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  1. should be covering the nypd chief and veteran detective that were obviously murdered for their attempts to expose the pedophiles.

  2. They change the rules at whim.

  3. at this time, 4:30 pm thurs 6 June 2019 with 187 thumbs up.
    I see 4 comments on this vid, and 2100 views.
    that seems odd
    Nat, keep doing it, hang in there, speak out. thanks

  4. What is the deal with Crowder anyway? Owen says he’s gay AF even though he’s married. Owen showed pics of Crowder in drag and more that shocked me. I don’t even hardly watch Crowder so I don’t know his story anymore anyway. WTH

  5. This is actually close to funny, I mean i feel bad for Nathan and it really is quite serious, but just him running off the checklist of unending violations is so rediculous its like, almost funny.

  6. You're such a rabel rouser Nathan! Lol!!

  7. The modern day book burning, no doubt !

  8. Nathan, we know the reason you moved to other platforms is because you've completely and utterly lost any semblance of credibility. Is your new target audience the Gamers??? I bet they'll buy lots of tshirts

  9. Jake morphonios is a fake he probably got a side deal

  10. Hang in there. I bought a couple shirts and wear the "Russian Bot" around Salem, OR. Surprising how many people know "Lift the Vail". I think there are many of us, but so few with the nuts to speak out.

  11. Don’t mention the War!

  12. YouTube has to be violating some kind of law when they delete creators videos. What if that creator doesnt have it backed up? They are deleting property that doesnt belong to them.

  13. Love the relaxing jazz in the background.

  14. Of course it’s only you Nathan. Makes sense. They are out to get you. They have been your whole life.

  15. Ryan Dawson got demonetized, YouTube is garbage

  16. Stolpman is the man

  17. Modern Day Book Burning

  18. I get "THIS VIDEO IS UNAVAILABLE" when I tried to go to Crowder Live. Anyone else getting this?

  19. It’s Tube-icide. What a shame for the human race, to lose such an amazing repository of knowledge and wisdom

  20. They are killing free speech and truth. It is blatantly obvious that this platform is finished. It is for crafters and designers now. Total shame.

  21. Now y'all know how the #NASA and #FlatEarth truthers feel. Cry me a river…

  22. They Are Running Scared. Clearly. Hilariously.

  23. Have you uploaded those videos you mentioned on Bitchute? I would like to watch them.

  24. The gay thing is a diversion – you sure fell for it

  25. That twitch sux IMO. They MAKE you watch their adds. So I have to turn the volume off and turn the screen the other way. But if you pay X amounts of $$$ – THEN it is add free. That sux. Is DLive the same? Bet it is. I have both of them downloaded but unless I'm wrong, I'll just stop the whole video platform thing all the way. YouTube etc etc etc. etc.

  26. Great way to approach maza

  27. He is going to "commit suicide" and youtube will become the new mainstream media

  28. This is all New World Order stifling of freespeech. Why doesnt everyone go to Bitchute or something? New platform?

  29. VOX got $400 Million

  30. SHEKELS for Nathanstien and Doshistien

  31. Not supporting trump is pretty retarded right now. Still like nathan though.

  32. HA!! You don't know what they're doin"!
    Well, Neither do "THEY", OBVIOUSLY!!

  33. Just don't tell the Truth, EVER!
    and you'll be fine!

  34. You're gonna be censored, blocked and doxxed. Watch. 3 mo. tops.

  35. They won’t stop until it’s social engineering, cat videos and cnn left. Keep up the good work Nathan.

  36. Turn it off if you dont like it Just like i dont watch Hollywood movies and stopped my Netflix Why because i dont like it !!! That easy VOX

  37. I hope maza lives in fear and gets violently beaten up

  38. D live I have tried it out twice and it is not user friendly to me at least. I had to use a link just to get to a channel I wanted to sub to because when I did a search for it it never came up. I tried it several different ways but still couldn't find it. Then tried to follow and couldn't. Has anyone else had the similar results?

  39. Other platforms are too complicated like search results are not very precise to what subject you are searching. Bitchute is the most user centered but the search isn't all that good at finding similar videos that are relevant what I'm searching for. Overall it's the best and simplist platform to use imo. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Much appreciated if anyone can help me out with it. Thank you

  40. you dont need to be monitized Nathan Stolpmanstein..you get your shekels from the promiseland

  41. Last time I made a video feels like 9 years ago. I got notified, a video I made nearly ten years ago got removed. It was about NASA and Von Braun.

  42. It's Fake Communism (Totalitarian) not Anarcho-Communism i.e. Free Market Anarchy. We are oppressed by Hyper Capitalism which is the New World Order. We do not want the Government regulating speech on the Internet, that is crazy talk!

  43. 4 new deep state cleanup killings
    June 5 – Arkansas senator Linda Collins shot dead in her home
    June 6 – Oklahoma senator Jonathan Nichols shot dead in his home
    June 5 – NYPD police cheif Steven Silks, likely involved with Pedosta laptop found shot dead in his police car from a "suicide". YEP.
    And, just an hour ago today (June 6) NYPD homicide detective Calabrese, who would have investigated the death of the police cheif vanished from the job earlier today, and an hour ago was found dead in the vicinity of his "abandoned" Cadillac.

  44. I don't usually like Crowder but the lispy-queer stuff WAS hilarious! Ha ha ha!!!!

  45. At this point they should just say what videos you CAN make the list would be very short and easy to understand. Nathan will just have to start doing makeup tutorials.

  46. what your saying is proof if you go against the narrative the powers that be come after you and try to bring you back in line. youtube should not be policing peoples video's. If they have rules in place and you break the rules then I understand that they take action but to demonetize you completely because you had wolfgang on your channel is B.S.

  47. How come your sub count dropped to 90k dead!

  48. This is sad but not surprising.

  49. "It was ONLY me at the time" lol. REALLY?!? 3 months ago? 8 VIDEOS!?! My ENTIRE CHANNEL was DELETED in Feb. of 2018 bucko. You ain't the 'only' one and you damn sure weren't the FIRST. When mine was deleted a slew of others were taken down and I don't think you mentioned it ONCE. Cus you were still getting CHECKS from GOOGLE back then. give me a break.

  50. Thanks Nathan we knew that this was coming. Your thumbs up and down aren't making sense to me with nearly 6,000 views.

  51. The New Faggot Order.. lithpy queerth everywhere

  52. The deletion of History in front of our eyes …

  53. Does anyone copy/save your videos?  they can then upload them later?  Just fuck with Youtube…

  54. your steemit link doesn't work

  55. So now youtube is television programming.
    Double the ads and mostly PBS CNBC ABC etc. in the side bar.

  56. IMHO … this Maza/Crowder thing was all orchestrated to give YouTube the excuse to pull the trigger. Problem/Reaction/Solution.

  57. Living legends in the background.

  58. Nathan Your Gross Stop promoting Larpers and Rob the knob fake suicide its obvious its fake

  59. It seems to me they always do this purge crap on the weekends and you wake up Monday morning to a big fat strike. At least that's been my experience over the last three months or so I've had a channel just mirroring other content with permission. Memorial Day Weekend I uploaded a Dr. Jim Fetzer episode of The Raw Deal he did especially for Memorial Day which I admit could have gotten me five strikes in the first three minutes. But I left it up for Memorial Day (got 100 views which is one third of my Subs) and took it down at midnight. They must have been real pissed about that because 4 hours later at 4 in the morning they gave me strikes from videos that were up since the beginning of my wack little 300 subscriber Channel. And impeded a couple other videos yoinked the comment section, likes tabs Etc.

  60. somebody just need to create a bot that reposts over and over again same videos whenever they are taken out

  61. Doshie is lazier than Garfield. No wonder he is management material.

  62. Help me understand D live…I have no idea how it works

  63. Carlos Maza is a pussy, next thing you know he'll be letting men stick their junk in him.

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