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  1. Conspiracy theories must be free always. We humans have the right to question and theorize about what happens around us. Tired of this "fake news", "tin foil hatters" etc to bash and censor anyone who questions the power, actions , people and events. Oh, and even those who make videos to have views with "actor X said/did so and so" – with no proof – they're free to do it too. We people are clever or not to discern the good researched work from sensationalism, as we always had to do. We always had sensationalist newspapers and "serious" newspapers. It was never a problem before, it's just that now, they don't have editorial control and that scares them. Because the "real news" media are completely held hostage.

  2. we know this sh*t runs down deep, seems like the evil donut shop made these small donations just to make fake claims to have them hold the money. I contacted them to release my donation, they need to investigate the people who made these claims instead of just holding peoples funds.This kind of thing makes me regret everything about paypal

  3. Have you listened to Katy Groves on YOUTUBE an MK Monarch survivor revealing many deep aspects of what she went through as a CIA trafficked child…..please listen deeply revealing

  4. don't you think the guy going there to the pizza place w/gun ,    WAS STAGED.

  5. Lift the Evil… The Cat in the Backround…. I can’t believe that u aren’t controlled opposition. Sorry Your Name speaks….

  6. Haha best satire channel ever, the comments are next level too. is this real life? please halp.

  7. Just wondering if you ever ate at voodoo donuts? It operates like a normal bakery with donuts at Burnside and 3rd ave if I remember right. I mean I lived down the road from there for 6years . What testimonies are available? About voodoo? I really wanna know if this is true? Please lmk where the research is.. Thank you. I mean I knew people who worked there. Thanks. WWG1WGA.

  8. Wait what? Are you talking about Dante's the rock venue? My band played there alot. It's just a venue /bar/Pizza slice window part outside. They actually have the best NYC pizza in P-town. Again now I'm confused. Lmk, Thanks. And again. WWG1WGA.

  9. satanism or zionism-TRUTHER.

  10. This has been going on for a lot longer than 20 years! Those involved now are blackmailed..actors/politicians/lawyers. There's a lot coming out in the UK via youtube ..Melanie Shaw..Brian Harvey. Undercover police. Bill Maloney from pie n mash films was very vocal now he's been silenced. It seems that people have hit the tip of the iceberg but nothing is falling yet! It's time people came out and told the truth #nomoreabuse

  11. Awesome Channel exposing the beast system Grtz frm Sweden. Supporting the liberation of planet Earth. Victory of the Light

  12. So what, you don’t trust Michael ?? That man didn’t have to tell HIS story, but he did, so for anyone to question his credibility and looking for evidence witch most of the time is impossible cause it’s being held by authorities and higher ups, how dare you ?!?!?!

  13. Hi there. I have a question. Why are so many people saying rude things about both Mikey and also Issac?? Thx for your time, and reply …(in advance) if you do so. Have s wonderful weekend. Ttyl.

  14. Pray, Pray , Pray for Bill Smith ! He has a wife and little kids. Hope they are all OK !

  15. some of you youtubers — get a job

  16. Hi Nathan, keep up the great work sir!! We love you man and what you’re doing. Just wanted to let you know that it is my belief that the police DID take Michaels report seriously and they are in fear of being exposed themselves as part of the coverup. If you ever get a chance to check out a video by 17 year FBI Chief Ted Gunderson “CIA and Satanism” you will see that this goes all the way up to the top and has been going on for years. I’m not saying ALL of these people in these organizations are involved, most are good people, but key people in these organizations are put in place to keep the coverup going. The media, police, military, doctors, lawyers, judges, crematories etc, etc. It’s ALL connected to the worship of Lucifer and his fallen angels. You can watch an interview on YouTube with Roger J. Morneau who was in one of the secret societies that they worship the spirits of the dead. (fallen angels, demons) for power, wealth, fame.
    The Freemasons (another secret society) are one of the biggest organizations involved. They hide in plain sight, and they have their organizations split so the good people involved don’t have a clue what they are really doing or involved with. 1/3 of the fallen angels were cast out of Heaven along with Lucifer by God. 1/3 of 100 = 33. You will see this # hidden in plain sight all around us and many other #’s and symbols. Like the Bank of America logo (3 elevens) plus the colors blue and red which are the Illuminati colors making purple which represents magic. The CNN logo turned sideways =33. Business have the colors red and yellow which (represents fire) when combined makes orange. The color orange is the only color in Pythagorean numerology to equal 33. Of course their are businesses that have just orange as well. The KKK = 33 as it is the 11th letter of the alphabet. Formed as the terrorist arm of the Democrat party by 33rd degree Father of Freemasonry and Confederate General Albert Pike who has his statue in Washington DC to this day. It goes very deep and waaaaaaaaaaaay back to Mystery Babylon in Egypt. There is a reason the # 666 is in the google chrome logo, a broken pentagram (more powerful per Freemason Manly P. Hall “secret teachings of all ages” and a hexagram and Freemason logo “as above so below” designed into the streets of Washington DC by 2 Freemasons and one astrologer. One of the Freemasons was George Washington.
    God Bless you Brother and keep up the excellent work, we will be praying protection over you!!!

  17. Why does no one ever mention that kaulkin dated mily kunis that's now married to Ashton kuthcher. And also Kutcher sit boldly and blatantly before the system & confessed the c, I, a was coming to HIM for answers for child trafficking?? No one finds that odd? Did Miley move on & expose Mack for being involved in s,r,a to Ashton?

  18. You should do research into the courtney love Kurt cobain murder conspiracy. Courtney love was basically a homeless teen during the grunge era in the Portland and Salem Oregon area where voodoo donuts was conceived

  19. The problem is that the behaviors of McCaulie and his friends and the images and slogans of Voodoo are NOT illegal and the elites KNOW THIS. This is why they are taunting the truth movement. At this point, I think those at Media Matters, CBS, NBC….all of them…everyone is absolutely a pedophile either by choice or by compromise or by blackmail. Otherwise there'd be at least ONE person in any of those groups who would look at this "evidence" and give pause, thinking there might be something to what Whelan and others are saying. But no one is stepping forward. This isn't logical given the numbers on that side… so therefore everyone is involved. Period.

  20. “Veganmikey” lmao fuck that dude and your scam

  21. media matters=soros" owned

  22. What is your opinion of Franklin Graham being shown there? He was recently at the White House and I would hate to think he was into this crap if he is also classified as a friend of POTUS. It would not go over well if he was ever exposed. NOT saying he is part of that darkness but why would he have his picture taken there? Surely he is not a stupid man.

  23. Seriously? That's the evidence? When are we going to see all those police reports? Or some actual evidence of any kind from any of these people? Am I the only one not being fooled by a couple crack heads looking for easy money? Fucking insanity. You wonder why mike isn't updating? Because he's too busy eating high priced organic veggies and laughing about all the money you guys gave him.

    I'm sorry – if they end up showing stuff or bringing these people down, I'll be the first to apologize. But not before then.

  24. Maybe they was saying you were right wing cause you are exposing pedos and if you was left wing you wouldn’t be exposing pedophiles you’d be boasting them and talking them up like there good.

  25. Where's that associate producer doggie?

  26. Am I the only one that’s seen pieces of Isaac Kappys movies Hearts of desire where he plays a pedo with cabal symbols in the movie?

  27. Please let me catch that Hungarian piece of shit just once thats all I'm asking, one shot and a lot of the worlds problems would cease to be problems. His assclowns like Media Matters don't like not getting paid just ask those paid protesters trying to sue him for what he owes them….Fuck Soros!

  28. Destroy all that is evil so that which is good may flourish.

  29. Notice corporate media puts out headlines blaming the far right or whatever but they never present evidence. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the leftists get their nut harassing people at work, at home, and on the net?

  30. Another great video! But Ive gotta say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nathan smile!! Even his jokes are said straight faced.

  31. Name drop the pricks that lied.

  32. The MSM has certain concerns about 'who' might be the object of a right wing conspiracy.  You  need be very circumspect when talking about "who" in leftist Hollywood.  If we were in England you could be jailed for talking about "who".  But a mere already vilified character like a Catholic priest?  You can let 'er rip with all you've got in your arsenal.  Accuse, slander, and defame are all activities the MSM spreads on those "sicko" priests.  Try this little experiment.  I dare you.   If you can get through the 6 pages of headlines screaming "300 pedophile priests molest 1000's of children"  when doing a  search engine inquiry for "How many indictments were made as the result of the PA Grand Jury investigation of the priests?", you might, I say again, you 'might' find that the answer is "two".  That's right, two (2) priests were ordered to stand trial by a jury.  If you can stand reading the redacted Grand Jury Report itself, you'll find that most of the accusations are extremely old, one targets a priest born in the 1890's.  Half of the 150 who were final objects of the investigation as those  "credibly accused" are either dead or long thrown out of the priesthood.  Of the 75 left, only 2, that's right 2 (two) contained evidence that rose to the level of "probable cause", which makes a Grand Jury issue and indictment. "Only" 5% of the accusations allegedly took place between a priest and a pre-pubescent child.  The rest were between clerics and adolescents or adults.  So the "pedophile priest" is a serious mischaracterization of the truth.  The allegations involve homosexual activity, but the MSM refuse to call it "what it is".   Why?"  Because homo sex is a sacrosanct subject that they actively promote.  How would they look if they talked badly about homosexual activity?  So they call it by the far more vile and damning "pedophile' label.  It's a double whammy pack of bullshit!The saying goes "district attorneys  (or State Attorney Generals) now have so much influence on grand juries that “by and large” they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.”  Only prosecutorial evidence is presented to a Grand Jury.  No defense at all.  They are usually seen a weak cases by the defense lawyers because of it.  It doesn't take all that much to make an indictment.  By the way, PA AG  Shapiro lost a while back in a primary race for the governorship of PA.  He's a career pol and had never stepped into an actual court before his heading the Grand Jury on this matter.  This will assure him of winning the next primary and probably the governor job.  Shapiro was appointed by Ed Rendell, another landsman, as the previous AG Lyn Kane was found guilty and jailed for corruption, malfeasance, etc.  Take me up in my search engine dare.  I dare you.  They made a witch hunt out of this for some reason that is not clear yet.  But it sure worked.  Shapiro should be sued for inciting a media riot, defamation, slander, and so on.  Grand Juries exist to "indict or not to indict".  The legal reality?  2 indictments.  This is a bullshit con job by these crooks.  that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I double dare you.

  33. Why do I keep feeling like carris James moved to Portland??

  34. I missed the vegan mikey interview to start with and just caught the backlash. I have just found the interview and watched it and what I'm so shocked about is how obvious it is he is being attacked for speaking out. He is so obviously telling the truth and the ones attacking him are the ones who make it even more obvious. Such a stupid way to react if they are trying to cover it up. Voodoo donuts must be investigated properly or its an obvious cover up . It is that simple. If they have nothing to hide then the police should look into it and a cover up is not necessary. Mikey seems a very brave and sensible person.

  35. Is Macaulay Culkin a victim and being forced to act this way or is he really into this stuff? He is still remembered by so many as a child actor . People will find it tough to see him in that way. He must be involved since childhood against his will. I hope he isn't being pushed by them to take the flack . If on the other hand he is doing this willingly then he deserves all he gets. So disgusting either way .

  36. Of course David Brock will do everything he can to make sure that anything related to Pizzagate is stomped down. He was James Alefantis’ partner for how many years? It can’t be proven as of yet but there was an awful lot of symbolism, an awful lot of sick and disgusting Twitter comments on Jimmy Comet’s account that were pedophile related.

  37. How old is that pussy in the back ground joo?


  39. Don't waste time with paypal, go straight to Crypo, use get BTC, and EOS addresses

  40. Nathan, can Mike get a bank account so we can donate directly to it so no one messes with it??? I hate Paypal just for this reason. I hate they have wormed their way into transactional business. They are evil vultures.

  41. Sounds like if we don't like it we label it right wing and shut it down

  42. Those cases will go nowhere

  43. This is messed up… Hasenpfeffer With Extra Cheese
    Does that bunny look like a slice of pizza to you? Or am I just hungry? Jesus Christ that bunny pizza looks amazing though. The ears match the pepperonis, so you just know that pizza’s all bunny. It’s not half-bunny/half-cheese pizza. That pizza is all bunny. Full on bunny pizza.

  44. Nathan, have you considered bringing this story to the attention of Clyde Lewis, the host on Ground Zero talk radio? He lives in Portland ✌

  45. Presidio daycare, McMartin, Franklin,lots of evidence and deaths,lots of cover-up at high level,I keep a close watch on my children.I am a helicopter parent for good reason.

  46. These guys are the number one sponsor for portland wrestling…check it out…what better way to get at kids…especially teenagers…

  47. I have heard the CIA is well known for saying they will arrest Pedos (or whomever else) then doing it and then just recycling the victims, relocating the perpetrators and or absconding assets. How can anyone possibly trust the US government including Trump for cleaning up the swamp when its obvious THEY ARE THE SWAMP until proven otherwise??? Has government/a president ever lied to us??? This government no matter what faith you are placing in them, is trying to start WWIII !!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Voodoo Donuts is spreading in portland. Im seeing it pop up all over. I live in portland oregon.

  49. Satanism is everywhere in portland oregon

  50. These complaints against his money!?! It is the PizzaGata devils haunting him…SMH! Not just abide them as children but keep kicking them as adults…these people need to be punished…so sick of the evil running unabated!!!

  51. You literally make exactly ZERO sense. You say you don't identify with or believe in either side but are you really so stupid that you haven't even thought about the fact that it is not the conservative media that is going after the conspiracy believers and trying to stop freedom of speech on the internet. Clearly, one side is right and one side is wrong in this case. You need to stop acting like there is something wrong with choosing a side. It's absolutely acceptable and good to let people know where you stand. You don't have to believe everything or identify with everything a conservative identifies with to be able to say, "Trump is right about certain things. And the right wing media is right about certain things. It's not a dirty thing. Stop beings so damn weird about things. It's like you are afraid to be identified with either side because either side might be wrong sometimes. That doesn't matter. What matters is calling out bullshit when you see it and standing up for what is right and if that means leaning to the right sometimes, so what? The very fact that the conservatives are not the ones trying to put a stop to free speech should tell you something. But no. You just keep on with your holier than thou attitude as if you are too good to be on either side. I don't understand your motivation.

  52. There are old Shang Hi tunnel

  53. Ben Collins…….Collins is supposedly one of the 13 bloodlines. Ben also wrote about Qanon and Sandy Hook. He just knows so much. He should have his own tv show.

    Jim Collins…….Vice President Dow-DuPont, Agriculture Division

    I do think names matter.

  54. I can tell you this for a fact he never filed any police report concerning any children he only filed police report of people stalking and harassing him and you show absolutely no facts and no evidence oh and the reason why PayPal suspended his account was because of money laundering because people found out the truth and they started demanding their donations back and so he immediately sent a large amount of money to you on PayPal and other accounts and PayPal suspended his account and that is a fact. You were just using this to get people to give you money and it's flat-out disgusting. Why don't you tell the truth why don't you do real research why don't you show the actual facts. Oh but you bring up things that have absolutely nothing to do with that donut shop that you have caused to be harassed with no factual proof oh and they have filed claims with the police and apparently vegan Mikey has a warrant out for his arrest but I'm sure you already knew that and another thing being at the police I've tried to get in touch with him and apparently you to my understanding why haven't you contacted them back concerning this because they have seen your video. One of the thing because this is having to do with very disgusting things towards children you should age restrict this oh but you won't because you wanted monetized for the money. Be a man Nathan stand up and do the right thing

  55. Hopefully these scam sites will get taken down and all of the con artist like this one will end up in prison.

  56. I searched lift the veil and you tube only had 4 month old videos or older and it said you had about 6500 subscribers.

  57. Information:

    Voodoo Doughnuts Taiwan


    No. 28, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road,

    Xinyi District,

    Taipei, Taiwan 110

    Phone: +886 2 2763 5593


    What was the business case for a Taiwan satellite?

  58. YOU GOT YOUR MONEY I BET> !!!!!!.

  59. We are watching you YOUTUBE ALWAYS WATCHING YOU

  60. I believe that mikey is telling the truth, He seems like a good dude even after having to deal with so much B.S

  61. Came here to hear about the satanic donuts. My mistake.

  62. Media Matters is a propagandist, lying, sewer shit spewing institution that needs to be destroyed. They run cover for the globalists and are the globalist's Ministry of Propaganda, they've been uncovered as the liars they are in the past via videos and undercover work, David Brock, who is a fag pederast is the one who runs it, his former butt buddy was that creepy James guy who runs Cosmic Pizza, you do the math. Everything Media Matters accuses the "right wing" or "conspiracy theorists" of they do on a constant basis, lets hope they crash and burn, the lying scum.

  63. Titus mentioned a woman who went to Portland in his pizzagate documentary. Is Voodoo donuts connected to Haiti in anyway??? hmmm???

    Haiti is the Home of Voodoo which is my fave religion.. In Voodoo the People sacrifice chickens to eat. There is no sacrificing of Children unless done by rogues. May the Haitian Children be avenged+++

  64. Only someone screwed up in the head could view this evidence and not see the reality here.

  65. I have the Original Michael Whalen Testimony video on my account if you need to see it.

  66. Right wing disinformation????? What?? They already have MSM, now they want to take over the internet as well? Someone really needs to finance some competition against these f*cking giants before they take over and own it all!!

  67. Stay Strong Nathan…you're doing an excellent job!!!! Keep the faith brother.


  69. Any idea what`s happened to Bill Smith ? Where is he ? Is he ok ?

  70. The tradicional system is the problem, how can u resolve the problem with the major problem cause?

  71. Good report. Thank you for covering this.

  72. Somebody didn't like my Marianne BARNYARD comment, since I posted it 5 minutes ago and it's already gone as far as I can see.

  73. i complained the other day that Doshi was showing only one eye (Illuminati) I am glad to see he is now simply not showing his face . . (it's best)

  74. fyi…IT'S "WHAT IT DO?" NOT "IS"… just saying.

  75. Happy Sunday and thank you. Thumbs up.

  76. Instead of saying, Tom Hanks say Hom Tanks, Steven Spielberg becomes…oops doesn't work. We need to come up with a code and spread it among us, 'right wing conspiracists'. What do you think?

  77. I wanna shove donuts up your retarded ass

  78. I’m curious…have you addressed the allegations against Michael that he has an active warrant for DV? I think, if you haven’t yet, it’s important to do so since people are trying to discredit his words due to this. While all of us should know that, what happens in people’s lives doesn’t always discredit their past experiences, there are situations where this can happen. Regardless, it doesn’t affect my opinion of Voodoo Donughts – they do that for me with their symbolism, slogans & what they post. Personally, I think it’s sick & anyone who runs a business where they use satanic symbols & those associated (by the FBI) with abusing young boys…let’s just say they won’t receive my business.

  79. Anonymous tips. Such compelling evidence!

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