plural noun: images


    a representation of the external form of a person or thing

    Genesis 1:27

    "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female

    created he them."

    If you're invisible and look in the mirror, what image is represented?

    you know EVERYTHING! wink wink

    If you know everything, Holy God, you know what it's like to take it up the butt!

    Very naughty, God! tsk tsk

    The Blood Atonement Doctrine:

    "Quick! Stab me to death so you don't have to burn forever for touching yourself!"

    The Biblical Flood:

    That awkward moment when you realize eradicating everyone except for one family because of

    sin means repopulating the earth with a whole lotta incest!!

    Revelation 3:16

    "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my


    Yes, proof that god plans to eat us. May I be lukewarm to avoid that fate!

    If you seek salvation from the Son/Sun, you end up in the Lake of Fire..

    If the sun is anything like our earth, it can also be flat, which makes it a lake of fire.

    "Getting burned by the Sun, this is true. This is no social crisis; this is you having fun!" – The Who "Another Tricky Day"

    How do you get rid of bullshit?

    You cut off the bull's head with a swing of the axe..

    "The Book of Curses"

    1. A good portion of the NT are letters written by Paul.

    2. Paul writes, "It is not I that sins."

    3. New Testament scripture states, "If any man says he does not sin, that man is a liar."

  88. What kind of Jew trick is this? Why is YouTube going after all these diet truthers? Surprised they don't come after you, kmn, trunews, etc.

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